Different Types Of Cancers And Their Causes!

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In today’s extremely high tech world, we have cures and preventive measures for some dangerous disease! Prevention of disease like cancer is quite simple if you know the causes of the disease as well the know how to prevent it! We are all surrounded with risks of some life threatening disease like cancer. Also we know that treatment of this disease is extremely difficult and can lead to lot of pain, expenses and patience. The best way to escape from this disease is to know the causes and prevent them!

Thus, if you want to avoid the danger of cancer and want to keep safe, know about different types of cancers and the causes which can get you affected! Protect yourself from this disease and always stay healthy!

Different Types Of Cancers And Their Causes

1. Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most widely spread types of cancer which has affected both men and women. Due to the over growth of cells in various areas of your skin, skin cancer can happen! When the cells in your body start growing at a high speed without any specific limit, tumors can occur causing cancer!

There are three types of skin cancer which are melanoma skin cancer, basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer! Mostly skin cancer occurs due to sun exposure and extreme effect of UV rays on your skin!

Causes Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is generally caused due to extreme exposure towards the sun rays but there are also some other causes of this disease which are rare but possible. Thus, here are some causes of skin cancer which you must consider seriously!

  • UV rays are the most harmful and impactful rays which can make your skin dull, damaged and extremely rough! The risk of skin cancer is primarily developed due to UV exposure
  • Also the DNA cells which lie beneath your skin gets damaged due to these rays which can cause skin cancer! Due to this, your immune system gets damaged and this works as a worse condition for your skin!
  • People living in extremely hot-tempered areas and where the climate is always sunny can easily get affected by skin cancer!
  • Sunburns are also the primary cause of melanoma skin cancer. People enjoying the sunny beaches and playing sports in extreme temperatures can easily get sunburns! This is a very harmful cause of skin cancer!
  • Exposure towards sun rays can also cause tanning which is also a significant cause of skin cancer which you must consider!
  • While you rest and enjoy the bright sunny day on the beaches, the UV rays can damage your skin and tan can make your skin affected by skin cancer types!
  • In some cases, exposure towards chemicals and various toxins can also cause skin cancer. The risk is low then the sun rays but the air we breathe is polluted and can cause skin cancer on the long-term basis!

2. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a dangerous form of cancer among women! In this type of cancer, the cell growth becomes uncontrollable in the breasts which can cause cysts and tumors! This intense growth of cells and its quick spreading can cause breast cancer in women!

Causes Of Breast Cancer

  • One of the leading causes of breast cancer is any breast-related surgery. Sometimes, due to exposure towards harmful radiations during surgeries can cause breast cancer.
  • In the milk ducts, when the cells start growing at uncontrollable speed, it can also turn into cancerous cells and cause breast cancer!
  • Also, some tumors, noncancerous cells, and tumors can also lead to the breast.
  • Cancer! When the DNA cells get damaged, it can also cause breast cancer!

3. Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is cancer which impacts the ovaries of a woman. If the rapid cell growth starts in the ovaries and blocks them, it can lead to ovarian cancer. Generally, genetics, age, and certain factors contribute to the spread of ovarian cancer and can worsen the condition!

Causes Of Ovarian Cancer

  • The exact cause of ovarian cancer is unknown but there are certain risk factors which can sooner or later develop into ovarian cancer.
  • Genital factors and inherited cancer is one of the causes which is identified among the patients.
  • Generally, age is also a factor where women going through menopause can get affected by this disease.
  • Extreme weight gain, smoking habits, the unhealthy diet can cause ovarian cancer and thus, you must keep away from these risk factors!

4. Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a leading disease which has affected many people. This type of cancer is widely spread among men and women both. In colon cancer, the stomach, digestive system, bowel gets affected. Also, changes in your regular digestion like diarrhea, constipation etc can affect you!

Thus this is a condition in which your bowel movements can get irritated and can turn into the dangerous disease like colon cancer!

Causes Of Colon Cancer

  • The noncancer tumors and cysts can develop into cancerous cells which can enter the lymph nodes through the blood stream.
  • When there are issues and errors in the DNA, it can cause colon cancer and can affect your bowel movements!
  • Also, there are hereditary factors which can contribute to the spread of colon cancer. if your parents or grandparents have suffered from colon cancer, even you are at a risk.
  • Even if you have previously suffered from any colon disease, your risk to get colon cancer is quite high.
  • The food you consume also has an inevitable impact on your colon. Consumption of fatty and oily foods can increase your risk to get colon cancer.

5. Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer develops in the uterus, the main organ for fetal development in women. It is cancer which starts to form the uterus and gets spread in the surroundings.

Causes Of Endometrial Cancer

  • The cells start getting developed form the uterus lining and are diagnosed early due to its signs and symptoms.
  • Due to these issues in the uterus, each organ elated to fetal development gets affected by this cancer. Women suffer from vaginal bleeding which is a prime sign.

6. Lung Cancer

This is one of the most dangerous and extremely widespread forms of cancer which can affect anybody. This is found in both, men and women and is also a reason for deaths due to cancer. The uncontrollable cell growth in your lungs can cause cancer and tumors in the lungs.

Causes Of Lung Cancer

  • The primary cause of lung cancer is smoking. People smoking on regular basis are at a higher risk of lung cancer.
  • Almost 90% of cases who suffer from lung cancer are observed as smokers. This research is true for both men and women. Cigarettes, pipe tobacco and any form of smoking can increase your risk to get cancer!
  • Also, the speed of cancer cells getting spread in the lungs can increase for those who smoke more. The tumor and cancer cells get doubled within just 3 4 months.
  • Smoking can cause small cell lung cancer which is a very harmful and dangerous form of cancers.
  • Consumption of tobacco is also a leading cause of lung cancer which people can get through smoking and pipe tobacco.
  • Also, there are factors like exposure towards dirt, some harmful chemicals, coal fumes and harmful elements can also get you affected by lung cancer.

7. Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer which affects women and starts developing in the womb. From the lower uterus, cancer starts spreading and can affect the entire womb area. This is an intense cancer type which is caused due to several disease and lifestyle.

Causes Of Cervical Cancer

  • Sexual considerations are must in this type of cancer. Having more than one partner can cause infections which increases your risk towards cervical cancer.
  • Especially HPV infection is the condition which can increase your risk towards cervical cancer. Even the birth control pills can increase the risk for cervical cancer.
  • People addicted to smoking, alcohol and such habits are more exposed towards the risk of cervical cancer!

8. Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is caused due to the growth of cells in the stomach which cannot be controlled. It is found in both men and women. This cancer affects your stomach and digestive system causing issues digestion, food consumption and thus affects your different bodily processes!

Causes Of Stomach Cancer

  • The dietary habits of a person can increase or decrease the risk of stomach cancer of people.
  • The DNA cells when get damaged can cause stomach cancer. This is the leading and prime cause of cancer which can spread gradually.
  • This gastrointestinal disease can also increase the risk of stomach cancer for people. This disease can affect the stomach and can increase the cancer cell distribution quickly!
  • Diet is the prime cause of issues in the stomach and thus fatty foods, oily foods, foods with low nutritional value and more calories can increase the risk of stomach cancer!

These are the different types of cancers and their cause. After knowing the causes, it is easy to prevent such a life-threatening disease and live a healthy life! Thus, consider all the causes carefully and keep away from cancer while avoiding these issues!

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