Best 8 Exercises To Get Toned Arms And Legs!

Exercise for Toned Arms and LegsExercise for Toned Arms and Legs

Women love to flaunt their slim and slender legs. They also love to wear those sleeveless, deep-sleeved or backless dresses. For wearing all these lovely clothes, you need to have rocking arms and legs. In this article, we will know the exercises to get toned arms and legs.

Your workout should be designed in such a way that it tones, strengthens and trims your arms and legs. Mere arm circles or leg raises won’t suffice the purpose. You need to tone all the parts of your arms, including biceps, triceps and shoulders. When it comes to legs, you need to concentrate on lower thighs, upper thighs and calves. At the same time, if you are toning your stomach and thighs, then you will get a fabulous body within few weeks.

This article aims in describing you the exercises that will help you get toned arms and legs. In order to make a daily ritual of performing these exercises, you will need:

  • Dumb-bells (the intensity starts from 0.5 kg and increases as per your level of endurance).
  • A yoga mat
  • Some time out of your busy schedule
  • Your concentration and dedication
  • Be consistent

So, let’s begin to tone your arms and legs in the most effective manner.

Exercises To Get Toned Arms And Legs

1. Arm Circles

  • You do not need dumbbells for this exercise. It works like a warm-up too.
  • Rotate both your hands in clock-wise and anti-clock-wise direction, 30 seconds for each direction.
  • Take a break of 30 seconds and repeat it again.
  • It will tone and warm-up your arms. You will get ready for the next exercises in which you will have to work out with weights.

2. Bicep Curls

  • Stand on the mat with a feet distance between both your legs.
  • Take dumbbells in your hands. Now, do a small squat. You are not required to sink down completely. You just have to bend your knees a little and then come up immediately.
  • When you come up, curl your hand carrying the dumbbell.
  • Repeat this exercise for a minute. This is wonderful to tone your biceps and make them lean and strong.

3. Triceps Pushes

  • Stand in a long-knee static lunge. For the first time, you should bring your right leg ahead.
  • Place your hands beside your hips. Do not forget to carry the dumbbells in your hands as they are going to do a great job.
  • Now, take your hands backward. You have to swing them strongly and bring it forward again, but not beyond your body.
  • Keep repeating it. You will feel the stress at the back side of your arms. Are you irritated with the flabby underarm flat that looks dangling from your sleeveless tops? This exercise will get rid of fat.
  • After repeating this exercise for a minute or so, come to the original position and repeat it with your left leg ahead.
  • This exercise not only tones your triceps but also strengthens your thighs as you stand in a static lunge.

4. Arm Raises

  • In this exercise, you need to do arm raises with moving backward lunges.
  • Carry both the dumbbells in your hands. Now, while doing a backward lunge, raise your arms till the maximum higher level. When you come back to the standing position, your arm should go down.
  • Repeat this exercise for a minute for the right leg. Then, perform this same exercise for a minute for the left leg.
  • This exercise will burn the fat collected on your arms and shoulders. Simultaneously, it will also tone your thigh muscles.

5. Slow Marching

  • In order to warm up your legs, you need to do slow marching.
  • For the first 30 seconds, march slowly. Do not stress on bringing your knees to a higher level. Do not tighten up your wrists while marching.
  • For the next 30 seconds, pick up a speed. Be soft and fluid while marching. Try to bring your knees to your stomach this time.

6. Inner Thigh Lift

  • Lie down on your mat on your left side. Keep your legs straight.
  • Later, fold your left leg and place it forward. You are not required to move this leg for the next one minute.
  • In this locked posture, raise your right leg above the mat. Breathe and inhale.
  • Bring the right leg down, but do not let it touch the mat. Exhale as you bring your leg down.
  • Repeat this exercise for a minute. Then, change to the right side and perform this exercise by raising your left leg above the mat.
  • It will be difficult at the initial stage, but will tone your inner thighs effectively.

7. Side Leg Raises

  • Now, it’s time to tone the outer portion of your thighs and to get rid of saddle bags.
  • Lie on the mat on your left side with straight legs.
  • Then, bring your left leg forward. Raise it a bit and take it down. Repeat this for a minute.
  • Now, come to your right side and bring your right leg forward. Raise the leg and bring it down. Do this for one minute.

8. Doggy Kicks

  • Rest your knees and palms on the mat. Balance your body comfortably.
  • Then, raise your right leg and move it in the backward direction. It should appear as if you are kicking backwards. Bring the leg back to the original position, without touching the mat. In this way, you will stress your leg and hip muscles. Repeat this for a minute.
  • Now, raise your right leg and move it in backward direction, as if you are kicking the wall. Do not let the leg touch the mat to relax yourself. Keep stressing and keep concentrating on your working muscles. Repeat this for a minute.
  • This exercise is wonderful to tone your legs, hips and your arms.


  • Always do warm-up before lifting weights or performing strenuous exercises.
  • Also, don’t forget to cool down for a minute after completing all the exercises. You can stretch your legs and arms. Perform a cobra posture or a crocodile posture to relax yourself.
  • If you get cramps in certain parts of your body, stop doing the exercise and take a break.
  • Keep drinking sips of water if you are exercising for more than half an hour.
  • Remember to breathe properly.
  • In case of bicep or triceps exercises, we could have just done the curls by simply standing. But when we stand and do bicep curls, we are not burning enough calories and fat. Hence, we have chosen these compound muscle exercises to focus on your arms, stomach, thighs and hips. You need to do an overall body workout, targeting the muscles on simultaneous basis.

So, get ready to perform these trimming workout to get rocking arms and legs!

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