9 DIY Spring Fashion Tips for the Spring Season!

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Winters are about to get over and it is time to welcome the Spring season which brings in a lot of liveliness in the weather and in your wardrobe as well. Its time of the year to plan for the Spring Fashion. Lacey dresses, florals and bright hues would be back soon and therefore we have come up with this write-up to help you out in assembling the best ever Spring Collection that you probably have been dreaming of for a long time.

So, take a further read and choose the do-it-yourself tips that you want your dresses to behold this spring season.

Top 9 Tips for Embracing the Spring Fashion

DIY Fashion Tips for Spring Season

Below tips will help you plan your wardrobe for this fresh Spring season.

1. Add laces to the tank tops

If you are bored with the simple and one-coloured tank top and wish to add a little drama and creativity to it, you can choose to opt for this fabric cut out and then attach with on the arms and neckline of your top. You can even do so the same with a checkered or a long sleeved shirt and stitch the lace fabric at the back side just below the collar.

2. Create a shiny collar with the help of old CDs

Yes, this is so innovative fashion trick! Even old CDs which are no more useful can turn up into creative pieces of art if you are willing to go for it. Cut out triangles from the CDs of different and random shapes with the help of scissors and stick them over the collars of the tank tops to glam up the style quotient. If at first, the plastic cover over the CD does not come out, place them in a container full of water for some time and then try to detach the plastic sheet from it.

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3. At a printed pocket to a simple tee

Turn up a simple T-shirt into a style statement by adding an extra element in the form of pocket to it. Choose an old piece of clothing and cut it out in the form of a fabric that would suit your shirt size. Not only stylish, but useful tip, isnt it?

4. Convert an oversized skirt into a dress

Do you want to change the appeal of your old skirt that has been lying down in your wardrobe since a long time? If yes, then all you need is a scissor and you are all done. Give the skirt the shape of a dress by cutting at the right places. And pair up the so formed dress with sneakers or leather boots and you would be ready to go.

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5. Go for the animal print

For those who are a great fan of the animal prints, you can do the same with your clothes at your home itself. All you need is a stencil with your favorite design and a permanent marker that would stay on the fabric for long and would not get washed away with water. Draw out the pattern on the cloth which you wish to modify and fill in with the marker to get the desired result.

6. Turn your simple T-shirts into graphic ones

Graphic T Shirts Look Trendy and Stylish

Graphics tees have been the most favorite fashion trends and so if you too are among those who love them, then you can make one for yourself at your home itself. All you need is your preferred text in a typography that you like which can be easily be availed from a clothing store. Look for out iron-on-art graphics when you are on the shopping spree and select the ones that you wish to apply. Spread out the paper tape on your tee-shirt and iron it at first. Stick the letters in the sequence that you want and then again press them with the help of a heated iron. Now, you can remove the excess material around the alphabets, and your shirt will be ready to wear.

7. DIY Beaded Shirt

Turning a simple and plain shirt into the one with beads all over it can change it from a formal looking wear to a more casual and party wear. Select the kind of beads that you wish to attach to your shirt and the pattern in which you would apply them all over the fabric. You would also require threads and needle in this case along with the weaving board so that you can do the stitching part easily. Make sure that the stitches are strong and can hold the beads together tightly.

8. DIY Maxi Dress

DIY Maxi Dress Looks Stylish

The flowy and comfortable maxi dresses have been loved by everyone and so you can make one for yourself with a simple technique. You would need to combine a tank top and a long skirt to turn it into a maxi dress. Cut out the portion of the tank where you want to attach the skirt with the help of scissors. Now, fold the fabric of the skirt at the hemline into half and sew it with threads. Now, attach the skirt to the tank by stitching it. You can use a belt to hold the dress up and separate the tank and the skirt portion.

9. DIY Porcelain Inspired Skirt

The porcelain pattern in blue and white is simply breath-taking and in the current trend as well. A skirt in such a style would definitely stand out from the rest and so you would need thread and scissors to make one for yourself. Select the fabric that has this print on it and then forms pleats by folding it inwards for around one inch inwards and ironing over it. You can now stitch the portion over the waist so that it would hold the pleats together and add a zipper for adjusting it whenever you try wearing it. And there, your porcelain inspired floral skirt is ready to be worn.

Hope you were able to get some insight as to how to enhance your looks according to the upcoming spring. You can even come up with your new ideas and cuts and incorporate them into your clothing to develop an out-of-the-box style that is unconventional and will grab the attention of everyone around you.

So, buck up and go for a do-it-yourself fashion fiesta this spring season.

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