How is Destiny Tuning Beneficial for Manifestation?

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Have you heard of destiny tuning? If you have watched any good movie or video about the Law of Attraction or have read any related book, you must have come across this concept. But if you haven’t understood this term, you need to read this post carefully.

It is simple yet challenging to follow. But if you adhere to this technique properly, you can reach your desires using the Law of Attraction theory effortlessly.

In this post, we will highlight and understand the basic concept of Destiny Tuning, the negative impact of resistance, benefits, and the process of following the destiny tuning process in your life. Let us begin.

Meaning: Destiny Tuning

It is a Law of Attraction technique in which resistance is gradually released so that one can tune his frequency and vibration and align with the set goals and desires.

Have you heard of letting go of self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts? Destiny tuning helps you to do so. You can overcome and beat the obstacles that lie between you and your desires. In short, it is useful in overcoming negative resistance from your mind, conquering your frequency, and tuning it to achieve life purpose. Something could be as simple as weight loss or fighting depression. Self-limiting beliefs are dangerous for your goals and grow like weeds inside your brain. With destiny tuning, you can clear them off and nurture your mind as a beautiful garden.

Meet the Pioneer of Destiny Tuning

Now, before we move towards the actual process of destiny tuning, let us learn about the person who coined this term. Heather Mathews is the eminent life coach who developed this concept of destiny tuning when she worked with his clients and understood the pattern of self-limiting beliefs, which he calls resistance. She has given the name destiny tuning to the process of releasing resistance as followed by the previous researchers. She analyzed her own pattern of resistance, worked on it, released it gradually and effectively, and achieved abundance and success in life.

Later, she utilized the same approach to her clients and created the Manifestation Miracle Program. This course was all about the art and science of destiny tuning and doing it right to receive blessings from the Universe.

Resistance: Our obstacle to goal accomplishment

Resistance or self-limiting thoughts have been associated with us since childhood. It could be past trauma, lousy upbringing by parents, constant feeling of inferiority, comparison with others, and family issues. You could be having a major problem with your body image or finances, or you could be just thinking that you are a born loser. It is wrong to think that as the Law of Attraction completely forbids negativity.

As per the Law of Attraction experts, like attract like. Our whole life depends on this simple mechanism. If you think you are attracting miracles and sweet surprises in your life, you will attract the same. But if you believe that life is a challenge or a struggle, and you are swimming against the waves, then you will attract all the struggles. The universe will say, ‘bless you’ and will offer you all the struggles of the world.

For instance, your parents always told you and explained to you that they were never good at making money. “Our family has always been broke. We cannot change; it is destiny.” As you grow up with these nasty thoughts, you feel that money will never come to you despite the efforts you put in. Therefore, you will invest less effort, make less money, and blame destiny. Even if you try to earn money, you will convince yourself that you can’t make enough. The Universe listens to what you are saying and hence, will restrict all the money-earning opportunities. This cycle repeats, and you will be breaking just like your family members.

It is unfortunate that we listen to our family members, friends, and other acquaintances in our childhood and accept these negative beliefs and imprint them on our minds. Our subconscious mind is altered and manipulated, and we keep sending wrong messages to the Universe. It is challenging to alter this mindset as it has become rigid and powerful.

But if you tune your frequency and alter your mindset with effective techniques, you can get rid of all this resistance and achieve the set goals. Destiny tuning can be done by repeating affirmation, visualizations, and expressing gratitude.

But when you fall off the track or when you face one challenging and stressful day, the resistance starts reappearing and forms a wall. For instance, you will have thoughts like,

“Will I ever earn sufficient money, or will I remain broke?

How can I be different from my family?

It is bad and selfish to keep earning money.

There is no such thing as abundance?

Will LOA really help me, or am I just wasting my time?”

With these thoughts, the tuning mechanism is jumbled up, and you are doing nothing but building a resistance wall and your affirmations and visualizations are all out of place.

Merits of Destiny Tuning

  • Letting go of all the limiting beliefs that do nothing but block your mind and stop you from goal accomplishment.
  • Guides you in the manifestation of goals.
  • Determining which thoughts in your mind are negative ones.
  • Expressing more gratitude towards the Universe and overall life.
  • Making efforts to bring joy into life.

How to do Destiny Tuning, release resistance, and manifest desires?

If you would love to sign up for the Manifestation Miracle Course, you can surely go ahead. But if you want to take instant action or don’t have time to enroll in the course, here are a few strategies and tips you can implement in your life today.

When you start doubting yourself, build the resistance, or are not sure whether something will work or not, you can practice the following steps into your routine.

1. Indulge in acts that make you happy from within

Being happy and involved in acts that bring a massive amount of happiness and joy is not equivalent to being selfish. When you are happy, you are in the present moment and do not think of the past or worry about the next situation. You are completely into the receiving mode, as stated by Abraham Hicks.

When you are in the current joyful mode, your vibrations rise up, and your mind does not think about self-limiting beliefs. You are focused, energized, and happy. Universe notices your thoughts, notes them, and blesses you with more joyful moments.

2. Try to be present

Mindfulness is an incredible and valuable skill you can learn to be present in the moment and achieve goals. When you take things slow, you feel guilty that you are not productive enough. We have been taught and conditioned since school about work and breaks. But the reality is, the more mindful and calm during your breaks are you, the more vibrations you release.

So, when you take a break, do not scroll your phone or check work emails. Do something you like in a mindful manner. It could be reading, watching movies, meditating, or anything you love. As you relieve yourself from the stress and indulge in self-care, you align the frequency with your mind and soul.

3. Go for walks in nature

It doesn’t have to be woods or a forest, or a mountain top; it could be as simple as a nice and short walk in the nearby park. But schedule time for it as it helps you relieve all the stress and worries out of your life. You admire nature, feel its beautiful presence, and oxygenate your mind and body. Just spend some valuable time in the park or a garden and feel grateful for doing it.

4. Learn to detach

When you have a solid goal or desire in your mind, it is likely that you will keep thinking about it all the time. This will lead to more worrying and anxiety and wondering whether your desires will be fulfilled or not. For instance, if you desire better financial freedom, you do not have to constantly think about it. This will lead to over-thinking, and you will notice that the Universe is itself getting over-burdened.

Instead, we suggest you detach from your desire and focus on other productive things such as your family, health, and others. This will help in preventing resistance and building negative thoughts about the goal. You can even engage in something simple like cooking or cleaning your study desk. Just divert your attention, and you will feel all the resistance leaving your mind for good.

5. Engage in the moment

Getting into the moment and the flow is important. We have often seen people who wish to lose weight. They think all the time about how much time it will take to lose weight or how many kilos you have reduced. This is certainly not feeling good about the moment.

Engaging in the moment is to feel happy and set yourself in the receiving mode. If you worry, calculate, and over-think, it puts you in the resistance mode. Stop staring at the clock, instead get in the flow.

6. Get some rest

If you are tired, you will over—think or worry and build the resistance unknowingly. But if you take adequate rest, you will feel refreshed and nice about yourself. You are not lazy when you sleep. And also, not unproductive. Charging your brain and relaxing your body also helps in tuning the vibrations and destiny and manifesting what you want. So, take a nap.

We hope you will find the concept of destiny tuning interesting and will try to execute it in your routine.

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