Easy Steps to Make Your Feet Look Beautiful!

Foot Care - How to Make Your Feet Look BeautifulFoot Care - How to Make Your Feet Look Beautiful

Did you ever realize that beautiful, gorgeous feet also attract attention? Feet are also a part of beauty when we talk about feminine charm and elegance. Still many of us don’t pay much attention to this vital body part. While many of us tend to pay a lot of attention to their face, most of us usually ignore their feet. The lack of proper attention and care could be too evident in the feet area as it tends to dry up and look dull with time.

Therefore, it is equally important to take good care of your foot as well. When you could spend hours and hours of time and shell out loads of  money on expensive pedicures at the parlor, you could save yourself much by doing some foot spa at your home itself. Therefore, in this article, we would be discussing some natural and simple ways to beautify your feet.

Foot Care Tips for Happy & Beautiful Feet

Who doesn’t like beautiful feet? However, it can be quite a difficult job to achieve the same when your feet are exposed to direct sunlight. If you wish to flaunt your happy feet in stylish flip-flops and sandals, then you need to take some easy steps to maintain and preserve the natural look of them. Here are some great ways to say hello to happy feet that you always cherished for.

1. Wear Footwear that Fit Well

Some people need to be on the go more than the others. Even if not, you should always prefer comfort over anything while going for footwear shopping. You must go for wearing only comfortable and well-fitting shoes and footwear. The wrong fit of the shoes or sandals could wear down your feet rapidly. The shoes that are too small or are rubbing your feet in the wrong manner can result into unpleasant corns and blisters.

It is also recommended to be extra careful while wearing a new pair of shoes or footwear. Many shoes take a while to adjust in them. Therefore, you can take rounds by wearing them for shorter duration unless they are well adjusted to your feet. This way they would not cause any harm to your feet and you can parade in your new pair with much pride.

2. Soak Your Feet Frequently

There is no denying the fact that proper moisture is essential for each body part. While much of the need for body moisture gets satiated by the water that we intake, some extra hydration needs to be provided to certain parts of the body that are extra dry & sensitive. Our feet are that area that tends to dry up easily due to the continuous wear and tear faced by them. To make them appear beautiful and flawless, you need to keep them properly hydrated as well.

You can achieve the same by soaking your feet regularly if possible. This will soften the skin and would ensure that they clean sans any dirt and impurity. For soaking your feet, you can try out from a plethora of foot bath options available out there. However, the simplest way is –

  • Take a bucket of warm water for a good soak.
  • In the bucket, you can add some drops of olive oil, or any essential oil for a good massage.
  • A pinch of salt too would work as a great exfoliating agent for your feet.
  • You can keep your feet soaked for 10-15 minutes and then dry it up and moisturize well for happy-looking feet.

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3. Let Your Feet Breathe

While the sun is scorching outside, it is imperative to keep your feet covered to prevent any tanning. But, when you are home, you can open your shoes and let your feet feel the fresh breath of air. Otherwise, the excessive sweat and dirt accumulated in your shoes & socks would continue to linger on your feet. This would eventually become a storehouse of serious bacterial and fungal infections. You would definitely not want that!

Even when you have to go out, you must always go for wearing a fresh pair of socks every time. This would keep your feet fresh and lively without any worry for bad odor as well.

4. Keep Trimming Your Nails

While most of us tend to give ample attention and care to the hand nails, it is imperative to pay equal attention to the feet nails as well. In fact, they need some extra care because they tend to accumulate a great amount of dirt and dust particles through daily wear and tear. If proper care is not taken, then this could lead to broken and ingrown toenails. This is highly unsightly and painful as well.

If you wish to prevent the same, you must trim your feet nails on an occasional basis. While trimming your toe nails, you should be careful enough to not make them too short as this could also lead to some discomfort. Trimming one’s nails is a good habit and reflects a person’s level of personal hygiene.

5. Undergo Regular Moisturizing Treatment

If you wish to have a baby soft skin on your feet, then you would need to keep it well moisturized. For this, you must know your skin type properly. Once this analysis is done, you can invest in a good quality of moisturizing creams like a foot cream or some essential oil. Generally, being under the effect of constant pressure and exposure, our feet require some additional moisturizing. Therefore, you must choose a thicker cream that contains the essential Vitamin E. You can also look out for creams with coconut oil to make your feet feel the smoothest ever.

If you are not in for investing in any cream, then the simplest trick could be to do a proper massage of the feet with coconut oil at night. The coconut oil massage is a great way to soothe and relax your tired feet after day’s long walking. At the same time, this effective massage therapy would also render you softer feet when you wake up the next morning.

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6. Remove Dead Skin Accumulation for Softer Feet

The dead skin accumulation, especially on the heels, could make your feet appear dull and lifeless. If you wish to impart some life to them, you must go for a dead skin removal therapy. This can be easily carried out in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to rub the rough surface of your skin with a pumice stone while bathing. To achieve the best results, you can soak your feet in advance in a soapy solution. This would loosen up the dead skin layer. When you would gently rub the pumice stone on your feet surface, the softened dead skin layer would easily come off. Once the dead skin layer is removed, you could welcome your beautiful soft feet that appear slightly pinkish for an added touch.

7. Avail the Natural Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is great for your skin throughout. Therefore, when it comes to taking good care of the skin of your feet, then also you can make use of this natural skin ointment. You can try rubbing Aloe Vera gel on your feet. The rich antioxidant and anti-fungal properties of Aloe Vera would render your feet a flawless look. It would also make your feet moisturized and would keep it soft & subtle. You can try rubbing the Aloe Vera leaf or gel directly on your feet for around 1-2 minutes. Then you can pamper your feet with a warm wash to result into beautiful feet.

8. Give the Sunscreen Therapy

You thought only your face and neck area needed the sunscreen therapy? On the other hand, as our feet are subjected to continuous wear & tear, it is important to pay extra attention to them. One cannot always wear shoes or covered footwear. Therefore, when you are all ready to flaunt your beautiful feet in some stylish footwear or heels that display a good portion of them, then you must apply a substantial layer of sunscreen to avoid any damage from the UV rays of the sun.

Sunscreen is a must if you are stepping out of your house. Be it any season or weather condition, you must not skip on the sunscreen for the harmful UV rays might penetrate the skin layer and would lead to adverse effects.

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9. Remove Your Nail Polish Frequently

If you have a habit of keeping your nail paint put on the feet nails for long, then you stop doing this right now. Over the passage of time, nail polish can break down the fine natural quality of your toenails. Therefore, you must make it a habit to remove the old nail paint coating after a certain period of time. It is imperative to let your nails breathe too. This would make them appear more natural and beautiful.

Wish to have beautiful and happy feet? You can adopt some daily care habits to impart your feet a natural and healthy look. The way you maintain your feet can say a lot about your personality as well. Therefore, do not let others judge you through the unsightly appearance of your feet. Rather give them a reason to stare at your beautiful feet over and again. Live Beautiful!

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