How to Make Eyes Pop with the Best Tips for Eye Makeup?

How to make eyes pop with the best tips for eye makeup?How to make eyes pop with the best tips for eye makeup?

Applying makeup on the eyes is crucial to completing the entire outlook and hence you should be well-aware of the various tips and tricks that go while putting on the makeup. Here in this blog, we have brought you the complete ways of doing the eye makeup that will make your eyes appear more beautiful and appealing. Be it the technique of putting the mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, or getting the smoky eyes, you will get to know each and every tip that is crucial if you want to know the secret of making your eyes pop out.

Know How You Can Make Your Eyes More Appealing Through Makeup

If you wondering about the how you can do the perfect eye makeup all by yourself without a professional help, then you would need to follow these tips below for a better understanding. Learn about doing the eye makeup efficiently below:

1. Applying the Eyeliner

Setting your eyeliner is the most crucial thing that you need to take care of and therefore you need to be able to know how to get this part correct. Moreover, there are several eyeliner tips which you need to follow which are listed as below:

  • First and foremost, use the makeup remover to make sure that the eyelids are grease and oil-free and thus use an eyeliner that is smudge-proof on the eyelids to avoid it from spreading.
  • If you are trying to get the perfect wing shape while using eyeliner, then the best tip is to keep the eyes wide open, hold yourself to look directly in the mirror, and then apply the lining at the outer peripherals of your eyes.
  • Now, you need to be careful while applying the eyeliner in the way it needs to be as near to the lash line as required so as to ensure that it seems to be close to the natural lash line.
  • If you wish to achieve the subtle smoky eye look, then make use of the pencil liner as it is much creamier and softer. Now, all you need to do is to apply it over the eyelids. Then, dab it with fingers such that it blends in well and looks highly natural.
  • If you are a bit aged, and still wish to use eyeliner, then all you need to do is to select more neutral colors, like grey and brown, and finally, apply a good amount of mascara for completing the look and make your eyes shine brighter.

2. Applying Mascara

  • While putting on the mascara, you need to take care that you start using it from the roots of the eyelashes and not just the tips. Doing so, will give enough volume and wouldn’t put weight on your eyelashes.
  • To ensure that your lashes do not look clumpy, apply a thick coat over layers of mascara, or whatever volume that you prefer.
  • If you want to make the mascara last for longer duration and protect it from smudging, then you need to prevent pumping the mascara wand when pulling it out. And instead, you should swirl it in the bottle itself. This would also ensure that your mascara does not dry out.
  • If you are making use of an eyelash curler after putting on the mascara, make sure that the mascara is semi-wet, not completely dry.
  • When you are putting on the mascara upon the lower lashes, you can locate a tissue paper underneath the lashes to avoid smudging it all over your face.

3. Applying the Eyeshadow

  • The best advice regarding any kind of makeup is to invest in purchasing high-quality brushes for the application. Such brushes are durable and ensure that the makeup blends well. You must also know that the flat brushes are generally used for piling the eyeshadow and the plump ones are meant for blending.
  • If you willingly want the eyeshadow color to really mark out, then make use of a white pencil over the eyelids before putting on the color. This technique would make the colors appear bolder.
  • If you are up for doing the smoky eyes, then, in that case, using eye pencils with cream as the base will give a stronger effect. On the other hand, if you are choosing to do the smoky eye with brown touch, then you need to opt for a brown pencil for the base.

Apart from the usual tips for applying the regular eye makeup there are a few more things which need to be taken care and are listed as under:

  • If you wish to remove the surplus eyeshadow without interrupting the eyeliner then you should make use of the blotting paper to do so.
  • The best way to apply the eyeshadow is to begin with applying the eye base or an eye primer and then spreading it all over the area of the eye.
  • If you want to curl up your lashes at an instant, then start by blow-drying the eye curler just before you plan to curl the lashes. However, make sure that it is not too heated up otherwise you might burn on your eyes.
  • If you wish to prevent eyeshadow from spreading all over your eyes, then the tip is to finish the eye makeup first and after that move ahead with applying the base. Doing so will make sure that the makeup looks natural.
  • Always make sure that you focus on a single feature at a time otherwise, you might go severely wrong. Also, remember that whenever you are sporting loud eye makeup, you should always maintain the lips in a lighter shade or possibly nude.

We hope that with this write-up, we were able to clear all your doubts regarding the eye makeup and how it can be improved by applying the relevant techniques and avoiding certain blunders. Moreover, remember these little details in mind the very next time you are applying the makeup. So, go ahead and get gorgeous.

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