Natural Exfoliating Scrubs To Make Skin Glowing and Shiny!

Natural Exfoliating ScrubsNatural Exfoliating Scrubs

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the important steps in a skin care routine. However, what about scrubbing? Isn’t it important? Well, scrubbing is yet another significant step that needs to be carried on after proper cleansing of your face. Use of Natural Exfoliating Scrubs gives you glowing and shiny skin without any harmful side effects.

Scrubbing can be described as mild rubbing of your face to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads. If one scrubs in a proper manner, then face becomes smooth and supple. However, scrubbing does mean one should rub one’s face forcefully. Rough scrubbing will not only remove dead skin cells but also will hamper the actual skin texture. It will make your skin swollen and red. Hence, scrubbing needs to be done with care and love.

Exfoliation is the right way of scrubbing. You don’t rub the skin, you exfoliate it.

These are the primary factors to be considered while scrubbing.

  • Before scrubbing, cleanse your face with a natural or your regular cleanser. Wash off the cleanser and wipe the face with a tissue.
  • Scrubbing should not be done with palms or complete hands. Use thumbs or fingers to scrub the face. You need to put dots of scrub all over the face and subsequently, scrub using fingers, particularly thumb.
  • Scrubbing should not be restricted to face. You can scrub your body, underarms, hands, legs, etc. Underarms are the sensitive areas in which one pays less attention. Due to waxing, usage of underarm hair removal creams, the surface becomes more delicate. Moreover, sweat, dirt, and impurities get accumulated in those areas. As a result, it darkens and obviously, it is an embarrassing situation.
  • The delicate areas of the face such as under eye and near the mouth should not be scrubbed.
  • Exfoliation needs to be done once a week. If your skin is too oily and problematic, then you can scrub twice a week. In summers too, skin can be exfoliated twice a week to prevent skin eruptions. During winter, it is not advisable to avoid scrubbing even though you don’t feel of exfoliation.
  • Though nice and aromatic scrubs are available in cosmetic stores, it is advisable to use natural scrubs.

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Some of the Natural Exfoliating Scrubs

We have brought some of the natural exfoliating scrubs that can be prepared at home easily.

1. The Potato Scrub

Potatoes are packed with nutrients and are capable of exfoliating your skin. As potatoes are also beneficial for new cell renewal, it will make your skin healthy and beautiful. It will not only clear off blackheads and whiteheads but will also promote new cell growth.

Grate potatoes and add a spoon of oatmeal powder into it. Scrub it all over your body and face for nearly 5 minutes. You can leave it for one or two minutes. Wash it off later. You will notice the difference in the skin texture.

2. The Red Lentil Scrub

Red lentils are useful in fighting dead skin cells and also removes tan.

Soak a bowl of red lentils overnight and grind it next day in the morning. Add a spoon of honey and scrub this paste all over the body and face. You can even allow to keep this paste on the skin for 10 minutes to earn better results. Wash it off later with cold water.

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3. The Rice Scrub

Packed with vitamins and protein, rice is an important natural ingredient for exfoliation of the skin.

Soak rice grains in a bowl of water overnight. Grind it the next day. Do not make it a paste as you have to feel the granules while scrubbing. It is an effective body scrub.

Similarly, if you powder brown rice in the above way, then you can get a brown rice scrub for skin exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells.

4. The Saffron Scrub/The Winter Scrub

Yes, we know that saffron is an expensive item available in the markets. But if you are substituting it to the other costly cosmetic products, then that’s not a big deal. Saffron has excellent exfoliating as well as skin lightening properties.

Mix a few strands of water in milk. Keep it for a while and scrub it on the face. This works better on dry skin, especially during winters. Wash it off with warm water after sufficient exfoliation.

Your skin becomes stretched during winters and you don’t feel the need to exfoliate it. However, dead cells keep accumulating on the surface. Saffron scrubs work excellently for such skin. It also brightens the skin.

5. The Sandalwood Scrub/The Summer Scrub

Sandalwood has pleasant and aromatic powers. It exfoliates the skin and also removes body odour. Body odour and excessive sweat is a malady during summers. You can use sandalwood scrub for the entire body to get rid of nasty odour and reduce excess sweating.

Mix sandalwood powder into rose water or milk and apply it all over the body. You will feel the mesmerizing aroma of sandalwood within minutes.

6. The Wheat Bran/Wheatgrass Scrub

Fortified with iron and vitamins, wheat bran is known as for skin exfoliation.

Take a spoon of wheat bran powder and mix it with milk or rose water. Rub it all over the face or body. It will help in removing dead skin cells and makes the skin look lustrous and young.

Similarly, wheatgrass powder can also be used if wheat bran is not available.

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7. The Honey-Sugar Scrub

Though sugar is harmful to the health of the skin, it is useful externally. Sugar has exfoliating elements. Honey soothes the skin and makes it glowing and young.

Grind sufficient quantity of sugar in a bowl and add a spoon of honey into it till it becomes a paste. Exfoliate the body and face with this scrub. You will feel the glow within a few minutes.

Thus, these natural exfoliating scrubs are easy to prepare and apply. It won’t cost you hundreds of bucks. You will only need the ingredients available at your home itself and a little bit of your patience. It will exfoliate your skin within minutes and you can head for the next step of the skin routine – moisturizing.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and have got some useful insights as well. Please share your views in the comments section below. Also do share this article on social media to spread the knowledge with others.

Have a healthy and glowing skin!

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