Nail Care Tips : How To Maintain Your Nails?

How to Maintain Your Nails?How to Maintain Your Nails?

Our hands are the most visibly seen parts of the body. Also, we use our hands for numerous reasons. Our hands are almost overworked and thanks to our busy schedules, we are not able to give sufficient attention to them.

It is now time to pay attention to your nails, make them strong and beautiful. In this article, we will be providing you with the basic and advanced Nail Care tips to take care your nails.

  • When we take care of our nails, we should first know to take care of our hands and feet. Untidy and unclean hands are easily noticeable.
  • Yes, it is true that a manicure a month will make your hands clean and beautiful. But you also have to take the initiative for caring your hands.
  • When we are talking about nails, we also include toenails.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Hands And Feet

  • First and foremost. Use a hand wash that contains moisturizing elements. Do not use a hand wash that contains loads of artificial elements. Do not use a soap that is used by everyone in the family.
  • Use cold or warm water to wash your hands. If you think that hot water will make your hands clean, then it is a wrong assumption. It will erase all the natural moisturizing elements present on your hands.
  • Always wash your feet with warm water when you return home. Use a body wash. Pat dry and apply foot cream or a moisturizer on the nails. When it comes to feet, the nails are ignored the most. Hence, you have to keep in mind and take good care.
  • When nails come in contact with dirt or water, they become brittle and start peeling off. A woman cannot avoid her daily household chores. If she is fond of gardening, then it will be more drastic for her hands. Hence, one should never forget to use rubber or plastic gloves while doing household work. If you are using detergents, then use gloves. Gloves should be of good quality. Some gloves spread a bad odour on your hands. You need to avoid such gloves. Gloves should also be washed and dried in sunlight after use.
  • In rainy season, your feet are likely to get dirty. It affects your nails a lot. Hence, clean them regularly and keep them dry to avoid bacterial infections.
  • Constant moisturizing of hands is essential to keep them soft and supple. As you hydrate yourself by drinking water or your lips with a lip balm, you should also keep moisturizing your hands and fingers. The best way is to keep a handy moisturizer or a hand cream besides your hand wash. So, as soon as you wash your hands with the hand wash, you can put few drops of moisturizer and rub on your hands gently. As your hands are moist at that moment, the moisturizer gets locked in the skin.
  • Apply sunblock or sunscreen lotion on your hands as well. They should be protected against harmful sun rays.
  • If you are going out in the sun for a long time, then use cotton gloves for your hands and fingers too. Or else you are likely to develop a tan on your fingers that will make your overall skin tone uneven.
  • Go for a manicure once a month in a good parlour. Relax yourself when your hands are getting massaged.
  • Your hands and finger too need little bit of exercise. Your fingers are constantly involved in various tasks such as cleaning, typing, cooking, etc. Hence, you need to relax them and stretch out a bit.
  • Choose appropriate footwear. Do not wear tight shoes that will make you uncomfortable.
  • Before going to bed, apply a foot cream.

Well, the above tips are the basic ones. Women who love growing their nails can follow advanced tips given below.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Nails

If you really want to grow nails and keep them strong and beautiful, then you will have to be alert at all times. Even a little of neglect can cause your nails to crack or break. You also have to be patient.

To prevent cracking, you need to file the nails at the corners on a regular basis. Use a good filer and make it a routine. For better filing, file it in only one direction. Do not rub it in any way. Filing in one direction will give it a smoother finishing.

Understand the right way of applying nail polish

  • One straight, long stroke at one side and another stroke at the other side of the nail.
  • Final stroke at the centre.
  • While applying another coat of nail polish, women use a thicker one thinking it will last long. But remember that you have to apply thinner coats of nail polish to give it a smooth appearance.
  • Don’t go for dark colours if your nails are small. Prefer neutral shades that are suitable in a social as well as professional settings. The nail polish colour should look elegant and not flashy to the eyes of the viewers.
  • Always shop for nail paints of good brands. Do not buy cheap and local nail paints available at roadside vendors or in small shops.
  • When your nail paint start chipping or the nails look longer, then remove it immediately. Chipped nail polishes look unattractive and shows that the lady is not careful about grooming herself.
  • Oftentimes, the nail paint spreads on the skin during the application. You should remove it with a cotton ball dipped in nail paint remover.
  • Always use a nail polish remover of a good brand and that is free from acetone. Generally, women buy nail paint remover that is easily available at stores without checking its ingredients. Acetone can damage the lustre and growth of your nails. Hence, be careful next time.
  • Do not apply nail polish keeping the fan on as it will make the paint thick and clumpy.
  • Once in a month or two months, do not apply any nail polish on your nails. Let the nails breathe the natural air.
  • Do not change nail paints often.
  • For shinny and strong nails, you can apply few drops of coconut oil before sleeping. You may even soak your nails in milk for sufficient hydration.
  • If you do not wish to spend too much money in a parlour for a manicure treatment, then you can learn and do it by yourself at home. You will not only save money but will also maintain hygiene.
  • If trimming toenails is a difficulty, then soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes. You can put little salt in the water. After some time, trim the nails properly.
  • Lastly, do not bite your nails. It is a bad habit. Similarly, if your nails are hanging, trim it immediately. Do not pull it as it will cause infections.

Thus, if you take sufficient care of your nails, you will have beautiful and attractive hands and feet. It is the sign of a well-groomed lady.

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