How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Thicker and Longer Naturally?

How to Grow Eyelashes Long and Thick with Home RemediesHow to Grow Eyelashes Long and Thick with Home Remedies

We all have heard the saying “Eyes are the window to our expressions and our soul” and perhaps that’s the reason why we girls love to pamper our peepers for hours. One specific feature that lets your eyes do the talking is LASHES, the farm of your eyes. The lashes give definition and make them look extremely beautiful. Therefore, it is very important for all the girls to understand the importance of lashes because sometimes when the fallout happens, there is a sense of extreme shock. In this article, we have put together the complete guide on how to make your eyelashes grow thicker and longer naturally. So, take out your notebook and start jotting down ten useful ideas for your natural eyelash growth.

Natural Eyelash Growth

1. Healthy Diet

The primary solution and one of the most important thing that affects your entire internal and external is your diet. So make sure, it’s a healthy one. Healthier the diet, more glowing you would look. Proper intake of vitamins, mineral, and proteins would help you grow your lashes thicker, longer and stronger. Include protein filled food substance such as eggs, cheese, beans, milk, yogurt, fruits and almonds in your diet.
The natural hair growth depends on a number of proteins and minerals and overall diet you follow on day to day basis. Don’t push yourself enough because your eyelashes will not grow overnight. Take fruits, vegetables and drink a least 7 to 8 glasses of water to see the remarkable difference in your eyelash growth within few weeks. It’s all about patience and following a healthy diet in the end.

2. Petroleum Jelly

If you are thinking what good can a petroleum jelly do for your skin then you need to look into the ingredients in this magical product. It is considered to be the age-old remedy for lengthening your eyelashes. Take a q-tip brush and swipe the brush on your lower and upper lash line every night. Leave it as it is overnight and allow it to wash every morning and within a couple of weeks, you will little thicker eyelashes.

3. Egg Mixture

An egg should be regarded as one of the best skin care natural product in the world and why not? It is beneficial for just about everything from skin, hair and body. If you have to notice the eyelash fall out at roots, egg mixture would work wonder for you. It will help your lashes grow and gain the strength. Make a mixture of few drops of egg white and olive oil in the same quantity and apply it over your lashline on daily basis along the length using a clear brush. Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning and be patient to see the results in some time.

4. Vitamin E/Vitamin E Oil

Most of you are already aware of anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin E. It helps in repairing your eyelashes and also stimulates the growth. Apply Vitamin E oil using a clear brush to your lower and upper lash line and leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning. Vitamin E oil and supplements are preferred for the faster results. Remember to take one Vitamin E supplement tablet daily or apply Vitamin E oil to increase the growth of your eyelashes to its maximum growth. It is considered to the most effective tip for increasing your eyelash growth but in case you suffer from sensitive eyes then its better to avoid the use of Vitamin E.

5. Green Tea

Green Tea once again is enriched with antioxidants and flavonoids. It cleans your hair follicles and helps in stimulating hair growth. Dip a muslin or cotton ball in green tea and apply it to your lash line and keep it overnight and like another process, wash it off in the morning.

6. Aloe Vera

The miracle plant has healing and soothing properties. It contains vitamin A, Vitamin B3, B2, B1, B12, B6, Vitamin E and Vitamin C and folic acid. The minerals and vitamins in aloe vera plan help in strengthening of the lashes and give you thicker looking eyelashes. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on your eyelids and lashes and leave it dry overnight. Repeat the process for almost twice a week to see the results.

7. Castor Oil

Castor oil is famous for follicles stimulation which can give you lustrous and voluminous lashes. It also allows you to fight micro-organisms that are responsible for hampering the growth. Dip a cotton swab and apply the oil on your eyelashes before sleeping. You can also add two-three drops of Vitamin E oil before applying. Allow the mixture to work on your eyes overnight and rinse it using lukewarm water. You can also try the mixture of aloe vera with castor oil and follow these two remedies for almost two to three months.

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil remedy gives you thicker hair as well as eyelash growth. Olive oil is highly rich in oleic acid and Vitamin E that adds volume to the lashes. Warm olive oil little bit and apply it to your lashes using the cotton swab. Leave it on for the night and wash it off completely with the lukewarm water in the morning. If you practice this remedy daily for a couple of months you will get the naturally long eyelashes.

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9. Brush Those Lashes

Just like for the growth of your hair, we recommend you to comb them on daily basis to let the blood circulation to your head. Similarly, brushing the lashes can also help in growing them. It will get them rid of dirt particles and dust to prevent the clogged pores. In addition, it will also encourage the blood circulation to allow more nutrients to reach your hair follicles. Apply petroleum jelly or Vitamin E oil on your eyelash brush or soft bridge comb. Use the same brush to apply jelly and apply directly to your lash line. Brush your eyelashes using the upward strokes. Start from the base of the lashes and move towards the upward. Brush it for nearly 5 minutes every day until you get the desired results.

10. Eyelid Massage

The final tip for growing your eyelashes thicker and longer is massaging the eyelids. It promotes the easy growth of your lashes. The process of massaging improves the blood flow to the follicles which also means more nutrients reaching the hair follicles. Massaging stimulates hair growth and also prevent the breakage and thinning of the lashes. You can use petroleum jelly, natural oils and shea butter on your lids. Use your fingertips and massage along the eyelids for 5 to 7 minutes every day for few months in circular motions. Be gentle with your massaging techniques because one of the most common issues you can face with lashes are that they can break or fall out if you end up mistreating them. Massaging the lids can make your hair follicles strong and stimulate the growth stronger and better.


These are some of the useful and result-oriented natural remedies to grow your eyelashes. However, remember that you may not get the suitable results as early as you expect them. The problem with how to grow eyelashes naturally is that you cannot judge the effectiveness of the hair growth without trying these methods. While some swear by the final results, some talks about patience due to the time it takes. In both the cases, natural methods are little slow to start with but offer the long-lasting effects.

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