Benefits of Sleep : How Sleep Can Enhance Your Beauty?

How Sleep Can Enhance Your Beauty?How Sleep Can Enhance Your Beauty?

Beauty Sleep’ has become a common term among the people nowadays. We all want our skin to be radiant, soft and supple, and it is said that taking a good night sleep every day can show remarkable results. Sleep is as important as your work life as it relaxes your mind and energizes your body to go through the day actively.

Researchers have also estimated that the people who don’t have enough sleep have shown signs of dull skin due to a supplement of collagen, increasing rate of inflammation which damages the immune system, dark circles under the eyes and premature ageing when compared to the ones who take a sound sleep.

Here in this post, you’ll get to know all about the positive effects of sleep and ways to improve it. Take a read to get a comprehensive knowledge about importance of sound sleep –

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Tips to Improve Your Sleeping Techniques

  • Consumption of certain food items can have adverse effects on your skin. Avoid grains, sugar and cut short the intake of caffeine.
  • Technological advancements and above them, social media has severely affected our lives. One should be aware that long-term exposure to the mobile phones or laptops and PCs can affect your eyes and mental well-being as well. So make sure you take short breaks while working on these devices and avoid using them before you go down to sleep.
  • A supple skin demands hydration, and hence you should drink enough water throughout the day. However, you should also reckon that drinking a lot of late just before you are about to sleep is not recommended.
  • Cleanliness is equally important for a sound sleep and so you should wash your bed sheets regularly or exchange them for new ones once in a week.
  • Set the ambience of the room dark and cool and keep the temperature approximately set to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Your sleeping position also matters and hence it is advised to not sleep on your stomach and rather prefer to sleep sideways or on your back.

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Tips to Curb Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is one of the root causes of skin problems and moreover ‘Insomnia’ in particular can cause disturbance to your mental and physical health equally. Stress signs can be many, ranging from hair loss, nervous habits like nail biting, etc. and gaining excess weight due to the increase in cortisol levels which increases appetite. Cortisol is said to release chemicals in the body which make you crave for fatty and sugary foods and therefore controlling it needs a special attention.

Furthermore, taking too much stress can even slow down the healing time during the injuries and also results in dehydration which causes the skin to shrink and develop wrinkles. Acne, eczema or psoriasis might start developing as well in certain cases.

But, to your relief, there are certain relaxation techniques which can help you calm your mind and body. We have listed a few of them for you to take a quick glance –

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Practice different breathing yoga exercises

Yoga and Pilates are the best practices to improve breathing and induce mental calmness. Take in Easy Yoga Positions to De-Stress At Work! and count them as you inhale and exhale. There are a plenty of exercises from which you can choose the one which suits you the best. Doing so regularly would not only improve your concentration but will release your tension as well. Deep breathing helps in detoxification and also controls the blood pressure levels in the body.

Meditate daily to improve mental health

Stress due to work or unfavourable situations can cause adverse effects as you cannot focus on the things properly, and also start being less productive. To tackle this, you can take out at least 15 minutes from your daily routine and dedicate them entirely to meditate. Make sure you sit up straight while you are meditating and opt for a calm and peaceful environment. The benefits of Meditation are many among which the best one including the release of calming chemicals which balance of stress hormones and bring peace to the mind.

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Give yourself a short break from your work life

At times, a hectic schedule can increase the stress levels. And so, it is advised to take a break for a while and explore new things and places to open your perspective. Take that trip you have been planning for a long time and have failed to do so. You will automatically start to feel refreshed and take the new beginnings head on.

Some good habits – if duly incorporated into your daily routine life will yield healthy results in long run. These are –

  • Fix a schedule of time to hit the bed and getting up in the morning and stick to that schedule. It will be difficult in the beginning but very soon your body will be habituated to this routine and you will start feeling sleepy at this very time regularly.
  • Doing a light exercise daily is a MUST to adopt habit. It has many benefits. Once your body is tired after exercise you will start to get sound sleep.
  • Decorate your bedroom with light, calm and peaceful colors remove the excess junk and garbage from the from. It helps to maintain the aroma and positive aura in the sleeping room thereby promises a deep sleep.

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Undoubtedly all these additional practises help in long run in the quest to achieve a sound sleep.

Sleep has its benefits and it is important to get yourself recharged for the next day and work productively. It not only promotes mental happiness but is good for your skin as well. Hope these tips might help you in the long run and would have made you understand the importance of a sound sleep. Pay heed to these techniques so as to keep yourself away from acquiring sleeping habits which might hinder in your health later.

Have a sound and deep sleep!

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