Ways To Train Your Subconscious Mind For Enormous Success

Meditaion for Subconscious Mind TrainingMeditaion for Subconscious Mind Training

Our mind is divided into Conscious mind and Subconscious mind. While we are awake, we use our conscious mind in performing all the daily activities. This mind has got reasoning and logical abilities and is responsible to deal with the physical world. However, it makes up only 5% of the total brain power that you are bestowed with.

Sub conscious mind, on the other hand, is the hidden powerful force that contributes to 95% of the total brain power of the human being. This mind is responsible for sound-functioning of all the functions of the human body such as digestion, circulation, respiration, intellect and more. In this article, you will learn step by step methods to train your sub conscious mind and harness its potential to achieve enormous success in life.

What Is The Importance Of Sub Conscious Mind?

The primary function of the subconscious mind is to program the brain and respond to the way it is programmed. Whatever you say, feel and think during the day, this mind stores it and recover data when it is needed. Its job is to ensure that you respond exactly the way you are programmed. Due to this reason, it is very important to have a positive frame of mind. Talk positive, and repeat positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day to reprogram your thought patterns and achieve success in life.

That is the reason, why reading inspirational books, listening to motivational discourses, and charity works are advised. All these activities uplift your thinking, and make yourself feel good and satisfied in life. What you feel, you recreate more of it. How it creates it is the job of your subconscious mind. All you need to do is to feel good, positive and happy. Once you implement a positive outlook in the life, then you can create the life of your dreams.

The best part is that it is very easy to program your subconscious mind. It doesn’t have the ability to think logically. It can’t differentiate between right or wrong. It only obeys the commands that it gets from the conscious mind. Based on it, it works as an unquestioning worker that works all 24 hours a day to create a life that matches your emotions, thoughts, desires and hopes in life. Our sub conscious mind works as per the proverb “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Whatever thoughts you sow within yourself; you reap the results accordingly.

Your subconscious mind maintains the right temperature in the body, regularizes breathing and heartbeat. It creates a balance among the innumerable chemicals present in the billions of cells to promote complete harmony in your body. Based on the ideas, customs, perceptions, beliefs, past experiences, habits, fears, and other psychological signs, your subconscious mind establishes the patterns and create future incidences in life.

If you wish to create a new life from the sketch, you need to clear all the impressions stored on it and feed it with positive inputs. You are going to learn effective methods that will help you erase all the unwanted thoughts from the mind, and reprogram it to create a life that takes you closer towards your true desires, life’s goals and dreams.

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Define Your Success

The definition of Success can be different from person to person. It can have different meanings based on the stage at which a person is in the life.  It can be to obtain highest marks in education, crack a competitive test, secure a professional degree, get a dream job, cure a disease, build a home, get promoted to higher position, make more money, and many more. Whatever be your vision for success, your subconscious mind has all that you want to achieve.

How To Make Subconscious Work For You?

To bring a change in your life, you need to change the deep long-term patterns stored in your subconscious mind. To reprogram it with positive and successful thoughts, all you need to learn a few programming methods, and dedicate a few minutes every day to shift your subconscious mind patterns.

The time you need to materialize your dreams and expectations depends on how much you are in tune with your goals. When you feel happy, believe that your dreams are achievable, and have trust that your subconscious will make it happen, then you get results faster.

Rules To Program Your Subconscious Mind

Before you apply the techniques to program your subconscious mind, you need to prepare yourself. Here are some of the things that you will need to do.

1. Understand what you need in life

Before re-programming the subconscious mind, you need to find out what you need in life. It can be better physical and mental health, more money, successful relationships, materialistic possessions, dream job or home, your dream trip, more confidence, high self-worth, and several other things.

2. Indulge in an honest communication with the sub conscious mind

This section is necessary because if you do not address and deal with the deep underlying blockages, then the same past experience will continue to occur in your life again and again. You will have no freedom from it. Acknowledge the fact that there is some unhealthy programming in your mind that is stopping you from the goals.

Take off all the masks and be completely honest with your subconscious mind. Expose every single detail to your subconscious mind to ensure least resistance and deep transformation and healing. So, become self-aware and communicate with the mind to address issues and then work on changing it.

3. Write Down Your Desires And Use Them As Positive Affirmations Or Visualize Your Desires

Whether you want to enhance your confidence, develop meaningful relationships, progress in business, make spiritual growth, earn more money, buy your favorite car or anything else, you can achieve them easily by re-programming your sub-conscious mind.

Now that you know what you want in your life, you will now write it in simple way. When you are expressing your desires in words, ensure you start with the feeling of gratefulness and remain positive throughout the explanation. Write your desires as you are assured in the abilities of your subconscious mind that it will fulfill it in the shortest possible time and in the most effective way.

