Home Remedies For UTI – Let’s Know the Prevention Tips!

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and Home Remedies to Treat itUrinary Tract Infection (UTI) and Home Remedies to Treat it

Are you having a burning and cutting urination? If yes, then do not hesitate it is the serious health issue. Yes, it is due to the urinary tract infection. It is the infection of any part or organs of the urinary system like Kidneys, Bladder, Ureters and Urethra. It is mostly seen in the females than in men. There are more than 10 million cases diagnosed with UTI every year in India. In this article, we will discuss the home remedies for UTI in detail.

Causes of Urinary Tract Infection

The main cause is the E.Coli bacteria present in the anal region and bowels which travel to the urethral region. It may happen during unprotected anal sex or due to poor hygiene. Women have a shorter urethra as compared with men. As a result the bacteria can reach the kidney or bladder early and infection can take place.

Other causes of UTI includes – pregnancy, kidney stone disease in which the urinary tract is blocked unnaturally, constipation or even a weak immune system caused by other health issues like HIV, chemotherapy or type 2 diabetes, etc.

Risk Factors of UTI

In Women –

Women with Diabetes, during pregnancy, Prolonged retention of urine, poor hygiene, obstruction of urine due to kidney stones, menopausal women due to low estrogen levels and spinal cord injury are more prone to UTI risks.

In Children –

UTI also affects the children from the age groups 5-12 years. It affects girl child more than boys. It is usually because some children do not pee regularly and hold urination for a long time. This urine retention affects the children.

In Infants –

Infants do sometimes suffer from UTI because of use of dirty diapers for a long time.

In Males –

Old men are frequently affected by UTI due to a medical condition called as Enlarged prostate or Benign prostate hypertrophy.

After Spinal Operations –

During surgical procedures patients are infused with urine catheters as voiding of urine is not possible after operations. This catheters for a long time can cause infection of the urinary tract directly leading to the UTI.

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection or UTI

Primary symptoms include burning urination, stinging and cutting pains in the urethra, increased frequency of urination even for a small quantity.

Most cases are not treated as many females neglect and even hesitate to approach the doctors. When UTI is neglected it can turn in to serious secondary complications.


The secondary complications include pain abdomen, pain in the back region, fever, chills, dark bloody or turbid urine, nausea, vomiting, feeling tired and kidney infections.

Home Remedies For UTI (Urinary Tract Infection )

Here we get you some useful home remedies for females who are bit hesitating to approach their doctor for UTI. It can be prevented and treated at the earlier stages in many cases until the secondary complications appear.

1. Water as Toxic Remover

It can be natural and the # 1 remedy for prevention. It is the best toxic remover from the body. Drinking 3-4 liters of water per day can wash out all the E.Coli bacteria and other small kidney stones which are the main cause for UTI. Even during the primary affection, drinking large quantities of water i.e 4-5 glasses of water per day can help in reducing the further infection.

2. Vitamin C

It is the best and natural remedy for the primary UTI symptoms. Vitamin C rich foods help in treating the UTI completely. Here are some amazing Vitamin C juices for the treatment of UTI.

3. Orange Juice

Orange is rich in Vitamin C, drinking 2-3 glasses of orange juice in the morning and in the evening can relieve you from burning and stinging urination and also prevents further secondary complications.

4. Sweet Lime Juice

Sweet lime also called as Mousambi can help you in UTI symptoms. It contains vitamin C in its natural forms. It is an all-time seasonal fruit and is readily available in the market. Drinking the 2 glasses of Mousambi juice twice a day help in solving the UTI problems efficiently.

5. Cranberry Fruit Juice

As this is not easily available in the market, you can use the dried packaged berries. Make a juice by adding little water to the dried cranberries and drink only a glass of juice twice a day. This is very rich in Vitamin C which helps in treating in symptoms of UTI.

6. Tender Coconut Water

Yes, this can be a great remedy for the primary symptoms of UTI. The burning, stinging and cutting pains can be reduced by drinking 2 -3 tender coconut water per day. Tender coconut itself contains a lot of nutrients and minerals. Regular drinking of tender coconut water can prevent the frequency of UTI during the pregnancy period.

7. In Infants With UTI

Regular changing of diapers early can help in preventing UTI. Though the infants cannot explain themselves with UTI symptoms the infant’s scream or cry during and after urination giving an indication of UTI. It should be treated at the earliest as it may involve the inflammation of kidneys. UTI in infants may be associated with fever and restlessness and colicky pain in the abdomen. There should be increased breastfeeding and in severe cases consulting a pediatrician is advisable.

8. Maintaining Hygiene

Maintaining self-hygiene is very much necessary to prevent the UTI effectively. As it is due to the E.Coli bacteria, which moves towards the urethra from the anus wash the genitals every time after sex and after urination with Luke warm water or with any mild disinfectant thoroughly.

9. Avoid Retention of Urine

It is the most common risk factor in many children and in females. Children delay their urination because of the play and laziness, and females hesitate to use public toilets due to hygienic reasons. As a result of retention of urine, the infection arises and UTI problems too. Children should be advised by mothers regarding the UTI problems sensibly and can prevent the children from being infected.

UTI is mostly seen in women due to poor hygiene and lack of self-care. In pregnancy repeated UTI can lead to the premature delivery of the baby too. The incidence of UTI can be reduced by proper education among women by the health care system and the healthcare providers.

The initial symptoms of the UTI can be controlled and treated effectively by the above tips but the secondary complications may require a doctor’s intervention. Do not delay to approach the doctor as it can cause serious complications later and result in the kidney inflammatory diseases. One can also prefer natural and herbal treatment like Ayurveda and Homeopathy for the UTI as it can treat the disease without much side effects.

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