Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Makeup Kit!

Makeup Kit Items ListMakeup Kit Items List

Every woman looks beautiful if she applies makeup properly. Some even flinch with the word ‘makeup’ saying that it is a complicated process. Certain misconceptions regarding makeup are:

  • Only celebrities and actresses apply makeup to look beautiful on the screen.
  • Makeup is applied only by women who are not beautiful.
  • Makeup is applied only by women of higher class society.
  • Since I dont know how to apply correct makeup, so I should not use it!
  • There are numerous different items in a makeup kit which are difficult to understand, so I must avoid them.

Well, it is always great to be beautiful naturally. But if you know how to apply makeup correctly, you will look more beautiful and attractive. You are not required to wear makeup every day. You only need to enhance your attractive features on the special day.

Now, let us know the common perceptions about a makeup kit.

  • Women get overwhelmed when they see a makeup kit. They don’t understand the use of different brushes and colour shades.
  • Some of the women feel that makeup should always be dark. Mere application of gloss, foundation and eye shadow does not amount to makeup.
  • Makeup kits are highly expensive and it is better to be away from harmful chemicals.

Keeping in mind all these conceptions of women, we are here to describe you about the makeup kit in detail. You will know what kind of items should be present in a makeup kit, ideally. As you understand the purpose of each makeup product, you can determine whether it is useful for you or not.

One can adjust the makeup routine into either a quick fix or a sequential process. The base of the makeup is significant for a proper makeup.

Essential Makeup Kit Items

1. Primer

  • Primer performs the function of holding the makeup on your skin for a long time and in a strong way.
  • Women with dry skin can skip this product. Primer is best suitable for women with oily or combination skin.
  • Once you have applied a moisturizer on the skin, apply a thin layer of primer on the skin.

2. Concealer

  • As the name suggests, it is used for concealing the dark spots, under-eye circles, blemishes, acne scars, and other flaws on the skin. It can also cover pimples and acne.
  • Always remember that you the colour of the concealer should be at least two shades lighter than your skin tone.
  • Concealer should suit your skin and the under-eye area.
  • Concealers are available in various forms such as powdered, liquid and cream.
  • The best way to choose a concealer is the one that blends perfectly in your skin and makes it dry.
  • Use a brush to apply concealer and blend it with your fingertips at places. Do not apply thick coat of concealer.

3. Foundation

  • The next product to be applied after concealer is a foundation.
  • Most of the women buy a foundation randomly from a cosmetic store. Women are offered with two or three liquid foundations of few brands and she is supposed to choose out of it.
  • Foundation should be purchased after enough research and experimentation. It should suit your skin type and also your skin colour.

The different types of foundation are as follows:

1. Compact Foundation

Suitable for oily skinned women, it is available in the form of compact powder boxes. One can use a brush to apply this foundation. Though it is simple to apply, one needs to apply lightly and not dust on skin roughly.

2. Mousse Foundation

Suitable for all skin types, it gives a natural look. So, all ladies who don’t like heavy makeup can buy this one.

3. Liquid Foundation

This foundation is most commonly found in all cosmetic stores. You need to apply an appropriate layer of this foundation for a proper finished look.

4. Cream Foundation

Suitable for dry and normal skin, it is available in two forms, compact and a stick.

4. Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is suitable for those ladies who apply makeup every day and need light coverage. Available for all skin types and colour tones, some of them also consist of Sun Protection Factor.

5. Powder

  • Though powder is available in two forms, regular and translucent, the latter is more appropriate for applying makeup. Translucent powder is lightweight, and helps set the makeup. It is available in different shades to suit varying skin tones.
  • If you are using powder foundation, then you do not have to get a separate translucent powder. Use a brush with soft bristles to apply powder lightly on your skin.

6. Contour

  • Face contouring can be done using a contouring powder or a contouring foundation.
  • Contouring helps in defining the jawbones, making your nose look sharp and thin, and your forehead narrow or broad.
  • You need to be careful while selecting the shade of the contouring product. It should be darken than your skin tone.
  • If you are using a contouring powder, use a flat brush to stroke it.

7. Blush

  • Yes, you blush and your cheeks turn pink. Well, one can even have an artificial blush with the help of a makeup kit.
  • Blush is available in three forms, powdered, cream and foundation. The colours of blush range from pink to brown.
  • You are supposed to apply blush on the topmost part of your cheeks. However, it should match with the rest of the makeup applied or it will look funny.

