Jamun or Black Plum – How Does It Help to Boost Immunity?

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Some interesting facts about Jamun (Black Plum)

  • Health benefits of Jamun are countless. It is known by various other names like Jambul, Jambolan, Jambas, Neredu, Rajaman, Nerale, Naval, Black Plum, Jamali, Indian blackberry, and much more.
  • The color of Jamun changes from green to red when they are still on the tree, and turn purple when matured.
  • If you store Jamun in a perforated bag and place it in the refrigerator, it can remain fresh for up to 3 weeks.
  • Raw Jamun fruit is used for making squashes, wine, jellies, and preserves.
  • Jamun is much helpful for the patients of diabetes to maintain their sugar levels.
  • Jamun also aids in boosting the immune system and also makes the bones strong.
  • It is much helpful in preventing yourself from any kind of heart issue.
  • The entire Jamun tree is helpful in the treatments of various infections due to its magical properties.
  • Ayurveda also uses Jamun as a natural ingredient for dealing with menstruation issues and boosting hemoglobin.
  • The prime countries producing Jamun are India and Indonesia.

Jamun (Black Plum) – An Introduction

Did you enjoy eating Jamuns merely to check if your tongue has turned purple or not in your childhood? Or did your grandmother give you a handful of Jamuns to eat while you were enjoying your games? This is something that would come to your mind when we talk about Jamuns.

Also popular by the name Fruit of Gods, this olive-like purple fruit is available in Summers. Jamuns are not only filled with various nutrients but are also helpful in contesting against the heat during Summers. The fruit is much loved for the combination of a sour and sweet flavor as well as refreshing too. The juice fruit comes with a significant role in various treatments from ancient times like Chinese medicines, Unani medicines, and Ayurvedic medicines too as it is among the key ingredients to fight Pitta and Kapha.

Jamuns are available in two different varieties. One is toned with white flesh and is quite rich in pectin. And the other is dark purple colored flesh and contains less amount of pectin. Pectin is a kind of polysaccharide element that is obtained from the flesh of the Jamuns which works as a thickening agent.

Do you still have Jamuns in your diet? No! Lets today check out the various benefits it provides which would boost you to add them in your diet.

Health Benefits of Jamun

Jamun is an amazing fruit that is rich in various nutrients like calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, flavonoids, antioxidants, Vitamins, and even proteins. The ingredient is low in calories which makes it one of the active ingredients for various health benefits.

Here are the health benefits you can obtain by eating Jamuns:

1. For managing Diabetes

Jamuns are popular for their ability to regulate blood sugar levels. Jamuns provide with compounds named jambosine and jamboline which are helpful in reducing the rate in which the sugar gets released in the bloodstream. The seeds of Jamun also boost insulin production. Apart from this, it also reduces two basic diabetic symptoms like thrusting and frequent urinating. Not only the fruit, the leaves, seeds, and even the bark are used in the Diabetes treatment.

2. For proper stomach functions

The seeds of Jamun are very helpful in managing a number of health issues regarding the stomach. Jamuns are filled with fiber, which is a helpful content in improving the functions of the stomach, especially the digestive system. The seeds of Jamun are quite used in the form of oral medicines for dealing with inflammation, intestine ulcers, and combat sores. Hence, Jamuns prove to be complete medicine for your stomach.

3. For regulating blood pressure levels

Are you suffering from hypertension? Jamun is the right medicine for you. The seeds of Jamun along with the fruit contain an element called ellagic acid which works similarly to the antioxidants. This element helps in regulating the blood pressure levels and controlling the sudden fluctuations in the levels. So, if your blood pressure levels are not stable, have some Jamuns.

4. Gives a boost to immunity

As mentioned above, Jamuns contains powerful antioxidants like phenolic compounds and flavonoids that are helpful in removing every kind of free radicals from the body that is dangerous. Hence, indirectly, Jamuns help in boosting the immune system by eliminating all the toxins from the body.

5.Helps in losing weight

Jamuns are low in calorie counts, and rich in fiber. This makes them an ideal ingredient for the people looking for some weight loss. The ingredient can be added in various dishes or even eaten as fruit to avail of the benefits. The pharmacological properties in Jamuns minimize the retention of water in the body that boosts metabolism. Again, Jamuns improve the digestive system and keep you full and satisfied for long hours.

