Super Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening!

Home Remedies for Teeth WhiteningHome Remedies for Teeth Whitening

A gorgeous and flattering smile is something everyone wants but it won’t grace your look until and unless you have gorgeous bright teeth! While you smile, your beautiful teeth would add brightness in your smile and make you look mesmerising! However, sometimes we don’t even consider our teeth have got those yellow and dark patches until someone points it out or we grab it in our most beautiful smiling pictures! That’s the point when we desperately realise the need of Teeth Whitening!

If your teeth are yellowish, pale or patchy, it would simply spoil the blissfulness of your smile. Bright and white teeth would never fail to make you smile confidently! However you need not rush to dentist to make your teeth shiny. You have some cool home remedies which can banish patchy teeth and get you sparkling teeth in days! Here is a special guide for whitening your teeth with natural ingredients!

What Causes Yellow and Patchy Teeth?

Before jumping to the amazing natural remedies for whitening your teeth, you must have a little know how on why your teeth get yellow! Well, your diet has a vital effect on your teeth. If you are addicted to carbonated drinks, junk food, and harmful beverages, just likes the clothes, these ingredients would stain your teeth and make them yellow! This patchiness is nothing but staining of the tooth which we can eliminate by using the upcoming and promising teeth whitening remedies! Thus get ready to fight the stains on your teeth with these super cool ingredients!

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Remedies for Teeth Whitening

1. Charcoal Powder

We have all hear about the cleansing properties of charcoal which makes it a prime ingredient used in fairness creams, toothpaste, face washes and much more. The activated charcoal is miraculous over the skin and would pull the impurities away from your teeth. This is a natural ingredient which can banish the yellow patches and make your teeth sparkle! Try this amazing remedy and get bright teeth in some days!


  • Charcoal capsules
  • Toothpaste


  • Tear the charcoal capsules and extract charcoal powder
  • Get some toothpaste on your toothbrush
  • Deep your toothbrush in charcoal powder and brush your teeth with this mix
  • Twice a day brush your teeth with this cool toothpaste mix and your teeth would shine like never before!

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2. Strawberry Baking Soda Scrub

If you are still wondering how strawberries can brighten up your teeth, you must know that this fruit is filled with amazing antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and rich substance which can fight yellow stains in a go! Also, it removes plaque and such rigid particles which can cover your teeth making it look patchy! Baking soda works as a natural cleansing agent which can cleanse your teeth and add a sparkling glow! Try this awesome home remedy with cool ingredients and get a mesmerizing smile!


  • Strawberries
  • Baking soda


  • Get some fresh strawberry pulp and mix it with baking soda
  • Prepare a crystal paste and apply it on your teeth
  • You can also brush your teeth with this amazing DIY toothpaste
  • Brush your teeth for 15 minutes with this amazing mixture daily and you would get bright and white teeth soon

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3. Salt Lemon Juice Scrub

For fighting that robust and extreme yellow pigmentation on your teeth, you would require a cool bleaching component which can simply make your teeth bright and gorgeous! Nothing would work as miraculously on stains just as lemon juice! This superb bleaching ingredient with a freshness of citrus and enriching benefits of vitamin C would definitely get you some mind-boggling results! Salt can work as a cool cleansing component which can fight plaque and stains on your teeth. This awesome combo would never fail to get you white teeth and that killer smile!


  • Lemon juice
  • Salt


  • Get some salt and mix little lemon juice
  • Dip your toothbrush in this mixture and brush your teeth with this paste
  • Twice a day brush your teeth with this cool mixture
  • Clean while flossing
  • Using this paste for a week would get you some noticeable difference you would love!

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar or apple cider vinegar would work miracles on your stained teeth for sure! If you want an effortless cleansing of your stained teeth, go for this remedy and get gorgeous teeth soon! Apple cider vinegar has healthy acids and bacteria which can transform your teeth from yellow to white! Cleansing and bleaching properties of apple cider vinegar make it supreme and multi-benefit ingredient. Try this remedy and get that flattering smile now!


  • Apple cider vinegar


  • Get some apple cider vinegar
  • Apply it on your teeth with a toothbrush
  • You can also massage this fluid on your teeth with a cotton ball
  • Massage for 15 minutes twice a day
  • Daily using this cool ingredient for teeth whitening would get you significant results in few days

5. Orange Peel Powder

Vitamin C and citrus rich foods simply work miracles on the skin and teeth. These ingredients are promising and would cleanse the skin and teeth like never before! Considering vitamin C, orange peel powder is the best ingredient which is simply loaded with tons and tons of vitamin C. what can be better than orange peel powder to fight stained teeth? You must use orange peel powder to remove the stains and make your teeth look gorgeous and bright as a pearl this season!


  • Orange peel powder
  • Lemon juice/toothpaste


  • You can use this amazing powder in two ways
  • Mix lemon juice and orange peel powder apply scrub your teeth with this mixture
  • Mix some orange peel powder with your toothpaste and brush up your teeth with this amazing toothpaste mixture
  • Try any of these remedies twice a day and get brighter teeth in few days!

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A gorgeous and flattering smile, when complemented with sparkling teeth, would look the best! Enhance your smile with pearl white teeth using these remedies and we assure people would not get able to take their eyes off your mesmerizing face! Wear confidence with your bright teeth and flaunt your adorable smile!

Happy Tooth Cleaning!

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