Amazing Advantages of Skipping Rope Exercise for Weight Loss!

Advantages of Skipping Rope ExerciseAdvantages of Skipping Rope Exercise

According to healthcare experts, our body weight should be proportionate to our height. Increase in height and changes in weight are completely two different concepts. We can definitely increase and reduce weight at any age by adopting several measures. But height gain depends entirely on specific time period, i.e., your youth time.

Just as weight gain or weight loss depends on the fitness exercise and nutritious diet intake, height gain also depends on certain factors but it is restricted to certain period of time. One cannot exercise to increase height at the age of 50. But a kid can definitely perform physical exercises to increase height and gain confidence.

One of such effective physical exercises is skipping rope. This exercise is often recommended by fitness experts to increase height. Moreover, skipping rope exercises are also meant for weight loss as it causes our muscles to move and fat to burn. If you are an adult, there is a possibility that you will burn unnecessary fat and look taller over a period of time. Lets have a look at the advantages of skipping rope exercise which is easy and inexpensive!


We will learn two important advantages of skipping: Skipping for weight loss and Skipping for height gain.

Factors Influencing Height Gain and Weight Loss

Before we move ahead towards a role of skipping exercises in height gain and weight loss, we need to enlighten ourselves on the various factors influencing height gain. The primary factors that influence height gain and weight are as follows.

  • Hereditary factors
  • Current lifestyle
  • Social and behavioural environment
  • Health and medical issues

Though these factors have a considerable impact on height gain and weight loss, some positive elements can increase our height and balanced body weight such as-

  • A rich, nutritious and balanced diet regime.
  • Sufficient exercise schedule targeting the proper muscles.
  • Good body posture adopted while walking, sitting and standing.

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Role of Skipping Rope In Height Gain and Weight Loss

  • In simple terms, skipping is a heat pumping exercise. When we skip, we keep alternating our legs and keep it on and away from the ground. During this exercise, there is stretching and contraction of muscles. As a result of consistent skipping for weeks, the muscles become elastic.
  • During skipping, we need to maintain an erect body posture. It is wrong to skip with an awkward posture or with a stoop. While adopting an erect posture, our spinal cord and back muscles get stretched. Moreover, our calf muscles are also stretched as the knee keeps on bending when we skip.
  • Skipping builds bone mass. Our muscles become long, lean and flexible.
  • When we skip, we burn numerous calories and become slim. A slim and slender posture looks taller.
  • However, it depends entirely on the weight and physique of the person how many calories he/she can burn. For example, a light-weight person can burn more calories than a bulky person.
  • The burning of calories also depends on the intensity in which skipping exercise is performed. Let us throw a light on different types of skipping exercises.
  • Normal skipping : Less intensity is required for this exercise.
  • Single-leg skipping :  In this type you use skip with one leg. This is an amazing exercise to combine weight loss as well as balancing your body. It gives flexibility and balance to your body.
  • Double -Skip : The third form of skipping exercise is double-skip. This is relatively a difficult workout and requires intensity. Obviously, it burns a large number of calories and gives you a slim and slender body.
  • Apart from weight loss advantage, skipping rope exercise also provides stamina to our body to undergo strenuous physical activity.
  • Our body becomes flexible and does not remain bulky or static.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before You Start Skipping

  • Skipping rope exercise is beneficial for a fit body. It does not mean that you can start doing 100 skips a day in the initial stage. You need to build stamina for reaching 10 skips.
  • In the initial few days, start 25-50 skips a day. Later, you can add 10-10 skips every day or even 20 skips.
  • In case you are hurt or experience pain in your calves or shoulders or wrists, then stop immediately. Do not continue. Rest for a while and then start skipping again.
  • As soon as you are comfortable and have gained the required stamina, you can increase your number of skips to 100-200 as you have targeted.
  • Height gain or weight loss will not be witnessed immediately. It will take its sweet time to gain the results. Hence, do not expect immediate results in a week.
  • In order to increase height or lose pounds, you need to do skipping consistently for nearly 3 to 6 months.
  • If you are short of breath or face difficulty while breathing when you skip, immediately stop skipping and take a break.
  • As skipping dehydrates the body, you need to drink sufficient quantity of water. It does not mean that you can gulp as much as water as you feel thirsty. You need take small sips of water and take regular breaks. For example, you should decide beforehand that after 50 skips, you will take a short break and have a sip of water. Subsequently, schedule your skipping rope regime.
  • When you complete skipping exercise, do not drink water or eat immediately after it. Let your heart rate come to a normal position.

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  • Before you start skipping, you need to buy a good skipping rope. In the market, different types of skipping rope are available as per height. All ropes will not match with your height.
  • If your skipping rope is too long, then you may stumble or trip when you skip. Similarly, short skipping ropes may also lead to stumbling. Hence, a length of the skipping rope must be such that it suits your body height.
  • You need to go personally to buy a skipping rope to check whether its suits your body height or not.
  • Another important aspect while buying skipping rope is to check its material. You should feel the softness of the skipping rope. At times, the skipping rope will touch your body. It may hurt your skin if it is of rough material. Hence, always opt for a soft one.
  • Prefer open spaces or a spacious room while skipping. Your body must feel relaxed and comfortable. If you skip in confined places, then you might feel awkward while skipping.
  • Skipping is a good exercise and can be combined with other aerobic workouts such as jumping jacks, butt kicks and shuffles. It will help in rapid weight loss.

Thus, skipping rope is extremely beneficial for weight loss. It is also useful for kids to increase their height at the right age and in the right manner.

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