If you are a quite imaginative person, then you can also imagine some of the events that you want to create in your real life. Visualizing an image is far more impactful than repeating your desires. It is advised to focus on one image, or a past memory in detail than imagining several events at one go. Feel the thrill and energy of the moment and happiness that you derive from it.

Technique To Program Your Subconscious Mind

Once you have done the preparation, now it is the time to implement influential ways to effectively communicate with subconscious mind. There are two ways to do it.

Method 1: Program Your Mind In A Dreamy State

1. Get into the calm state

Get into a peaceful and calm state before you program your subconscious mind. It is better to choose the time to program your mind before you sleep, or just when you wake up from the bed. Because at these times, your conscious mind is less alert and awake. This implies, that it provides least restriction and logical analysis to your desires. You get direct access to the subconscious mind.

It makes it easier for it to accept all that you feed into it completely without any rejection from the gatekeeper (conscious mind). So, whatever you want in life, will penetrate directly into the subconscious mind without any objection. In this way, you can program your mind effortlessly.

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2. Now Sow The Seeds

Once you get into the state of deep relaxation (between drowsiness, and wakefulness), it is the time to give your desires to the subconscious mind. You are ready to communicate with the subconscious mind. Start visualizing or repeating your desires within yourself to reach to the subconscious and start to manifest.

Initially, it may look unnatural to you, but with continuous practice you will start seeing your desires to manifest. Your subconscious mind has no ability to distinguish between imagination, and reality to plant any positive vision. If you are a rational person, you will have to become a little imaginative to see your dreams becoming reality.

Method #2 – Positive Affirmation Throughout The Day

1. Get into the relaxed state

This step is very important because when you feel comfortable, calm, emotionally balanced and peaceful, your subconscious mind will quickly take in and store your commands.  There are several ways to reach to this state. Relax yourself by taking slow, long and deep breaths for a few minutes, listen to soft/instrumental music, meditate and more.  It takes only seven to ten minutes of time to reach to this state. You will observe you have become stress-free, and tranquil.

2. Visualize your goal/ Read your desires

If you want your desire to happen, you need to intensely crave for it. Visualizing the goal is more effective than reading out your desires in your mind. Do it for five times. Be very slow while the pictures are playing on your mind, or repeating your desires in your mind.

Be as elaborate and detailed while you are imaging it. It can be the color of your outfit, what colors you are seeing, your heartbeats, the smell of surroundings, your smile, the view that surrounds you, what sounds are you hearing, where you are at present, which people are involved in the act, and more. Align yourself with the energy of that moment.

You can bring up some good memories of the past and feel the excitement of being in that moment. Your subconscious mind will recreate more of those situations for you. You will be amazed to see that it will give you the same experiences in the real life.

You need to repeat the procedure several times during the day for a minimum of thirty days. According to the studies, it takes between four weeks to ninety days to form a new neural path in the brain. So, to see your dream unfolding magically in the front of you, you need to be patient, and perseverant throughout this time.

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3. Imagine The Result

This is the last step and it is the most important step in this whole programming process. Imagine that you are in possession of the desires and feel the happiness you are receiving in that moment. Enjoy the moment. The more you feel happy, and exhilarated, the more you are in tune with the desires. It will help you materialize them quickly.

Things to remember

  1. To get the best results, you need to apply the techniques during the day as well as at the night time. So, practice both methods to get quick results in stipulated time frame.
  2. You need to keep in mind, the more you are honest with yourself, and focus on relaxation and feel good aspect, the more quickly and effectively will manifest success in life.
  3. You should know that energy moves in the direction where we put our focus. To materialize success fast, you need to put entire energy in creating and visualizing positive thoughts. Focus only on the good memories. Skip any negative emotions.
  4. Do not stress to feel good throughout the process. It should come to you naturally. Just be relaxed and feel the happiness when your dreams are fulfilling.
  5. To prevent subconscious mind to get confused, and get the maximum out of the technique, focus on only one memory or one vision. Keep it clear. Imagine it to detail as much as possible.
  6. When you are excited to see your dreams materialize in reality, every night is a gift. Be excited to relieve the moment with full enthusiasm and happiness. The happier you feel during the moment, the quicker will be its execution.
  7. In place of imagining a picture, you can even use metaphor/ positive statement that fits you most.


Not many of us think about subconscious mind. This mind is not creative. As it lacks ability to reason and analyze things it is easier to reprogram. You do not need any medical assistance. It takes in what you believe in. When you take control of the subconscious mind, you can achieve anything in life. Things starts to happen the way you wanted it to be.

You need to be patient and practice persistence throughout the process to gradually tap the potential of your subconscious mind. Follow these effective techniques to get in touch with it and train it to remove any blockages that is stopping you from leading a successful life.

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