How to Make Paper Flower Craft for Kids in Easy Steps

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How to Make Paper Flower for Kids School Project

Kids love to play with paper craft toys. They love to watch their toy crafts being made at home and enjoy playing with them. Here, we bring to you a very unique and creative paper flower craft idea which can be made by using just two readily available materials. It is easy to make and comes out as a wonderful paper toy for kids. This folding paper flower is a very creative paper craft idea that you can make for your school craft project as well as your own personal toy at home!

Things Needed

  • Color Papers
  • Fevibond Glue


Step 1: Take color sheets of different colors. First, take one sheet and fold it from the middle to get the shape of a triangle.

Take Few Color Paper Sheets

Fold the Paper

Step 2: Now fold it again. Fold along the edges of the sheet to get a box like shape. Again, make small folding at the top edge.

Fold the paper to make triangle

Fold the Corners

Step 3: Fold the sides inwards. Flip the design and make small triangular folds on this side. Now press and make a fold from the center. Press along the triangles.

Make Square Shaped Paper Fold

Fold the Paper Again

Step 4: Repeat this process with other color sheets as well. We need several such pieces for the craft.

Make Such Multiple Paper Folds

We need many such paper flowers

Step 5: Apply Fevibond glue and stick all the pieces together. Paste the different colored pieces one after another.

Stick the paper flowers together

Make a long Flower Chain

Stick both ends of paper flower chain together

Step 6: Finally stick the first and the last piece together in a circular pattern to complete the craft.

Your Paper Flower is Ready!

Wow! Our beautiful DIY paper craft is ready.

This is an excellent paper craft and is perfect for kids. It is so colorful and creative that kids will love to play with it. Not just that, you can also use it for home decoration. Also, we have used very less materials in making this craft that are readily available at home.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. Please share your valuable suggestions and feedback in the comment section.

Happy Crafting!

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