8. Highlighter

  • If you wish to adopt a step-by-step makeup regime, skin highlighting could be your next step then.
  • Highlighters are applied on the cheekbones to look prominent and refreshed.
  • It is also applied on the inner eye area for a radiant look. It is also applied to forehead and chin to get a fresh look.
  • You can choose a highlighter from powders, creams and liquids, depending upon your skin type.

9. Eye Shadow

  • Before you apply eye shadow, study the shape of your eyes carefully.
  • Your eye shadow colour should suit three aspects: Your skin tone, undertone and the colour of your outfit.

10. Kohl

  • Kohl can be used as a quick fix to make your eyes attractive.
  • One can find kohl in various forms and of different brands. You can experiment with those and find the most suitable one.
  • Do not touch the kohl stick or brush to the inner corner of your eyes as it will make your eyes watery.
  • If you have smudged kohl eyes, then apply a thin layer of translucent powder on the beneath the eyes.
  • Even if you are using eye pencil or brush, always wipe the tip with a tissue paper to avoid infections.
  • Do not allow others to use your kohl pencil. Even you should not use other person’s kohl pencils.
  • As we apply kohl on a daily basis, the mucus or the residue keeps accumulating on the inner surface of the eyes. Wipe it regularly with a cleanser before going to sleep or it can lead to under eye circles.

11. Eyeliner

  • Applied on the upper eye lashes, eyeliners are available in various forms.
  • The liquid eyeliner and the pencil ones are the most popular in use. Now, even cream eyeliners are available along with a brush.
  • One can also use waterproof eyeliner that lasts long.

12. Mascara

  • Mascara is available in water-based and waterproof forms.
  • Check what is specified on the tube whether it is water-based or water-proof.
  • Mascara should be applied after the application of the eye makeup.
  • If your mascara becomes dry or gives a bad smell, then discard it and replace it with a new one, irrespective of the expiry date.

13. Eyebrow Pencil or Brush

  • First of all, brush your eyebrows using an eyebrow brush.
  • Later, fill in the eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil or an eye shadow.

14. Lipstick

  • Lipstick is the most common item found in a woman’s makeup kit.
  • Choosing the right colour of lipstick depends on your skin tone and the colour of your outfit.
  • You can buy a range of lipstick colours accordingly.
  • Always use a lip brush to apply lipstick for a smooth texture and finished look.

15. Lip liner

  • Before you apply lipstick, define your lips with a lip liner. It brings an outline for your lips.

16. Lip Gloss

  • Lip gloss is applied mostly on the special days, for giving your lips a vibrant, pouty and glossy impact.

Useful Tips for Buying and Applying Makeup Products

  • When you shop for foundation, contour and blush, do not check in the store’s lighting. Check it in the natural light.
  • Always go for the best brands even though they are expensive. Never purchase makeup products that are cheap and non-branded. They can damage your skin.
  • Do not apply a thick layer of foundation as it will give a caky look.
  • When applying powder, tap the excess powder from the brush before applying on the face. You should move the brush at your elbow and not at your wrist.
  • While contouring, keep on blending it into the skin for a natural look.
  • A pink or peach coloured blush will be good for a light skinned woman. For dark skinned women, brown coloured blush will be more appropriate.
  • Always shape your eyebrows properly at a good salon. Your eyebrows should look natural and not like tweezed deliberately.
  • Shape your eyebrows once a month or when the hair becomes thick and look badly shaped. When the eyebrow strands become longer, its removal will be painful for you.
  • Prior to filling of eyebrows with a pencil or brush, wipe off the dirt or grim from your eyebrows with a cotton ball.
  • If your eyebrows are dark, then use a lighter coloured eyebrow pencil or colour. If your eyebrows are light, then use darker shades.
  • Use a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized all the time.
  • The colour of the lip liner should be the same as the colour of your lipstick.
  • Your lipstick should not clash with the colours of your clothes, eye shadow or accessories.
  • If you lips are chapped or discoloured, do not use clear lip-gloss.
  • Always remove the lipstick and face makeup before going to bed. Use a makeup remover of a good brand. If it is not available, you can use cotton pad dipped in cleansing milk or a cleansing wipe. Even baby oil will do the work.
  • Instead of experimenting makeup application on your face, one can learn from a good friend or an expert. You can even watch YouTube videos to know the correct application.

Thus, application of makeup should be done careful. And you need to be double careful while buying a makeup kit. Mere buying the colourful makeup kit from the cosmetic store is not good for your skin. You should have knowledge about the different makeup products, brushes and brands. You should also experiment with the colours till you find the most suitable one for your skin.

Now since you know the basics of makeup and buying makeup kit, you should feel more confident about applying perfect makeup and buying makeup products correctly!

Stay confident, look beautiful!

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