Bananas In Your Diet – Why Should You Have Them In Your Diet Plan?

Banana Health BenefitsBanana Health Benefits

Banana is the most common and popular in the fruit family. They, in fact, are not considered as trees in some countries but known as high herbs which come with several nutrients in it. According to the horticulturists, it was the first fruit to be found on the earth. Originating in Southeast Asia, they are grown nearly in approximately 150 countries, including the jungle areas of Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. Whether consumed as a fruit, dessert or cooked, they have the high nutrient value which makes them an important ingredient in meals. They come in different colors ranging from green to yellow with different sizes according to the region they grow in.

Nutrients Obtained From Bananas

Bananas come as a pack of nutrients among which, potassium, fiber, vitamin C and B6 are the main ingredients in the list. Take a medium-size banana and it would provide you with 105 calories, however, they are low ingredients of fat and protein. Some important nutrients obtained from Bananas are:

1. Carbohydrates

Bananas contain a high amount of Carbohydrates, which is composed of mainly starch in the green bananas and sugars in the yellow ones. The composition of carbohydrates keeps on changing as the bananas begin to mature. The green banana contains 70-80% of starch, which slowly reduces to 1% of sugar as it ripens. Sugar in bananas come in the form of either sucrose, glucose or fructose, which depends on how ripe the banana is.

2. Fiber

The fiber in the banana is nothing but the starch portion in a green banana which is tough to digest. This type of fiber gathers in the large intestine where the process of butyrate is undertaken by bacteria which makes the digestion slight possible. It develops fatty acids, which are beneficial for the intestinal disorders. The ripe or say yellow bananas contain pectin, which is a different type of fiber. Majority of the pectin bananas are water doable, which makes the bananas soft. They also control the increase in the blood sugar after having meals.

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3. Minerals

The mineral and vitamin list in Bananas include Potassium, Manganese, and Copper. Bananas contain Manganese which helps in the healing of any wound as well as conjunctions. This also makes the bones strong and prevent from osteoporosis. It also provides you with some portion of antioxidants, that prevent cell damages. Copper present in banana merges with iron in your body and promote red blood cells. While the potassium helps in lowering the blood pressure. This also prevents any kind of cardiovascular disorder.

4. Vitamins

Banana is a rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Yes, you heard it right. Bananas are full of Vitamin C which helps in boosting your immunity, reduce swelling and infections, and controls aging of the skin. Vitamin C from Bananas also helps in killing the cells of Cancer. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the health. It helps in reducing the chances of cancer (not all types) and control the cognitive function. In case of women, Vitamin B6 helps in reducing the symptoms which they may face before menstruation, and morning sickness while they are pregnant. However, it should be informed to the doctors prior to starting with bananas.

5. Antioxidants

Bananas are also filled with antioxidants like beta-carotene, selenium, lutein, carotenoids, dopamine, and catechin. Among all these, beta-carotene helps in the prevention of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disorders. Lutein helps in protecting the retina from the direct sun rays and other related disorders like the cataract. Selenium helps in making the immune system strong. The antioxidants also deal with conditions like AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, and prostate cancer.

Health Benefits Of Including Bananas In Your Diet

Bananas also contain several health benefits just as other fruits have. Whether you have it raw, as a shake or in different recipes, they would always shower all necessary nutrients in your body. Here are some health benefits when your doctor would ask you to have a banana.

1. Heart Disorders

The rate of premature deaths, also known as heart disorders, is increasing day-by-day. The bananas have potassium in a required quantity which helps in controlling the blood pressure taking it to a normal state. The mineral keeps your heart healthy if consumed on a daily basis. Along with potassium, it also contains antioxidants which are also important to reduce the risk of heart disorders.

2. Digestion Disorders

The green bananas are filled with starch and pectin, which are different types of fibers. These fibers perform the role of probiotic nutrients which are beneficial for the growth of gut bacteria. This gut bacteria travel to the colon and get fermented. This form a small chain of fatty acids, which are beneficial for digestive health. Having a banana after your meals would surely help you digest the tough ingredients with ease.