6.For a healthy heart

Jamun is filled with a good quantity of potassium which is quite essential for a healthy heart. Regular intake of Jamun protects the arteries from getting hard which is beneficial to prevent atherosclerosis. It also reduces the chances of having high blood pressure along with cardiac arrests. Hence, eating Jamuns protects your heart from serious issues and keeps it healthy.

7. For oral hygiene

The Jamun leaves contain anti-bacterial properties. When the leaves are used after drying and powdering them, they help in making the gums and the teeth strong in the form of tooth powder. Along with this, the leaves and the fruit contain astringent properties which are quite effective to fight against various throat issues and also helps in removing bad breath. Lastly, the bark decoction is also used in the form of a mouth wash which prevents the mouth from issues like gingivitis and ulcers.

8. For a glowing skin

Yes, just as there are various health benefits of eating Jamun, there are various health benefits of having Jamun juice too which helps in getting a radiant and healthy skin. Eating Jamun detoxifies the body and works for the purification of the blood which provides your skin with some natural glow. The levels of Vitamin C obtained from the ingredient help you with radiant skin. For obtaining the skin benefits, you can either make a paste or mask using powdered seeds of Jamun or use it in the form of Jamun juice.

9. For solving fertility issues

Surprisingly, Jamun is also helpful in reducing the fertility issues in both men and women. Jamun is a boon for the women suffering from PCOS which results in infertility, increased insulin levels, and weight gain. According to Ayurveda, Jamun churna or tablets are quite effective in working over PCOS and improve fertility. Similarly, for the men suffering from obesity and diabetes widely suffer from the low sexual drive or erectile dysfunction. For them also, taking Jamun churna made from bark, leaves, or seeds of Jamun is the best natural remedy.

10. Boosting hemoglobin levels

Jamun is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C and iron. Iron is obtained from the black plum which is helpful for boosting the count of hemoglobin. Also, the iron obtained from Jamun is much helpful in purifying the blood. As the blood gets purified, it provides the skin with various beautifying benefits. Again, iron obtained from the fruit is quite beneficial for the women during their menses when they face heavy blood flow. Jamuns are also suggested to the people who are suffering from jaundice and anemia to improve the iron levels in the body.

Apart from all these, there are various skin benefits of including Jamun in your diet like reducing the dark spots, removing oil from the skin, treating acne, and much more. As per some studies, the black plum from the jamuns provides the body with antioxidants and eliminates the harmful free radicals from the body.

What are the benefits of having Jamun juice?

Just as the fruit comes with various benefits, the juice made using the fruit also comes with various medicinal and health benefits. Here are some of the benefits you should miss out on.

  • Drinking the juice of Jamun is much helpful in reducing various digestive issues like dysentery, diarrhea, dyspepsia, etc.
  • The juice can be helpful for quick relief when having diarrhea after adding some salt to it.
  • Mixing Jamun juice with curd helps in various digestive issues.
  • Applying the juice or even drinking it can help in solving various dental issues.
  • Drinking Jamun juice is also beneficial for the treatment of hemorrhoids and piles.
  • Fresh Jamun juice is also helpful for the treatment of asthma and cough.
  • Jamun juice, when applied to the face, works similarly to the anti-aging agents. You can also drink it for similar results.
  • Jamun juice is widely advised for urine retention and spleen enlargement.

A Word of Caution

No doubt, health benefits of Jamun are numerous for heart, skin and immunity boosting, there are still few things that need to be kept in mind while using it in any form. One should avoid purchasing jamuns from the roadside as they can be contaminated from heavy metals or even lead. Women who are pregnant or are breast-feeding should avoid the intake of jamuns. As Jamun reduces the blood sugar levels, one should avoid them after and before any kind of surgery.

Again, having jamuns on an empty stomach should also be avoided. Once you have had milk, you should not have jamuns. Surprisingly, if you have eaten Jamun in excess quantity, you might suffer from fever and body pain. Jamuns in too excess quantity can be harmful to your chest and throat. If they are taken in additional quantity, it can lead to cough which can get accumulated in the lungs in the form of sputum. If you are having high vatta issues, you should avoid jamuns as it boosts vatta dosha (Body Pain Issue).

Jamun is a seasonal fruit that is available during the summers which are June, July and August. So, make sure you give some space to it in your diet and reap maximum health benefits of Jamun. You can intake it in its raw state or even juices and add it to the smoothies and even desserts. So, look for this seasonal fruit and enjoy coloring your tongue purple, while it adds to your health.

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