Get Glowing Soft Lips with Natural Lip Balms and Softeners!

Natural Lip Balms and SoftenersNatural Lip Balms and Softeners

Women love to buy and wear lipsticks, lip liners, lip colours and lip balms. When choosing a lip balm, a woman selects the best colour and aroma ignoring rest of the crucial factors such as ingredients, nourishment, etc. She is not aware that her favourite lip balm is comprised of more artificial ingredients with a tint of fragrance. Dangerous, isn’t it?

If you want to overcome this usual tendency and shift your lip care paradigm to a more natural one, then we have brought certain tips and lip balms for your application. You will be required to follow tips for lip care on a consistent basis. Moreover, you may have to treat your lips with love and care by applying some of our Natural Lip Balms and Lip Softeners.

Even though your lipstick conceals the lip problems, you have to treat your lips gently and naturally. Our lips require 5 minutes from our skin care regime and some of the ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen.

Easy Lip Care Tips

You need to adopt some changes in your daily routine to take care of the lips. Some of these are as follows:

  • Do not suck your lips with tongue. Your lips will become more dry and pale by this action.
  • In case your lips are chapping despite the regular usage of lip balms, then opt for a balanced diet regime. You need to consume foods that are loaded with Vitamin B content.
  • You need to eat a lot of fresh fruits, almonds, raisins, jackfruits, vegetables, sprouts, oatmeal, millet and wheat germ. A highly nutritious diet will always offer adequate nourishment to your skin and lips.
  • Do not buy lipsticks or lip colours from local cosmetic vendors and of local brands.
  • Always use branded makeup products for your lips.
  • Apply lip makeup only when there is a special occasion. Else, try to use natural lip balms for protecting your lips.
  • Always cover your face and lips when you go out in the sun. Even when you are cleaning stuff or playing a sport outdoors, then protect your lips with a lip balm. This will protect your lips from sun damage or due to environmental factors.
  • While applying face packs, we apply it all over the face neglecting the lips. Our lips also need nourishment from natural ingredients. Our lips also need scrubbing and cleansing on a regular basis. Hence, you are also required to cleanse, scrub and moisturize your lips on a consistent basis.
  • Always use natural substances for treating your lips. While applying lip packs or softeners, you tend to consume it unknowingly. Hence, when you are applying natural ingredients on your lips, you do not have to worry even when they enter your stomach.

Use These Natural Lip Cleansers

Rose water, extracts of cucumber or raw potato juice are excellent cleansers for lips. It will cleanse the impurities from the lips instantly. Skin on your lips will become clean and smooth when these natural ingredients will be applied on it.

Natural Lip Scrubs

  • After you cleanse lips, you need to scrub to remove dead skin cells accumulated on the surface. For this purpose, you need natural ingredients that work softly and gently on the lips without damaging or removing the skin.
  • You need to scrub lips once a week and not often.
  • Mix a spoon of powdered sugar into a spoon of honey. Use this as a scrub once a week. This scrub is best as the powdered sugar works wonders in removing the dead skin cells. Honey offers sufficient moisture to the lips and keep it healthy and smooth.
  • Extracts of raw potato can also be used to exfoliate lips. It lightens the tanned or dark skin of the lips.
  • Mix a few strands of saffron into a spoon of milk and apply it on the lips. Leave this mixture for 5 minutes. It lightens the lips and moisturizes it. This scrub is the best during the winter season when your lips become chapped or over-dry.
  • Rub lemon or lemon peels on the lips. It will remove dead skin and also lighten the tone.
  • Run orange peel on the skin. It will hydrate and exfoliate!

Natural Lip Balms and Softeners

1. The Papaya Lip Softener

Loaded with Vitamin A content and other essential nutrients, papaya is rich in anti-oxidants that can make your lips soft and smooth. In case you have dry, chapped lips, then this softener works amazing. Papaya will reduce the tanned or dark portion of the lips. Coconut will moisturise it for a long time. Honey will soothe the lips and make it glowing.

Extract cream of coconut and add a spoon of papaya paste into it. For consistency, add a spoon of honey or as required. Keep this paste in the refrigerator for half an hour for cooling purpose. Apply it on the lips twice a day for better results.

Repeat this process thrice a week.

2. The Almond-Papaya Lip Softener

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E content and they moisturise the lips to a large extent. Papaya is useful for revitalising the lips. If you think that your lips look pale and tired, then this lip softener is for you. Surprisingly, this softener also performs the function of exfoliating the lips. Honey is added to the mixture as it is best for softening lips.

Take one spoon of honey add a spoon of almond powder and papaya paste into it. Scrub your lips with this paste and leave it for the next 5 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Repeat this process once a week to exfoliate your lips and to remove the dullness.

3. The Almond-Coconut Lip Balm

Nothing is as moisturising for the lips as coconuts. Almonds are also hydrating and soothing for the lips. In summer, our lips get tanned or dark as they are exposed to the sun. Removing this tan is an extremely difficult task. This lip balm is best for lip lightening, hydrating and making it tan-free. However, you will have to use it regular to fade away the tan from the lips. Lemon is an excellent skin brightener and lightening agent.

Extract juice of almonds. Similarly, extract milk from coconuts. Add a teaspoon of walnut or apricot oil as per availability. If walnut or apricot oil is not available, then olive oil can also be used. Squeeze lemon juice as required to maintain the consistency. Mix all these ingredients and store in a small bottle in the fridge. You can apply this as a lip balm during the day and before going to sleep. This mixture lasts for 2-3 days in the fridge. You will have to apply this for a month and hence, you need to prepare it again and again. But it will guarantee the best tan removal!

4. The Winter Lip Balm

How many of you pick up the strawberry flavoured lip balm from the store? This one is for you. Strawberries are yummy and delicious fruits and also high in antioxidants. They will hydrate dry and chapped lips. Honey is a soothing agent.

Grind strawberries into a paste and add a spoon of honey to it. Keep this mixture in a small bottle or container in a fridge. Apply this lip balm as and when required during the winter season. Nothing can be nutritious and be pampering for your lips than this lip balm!

Thus, your lips are the delicate part of your face. Hence, it is to be treated with love and care. Application of natural ingredients and eating a balanced diet is vital for healthy lips. Simply follow the above steps and apply these natural lip balms and softeners to get smooth, soft and healthy lips within few weeks.

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