Everything About Eyelash Extension You Need To Know!

Everything About Eyelash ExtensionEverything About Eyelash Extension

We cannot simply avoid the beautiful and stunning eyelashes which can grab anybody’s attention! The long and lustrous eyelashes stand out and make women look flawless as never before! We love those long, thick and gorgeous eye lashes which celebrities and models carry and always wonder why we are not blessed with the same! But always the long and stunning lashes are not natural. Along with time and technological advancements, the beauty and skin care has also evolved a lot. The term “eyelash extension” is definitely not new in the market where numerous women have tried it for those lavish eyelashes! If you are too keen to know about the gorgeous eyelashes which look killer and mesmerizing here is everything you need to know about eyelash extension!

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

The first and foremost question what is eyelash extension? Just like other beauty enrichment processes, eyelash extension is a process of making your eyelashes look fuller, lengthier and adorable! If you always did dream of long and full lashes, eyelash extension is a cool process which is an answer to all your dreams! Just like fake lashes available in the market are added to the eyelids for more enhancing and cool look, the eyelash extension consists of the same process. In eyelash extension, synthetic eyelashes prepared from different ingredients are stuck to our natural eyelashes with cosmetic glues or products. This process is performed by the beauticians and experts. In layman terms, eyelash extension is the enhancement of the natural eyelashes by adding some artificial lashes which would make your eyes pop up!

Important Stunning Things You Need To Know About Eyelash Extension

1. Eyelash Extensions Are Semi Permanent

Eyelash extensions are semi permanent. You would have to redo this process in various sittings. As we suggested before, eyelash extension is the addition of new and artificial lashes to the natural eyelashes. Our natural eyelashes shed after some time and with these lashes, the artificial lashes can also shade. This reduces the fullness and thickness of the lashes and thus, you need to go for other sitting to get those empty areas filled. The number and frequency of sittings would depend on how full you need your lashes. If you like more full and thick eyelashes all the time, you need to visit the clinic every week or you can get the lashes treated every two-three weeks.

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2. There Are Various Types Of Eyelash Extensions

The types here lead to the way you require your eyelash extensions. You can try different lengths and fullness of your lashes. Some women love long and extremely gorgeous lashes while some love normal length lashes with more thickness and volume. General length of normal lash extensions are 9 to 15mm. You can select any of these lashes as per your need and look and can get them done! Also various kinds of curing are available for the extended lashes. You can have extreme curl, J curl or C curl for your lashes and make them look flawlessly long and curled! This depends on how your original lashes are and how long would suit your beautiful eyes!

3. With Proper Care Extended Lashes Can Long Up To 2 Months

This is quite happy news for you and would also get you some bucks saved. If you are looking forward for an eyelash extension, you can have a great experience while making your lashes look full and stunning for a month and more. Generally if you have less lash fall and love to care for your lashes, chances are that your lashes can last long for a month. Less use of watery substances, soap and oily things around your eyes would help your lashes stick and stay for long. If you still need the lashes to look thick and gorgeous, you can go for a touch up session every 2-3 weeks but for saving those bucks, you can take good care of your eyes and make the lashes last longer!

4. You Can Apply Makeup But With Care

Once you are done with the lashes, your makeup would take a little more time than routine! This is due to some things you need to consider while applying makeup. You can undoubtedly carry makeup with the extended eyelashes but all you need it to be gentle with the lashes. Do not use extremely water based products. Watery and gel based products would simply make the lashes get shed. Also take care while applying liners and mascaras. Do not stretch the lashes more and apply the mascara slightly at the ends more.

5. Eyelash Extensions Would Not Harm Your Original Lashes If Handled Properly

While going through any artificial or cosmetic process, women always have this question whether the originality would get lost or remain the same. In the case of eyelash extensions too, women are worried about the natural eyelashes getting affected with the process.  Until and unless your take proper care of your lashes, the natural ones would not get damaged. Your lashes would shed some day and with them, the extended lashes would also fall out. And your natural lashes are in recurring growth and thus would again grow after some time. Also you must not remove the lashes on your own and let them naturally fall.

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6. Safety And Financial Concerns About Eyelash Extensions

Safety is the first thing which people think about when they undergo any process. Some women have the skin and eyes which are not compatible with the lash extensions. Beauticians always experiment with a patch test before undergoing the entire process. Some women can get irritated eyes and allergic reactions with eyelash extensions. Thus always go for a test before trying the entire process. Also this amazing extension would get your pockets empty for first sittings. It costs from $100 to $300 depending on the selection of lashes and quantity. The following sittings generally cost quite less than the first one.

If you are a glorious woman who loves to follow the dreams and make them come true, this is one of the most stunning beauty transformations which would get you flawless results. The lashes sometimes look beautifully natural a heart melting thus giving your eyes a killer look. If you are ready to take some risks, spend handy amount and have a desire for lustrous lashes, go for this process with all the safety concerns and look adorable!

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