3. Bananas And Diabetes

Yes, there is a confusion whether bananas are beneficial for the people dealing with diabetes. The reason for this confusion is the high amount of starch and sugar it contains. Starch and sugar are expected to increase the blood sugar in the body. However, bananas also have lower levels of the glycemic index, which help in controlling the blood sugar levels. So, having a judicious amount of intake wouldn’t harm the diabetic, for avoiding any kind of adverse effects. Having diabetes! Avoid high amount of ripe bananas and stay healthy.

4. Depression And Mental Stress

Bananas include a good quantity of tryptophan, which is helpful in curing depression to a great extent. The tryptophan gets converted into serotonin, which deals with the mood uplifting section of the brain neurotransmitter. Vitamin B6 in the fruit also helps in getting sound sleep, while magnesium relaxes the muscles helping the individual to sleep properly.

5. Vision

Yes, everyone is aware that carrots are good for having better vision. But bananas are also equally vital for your eyes. Banana contains a small portion of Vitamin A, which holds an important role in the protection of the eyes, maintains the normal sight and improves the vision for the night. The Vitamin contains some essential elements which help in conserving the membranes and the proteins help in providing light to the corneas.

6. Healthy Bones

Bananas contain some amount of calcium, which helps in keeping your bones strong and healthy. Bananas are rich in fructooligosaccharides, which are also known as non-digestible carbohydrates. These carbohydrates boost the probiotics which are digestible and increase the capability of the body to absorb calcium, which further benefits your bones.

7. Skin and Hair Care

Not only banana but its peel is also adaptable for skin and hair care remedies. The antioxidants present in the banana and its peel are helpful for curing allergies, skin irritation, bruises, mosquito bites, acne, warts, and wrinkles to a great extent. It is also used for dry, flaky and itchy hair to keep them hydrated, healthy and flawless. The regular use of banana in any facial mask would give you a smooth and glowing skin with zero acne, while the same if used for hair mask gifts you moisturized, silky hair with itching free scalp.

Health Risks Related With Banana

The banana doesn’t give you any side effect when taken in a limited quantity. Having an appropriate number of bananas daily would surely benefit your health with a healthy gut too. However, having bananas in excess can lead to symptoms like headaches or sleepiness. The amino acids present in the banana result to headaches, while the tryptophan in it leads to sleepiness as it relaxes the muscles.

Banana is a sugar-containing fruit. Having too many in a day would surely increase the sugar level, creating dental problems like tooth decay. They are not also considered as a healthy meal before having your workout session as it lacks adequate fat or protein. Having dozens of bananas in a day is also harmful as it increases the level of vitamin and minerals in your body.

The increase in potassium in your body also leads to disorders like hyperkalemia, weak muscles, irregular heartbeat, temporary paralysis, etc. Bananas also provide you with Vitamin B6, the excess intake of which would lead to damage to the nerves of the arms or legs. Henceforth, having a moderate number of bananas is recommended by the doctors, rather than disturbing your health with the excess intake.

Facts Related To Bananas

  • People have a misunderstanding that Bananas grow on the trees. The fact is that banana is an arborescent perennial herb, while the banana is a berry.
  • India ranks at the top in the production of bananas around the world, which limits to nearly 23%.
  • According to a research made in Chicago, the smell of bananas would overwhelm your appetite. Smell a banana and you would think you have only eaten it. This trick is helpful in decreasing weight.
  • Have you ever thought why athletics love having bananas! Yes, it’s true. They work as fuel for your muscles and boost energy to your body to perform better.
  • Among all the fruits, banana is a budgeted fruit. It is the only fruit which is cheaper as compared to other with bundles of nutrients.
  • Are you willing to carry a diet plan! Bananas would help you to a great extent. Include a banana in your mid-afternoon snack or have it before you carry out your gym section for quick results.
  • Bananas contain tryptophan, which helps to keep you happy with a relaxed mood.
  • The inside portion of the banana skin can be used for mosquito bites for getting rid of the irritation.
  • Just as an apple is a beneficial every day, similarly, a banana a day keeps the doctor away is also true. It contains Vitamin B6, which gives overall energy for a healthier day and to fight against infections.
  • They provide relief from GI Distress as they are easy to digest and non-irritating to the stomach.

Bananas contain several nutrients which help to keep you healthy throughout the day by improving your heart and digestive problems when consumed regularly for a healthy regime.

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