Best Yoga Moves to Ensure Better Health and Perfect Figure

Best Yoga Moves for Better Health and Perfect FigureBest Yoga Moves for Better Health and Perfect Figure

Yoga is possibly the best way to seek a healthy state of mind and body. It not only calms your mind but helps in burning calories rigorously. From celebrities to the common people, Yoga has been approved as the best exercise which possibly provides a complete package when it comes to improving performance and endurance. It is even interesting to note that most of the Yoga poses are derived from the things that surround us be it the buzzing sound made by bees, the boats, trees, or even animals.  Moreover, Yoga moves involve a lot of breathing exercises which in return improves the oxygen intake and circulation of blood in the body.

If you want a fit body, then there is no better exercise than the Yoga.  Another advantage of doing Yoga is that you actually don’t need any fancy equipment and rather just need a Yoga place or mat for the exercise. Moreover, To you help you out with this; we have brought you this write up where you will get an idea about the effective Yoga poses which will help you to get the perfect body.

Know about the Best Yoga Poses for a Healthy Lifestyle

Read below to learn about some of the best Yoga moves which will lead you to a healthier self and ensure a better lifestyle. These are some easy poses which would be suitable for the beginners who are trying them out for the very first time and need to learn how to balance well along with the rhythmic inhaling and exhaling:

1. Bow Pose

  • Lie down on your stomach with your chin on the base of the ground
  • Place your hands beside and palms facing in an upward direction
  • Ensure that your legs are at least six inches apart
  • Bend at your knees and get the heels closer towards your hips
  • Now, hold your ankles with your hands
  • Slightly and slowly lift up your chin, neck and head backward with your chest still at the base.
  • Inhale deeper breaths and then lift yourself up while balancing yourself at the abdomen.
  • Arch your body according to your endurance and form a shape resembling a bow.
  • Get the feet together and try to look at the ceiling while still holding the breath.
  • When you are done exhale completely and get back into the first position.

2. Cobbler Pose

  • Sit in the relaxed position on the Yoga seat or mat with a straightened back.
  • Bend the legs inwards and cross them so as to form the lotus position in Yoga, however, keep the soles outwards.
  • Get hold of the ankles with your hands.
  • Now inhale deeply and try to pull your shoulders back while keeping the back straight.
  • Slowly and gradually exhale out while keeping your soles together.
  • Try to stay in this position for quite some time until you can hold your breath and keep doing the same for some time.

3. Child Pose

  • Sit on the floor in a relaxed position but with bent knees which are slightly apart.
  • Put your hands on the thighs.
  • Bend forward in such a manner that the upper torso relaxes on your thighs.
  • Now try to touch the ground by bending further.
  • Position your hands back and let them lie freely towards the ground beside your feet with palms facing in an upward

4. Tree Pose

  • Stand straight in a relaxed position and place your hands by your side.
  • Now lift your right leg up and bend it from the knees and place it on the thigh of your left leg.
  • Take your hands upwards and hold them in the Namaste position by joining them together.
  • Try to balance yourself in this position for as long as you can and do not bend your elbows.
  • Keep inhaling and exhaling during the entire process.
  • When you are done with this position, pull down your hands and legs and keep yourself relaxed.
  • Repeat with same with the left leg and continue it for 2-3 cycles.

5. Bridge Pose

  • Lie down on the Yoga seat or mat in a relaxed position and keep your palms beside yourself while keeping them in the downward direction.
  • Lift your legs up and bend them from the knees while keeping your feet together upon the ground.
  • Now try to lift yourself up while keeping the feet and hands upon the ground and slightly moving your hip area up.
  • Hold on to this position till you feel comfortable and get back in the relaxed position.

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6. Bent Knee Flux Trunk

  • Get yourself seated on a Yoga place or mat by stretching out your legs in the forward direction and keep them straight without bending the knees.
  • Your palms should rest beside your hips at the base.
  • Inhale deeply and get your back in the straight position.
  • When you exhale bend forward for touching the fingers of your toes.
  • If you are comfortable with the position, then get your face on the knees as well. You may find it difficult at first as a beginner, so you can even hold this position by slightly bending your knees.
  • Now, while inhaling and exhaling at the normal pace, get yourself back up and keep the spine straight. Loosen up your hands and keep them beside you.
  • Keep up with the exercise for about five times initially and subsequently increase the number when you start feeling comfortable.

Performing these above-mentioned Yoga exercises will make your body more flexible and thus you would be able to perform the bending exercises with more ease. Breathing is extremely important when you are doing Yoga; hence keep it in mind to keep inhaling and exhaling whenever you are performing these exercises up. Be regular with these exercises and you’ll surely burn the extra fat which you have been trying to lose. Stay healthy!

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