Amazing Health Benefits Of Figs Everyone Must Know!

Figs Health BenefitsFigs Health Benefits

Some Fun And Interesting Facts About Figs

  • The fruit fig is basically an inverted flower that grows and blossoms inside into a fleshy texture
  • Figs can also carry out the reproduction process from their grafts, tissue cultures and cuttings other than the seeds
  • Figs are filled with Vitamins, minerals,and fibers, with a sweet and pleasant taste
  • From the treating chest congestion to magical facial mask, fig comes with bundles of benefits used in different ways
  • They contain high levels of alkalinity due to which they are widely suggested to people who are willing to quit smoking
  • People also use figs as a replacement for coffee
  • The figs that are cultivated come with a life of approximately 35 years
  • Figs are obtained from the Ficus tree and are considered to be from the Mulberry family
  • The fresh ones which are black mission ones are high sources of antioxidants and phytonutrients that help in the protection against degenerative disorders, diabetes, cancer, infections, etc.

What Are Figs? What Nutrients Do They Serve With?

Confused with the word Figs? What if I tell you today we are going to talk about Anjeer! Also popular by the name forbidden fruit of the Eden’s Garden, there are a number of benefits of figs. Eaten in various forms, they come in two different textures. The raw or say the fresh figs are quite juicy and sweet in taste, while the dried ones are slightly hard and also include a good portion of latex in it, that can lead to skin irritation.

Thinking why are figs healthy? Figs serve you with various nutrients. They are low in calories and are contain other important nutrients like carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, proteins, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Potassium, and Phosphorus. Figs are capable to provide you with the daily requirement of the above-mentioned nutrients, and hence, it having them brings much health benefits.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Figs?

No matter, whether you consume figs fresh or dried, in the form of jam, or by mixing it with milk at night, etc. it gives you with all the healthy elements that help you in several health issues. Some of the popular benefits of figs include:

1. Gives You Relief From Constipation

This is one of the various reasons what are figs good for. Constipation is the reason for several other health issues, and figs help you out in getting relief from it. Figs come with highly concentrated fibers that help in the boosting the healthand prevents from constipation by regulating the movement of the bowels. The increased movements of the bowels not only help in constipation cases but is also helpful in getting relief from diarrhea.

2. Helps You Get Rid Of Those Extra Kilos

As mentioned above, figs come with a good content of dietary fiber which keeps your tummy full for long hours. This reduces your hunger. This is among the prime benefits for those looking for weight loss. When the tummy is full, you would not overeat and intake of extra calories would be reduced. This helps not only in reducing weight but helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Again, overeating figs can also be harmful as they are high in calories which can lead to weight increase. A moderate amount is hence advised.

3. For Maintaining Cholesterol Levels

Reduced cholesterol levels are also included in the dried fighealth benefits list. Figs are a rich source of pectin which is the type of soluble fiber that helps in controlling and reducing the cholesterol. Also, it contains a natural medication for treating cholesterol levels with the help of phytosterols, a compound present in Figs. Hence, whether you are looking for reducing the cholesterol levels, or maintaining the same, figs can be among the best ingredients.

4. Beneficial For The Patients Having Diabetes

Surprised how can this be included among the benefits of figs? No doubt, figs contain a portion of sugars in them, they still come with a lower GI index that is actually lower than the average. This makes it a good and natural ingredient for treating diabetes as they would not add to your blood sugar levels. Figs supply potassium to your body that helps in boosting the penetration of glucose by the muscle cells which also controls the increase and decrease of the blood sugar levels in the body through any means. However, make sure the intake is limited only.

5. Good For The Prevention Of Certain Cancers

While making the list of what are figs good for, make a point to include its benefits attached to cancer. Again, the fiber levels in the figs are important for prevention of postmenopausal breast cancer. Similarly, figs are also rich as anti-oxidants along with flavonoids that reduce the free radicals that increase the chances of the formation of cancerous cells. Hence, in this way, figs help in reducing the risk of having breast cancer, prostate cancer,and colon cancer as well.

6. Works On Strengthening Your Immune System

Figs help you with nutrients like minerals and vitamins that are helpful for your immune system. They are counted among the fruits that supply highest calcium content along with iron, magnesium, Vitamins, potassium, etc. Along with this, the assortment of the antioxidants is also carried out by figs, which is important for giving strong support to the immune system. Hence, in this way, figs provide your body with all the daily required nutrients to make your immune system strong.

7. Best For Controlling Blood Pressure Levels

For controlling the blood pressure levels, one must increase the potassium levels in the body. Figs are quite low in sodium while contains a good amount of potassium which helps in controlling the blood pressure levels. In this way, you relax the blood vessels and the circulation of blood is carried out properly. A moderate number of figs in your daily intake would help in reducing the chances of hypertension that can lead to other heart issues.

8. Can Help In Reducing The Impact Of Venereal Disease

This is a surprising health benefit of figs. Figs were used in the ancient times for the treatment of venereal diseases. Figs can be used in two different ways oftreating the sexually transmitted issues. The first is by using it as an ointment or by having the required number of figs in your diet daily. There are various symptoms that lead to dangerous sexually transmitted disease that has been cured with figs.

9. Promotes Strong And Healthy Bones

Bone health is another answer to what are figs good for. Figs are rich in every nutrient that is helpful in promoting strong bones like calcium, Vitamin K, magnesium, Vitamin D, zinc, etc. Even when a small portion of figs when added to dairy products, especially milk, can help in boosting boon health. It also increases the synthesis in the bones and helps in its maintenance.

10. Helps In The Treatment Of Sexual Dysfunctions

Did you ever know figs help the patients suffering from sexual dysfunctions like endurance dysfunction, sterility, erectile dysfunction, etc?It comes with a good quantity of calories, minerals, vitamins, etc. that help in boosting the stamina levels and energy that is helpful during the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. For this, since ancient times, figs are used after soaking them few figs in milk overnight and having them in the morning on empty stomach.

11. For Healthy Skin And Hair

Figs are not only good for your health but are there are also benefits of figs for hair and skin. The laxative content in the figs flush out the toxins from the body that can lead to skin issues like acne, rashes, etc. It is also helpful in fighting against inflammation and skin redness. Similarly, the calcium combination figs provide to the body are also helpful for having healthy and strong hair. It is also used in oils, shampoos, and conditionersthat promote quick hair growth.

Along with all these, some of the dried fig health benefits also include the treatment of respiratory issues like a cough, asthma, whooping, etc. It is also helpful for a headache, boils, fever, stomach pain, intestinal conditions, liver problems, etc.

What Precautions Should Be Carried Out While Using Figs?

Are figs healthy? Yes, now you will surely have a number of reasons to explain this. But, just as there are benefits of including them in your diet, there are some precautions too that need to be looked after. Here are some things that one needs to keep in mind while having figs.

  • Having too many figs can give you a heavy feeling on your stomach, that can lead to stomach pain too.
  • Figs can also lead to bloating.
  • Using figs for the treatment of chronic skin diseases can lead to sun sensitivity which can lead to skin issues like melanoma, premature aging, skin cancer,etc.
  • The seeds in the figs cannot be digested easily that can be harmful to the liver and the intestine.
  • Figs also contain oxalates, and hence, too much of intake can lead to a deficiency of calcium as the element absorbs calcium from the body.
  • Bleeding is also a side effect of having too much of figs as their nature is warm.
  • If one is allergic to figs, the intake can result in rhinitis, anaphylactic shock, conjunctivitis, etc.

So, want to benefit from figs? The benefits are already in front of you to give you a reason to begin. But make sure you bound up the limitations.

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