What Is Water Fasting And How Can It Benefit Weight Loss?

Benefits of Water Fasting for Weight LossBenefits of Water Fasting for Weight Loss

One of the most effective and quickest way of detoxifying your body is water fasting. It is one of the strongest methods to lose weight in few days.

As the name suggests, water fasting refers to consumption of only water during the specific period of time decided. Water fasting does not meal liquid fasting. In water fasting, you are not allowed to drink liquids such as fruit or vegetable juices, coconut water, medicinal preparations, etc. Water fasting refers to fasting by consuming water only.

No calories are consumed during water fasting. No ingredient or substance should be added to the water while drinking it. In case a person during a water fast consumes any food, then it will obstruct the resting phase of the body and interfere with the entire process of detoxification. The fact cannot be denied that water fasting is the strongest and most influencing way for cleansing your body systems.

Benefits Of Water Fasting

  • It is an effective method of weight loss.
  • As blood sugar levels are not fluctuated often during a water fast, it helps in increasing amount of insulin in the body.
  • It helps in improving the body repairing functions and heals from any kind of injuries.
  • It lowers down the blood pressure levels of the body.
  • It decreases the stress levels as less amount of physical exertion is done.
  • Calorie intake requires lot of energy to burn the food and digest it inside the body. As there is zero calorie intake, the body does not uses energy at all for digestion.
  • It helps in overall body rejuvenation.
  • It helps in increasing immunity of the body for fighting against various diseases.
  • The aging and cognitive process is lowered down.
  • The risks of heart diseases are reduced due to a long water fast.
  • Unknowingly, our digestive system is burdened with unnecessary foods and at wrong times. This causes digestive problems such as indigestion, gastric issues, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, no appetite or over-eating. Even when our digestive system has not digested the food, we eat when our favourite dish is placed before us. Thus, sometimes, we eat even when we are not hungry. After a water fast, our digestive system is free from the burden of over-consumption or unnecessary consumption of food during those days.
  • During water fast, we control our poor eating habits. We have tremendous control over our appetite and thinking capacity while eating. Hence, after this diet, people do not eat emotionally but for supplying necessary fuel to the body parts and organs. This self-control obtained during this water fast is a significant achievement for that person.

Drawbacks Of Water Fasting

  • People who are already weak may experience dizziness and weakness during this fast.
  • Our body needs sufficient amount of nutrients to carry out other body functions apart from digestion. If these nutrients are not received by the body parts during the water fast, then the body may experience fatigue and tiredness.
  • A person may experience emotional outbursts as he may have to control his eating habits. If he is constantly into the habit of binge eating, then the initial days will be difficult for him.
  • A person may not be able to concentrate on work or other important tasks as the mind may experience fatigue due to fast. If he can afford to take leave from work, then it not a problem.
  • After the fast, the person may indulge into heavy eating or no eating at all. It may lead to serious health issues for the person.

How To Do Water Fasting?

  • In the initial one or two days of the fast, the person must consume only purified water and nothing. It is very difficult to avoid temptations of eating food. Similarly, the body also takes time to get used to this new water fasting method. The body organs will feel uncomfortable and uneasy.
  • After fasting for 2 to 3 days, the body will get used to the water consumption. It will supply nutrients by burning the current fat cells contained in the body. The actual duration of this stage varies from person to person, as per eating habits and lifestyle of the person.
  • The person who observes water fast must take sufficient amount of rest. One should not involve in physical as well as mental activities.
  • One can also detox their body externally during a water fast. Breathing exercises can also be performed for better healthy body.
  • After completion of fast for the particular time period, one should consume fresh fruits in small amounts. It is better not to eat heavy and oily foods immediately after breaking the fast.
  • Instead of binge eating on the foods you couldn’t eat during water fast, it is advisable to listen to the requirements of your body. You survived only on water since last so many days. Hence, the tempting junk food or the soft drinks do not really form a part of your diet regime.


  • Though water fasting sounds exciting for a person to experience quick weight loss, it can be dangerous if not supervised by an expert. Hence, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before going for a water fast. That person also needs to undergo certain tests to detect any deficiencies or problems in the body.
  • Water fast needs to be carried out for health reasons and not as a recent trend. Hence, the persons should not form any kind of eating problem.
  • Before going a long water fast, it is better to practice beforehand by going on short-term fasts. Try to reduce calorie intake in the initial days before quitting food consumption completely. Your body must not experience unusual changes. Even your mind need to emphasize on the calorie intake.
  • Short-term fasts will provide you with clear idea about the future plans. Even such fasts are beneficial for the body.
  • One needs to read materials about water fasting and how it is done beforehand.

Hence, it is better to take advice from medical experts before going on a water fast. It should not be tried as a fun.

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