Eye Care – 7 Best Things To Sharpen Your Vision!

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“Eyes are the windows of the soul”

– Traditional proverb

As quoted by traditional proverb eyes are the windows of our inner mind and soul. It has the reflection powers like the mirror. There is always a conflict between the eyes and the emotions, though emotions play hide and seek, eyes stay true to the world. It is the true responsive friend. Eyes have different roles to play like vision, sense, show, and express.

7 Best Things To Sharpen Your Vision

Eyes are the beautiful god’s gift, it has to be protected for leading a wonderful life. Eyes are easily prone to many infections and damages in this man-made world hence here we come up with the perfect eye care and the 7 best things to sharpen your vision.

Eye Care

1. Increase Diet Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the rich source of beta-carotene which helps in the vision of the eyes. It helps in the early cataract and retinal damage. Vitamin A is the organic nutritional compounds consisting of retinol, retinal, retinoic acid and other pro-vitamin A carotenoids.

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It also helps in the development of the immune system of the body. The deficiency of vitamin A can result in the dry eye problems, malabsorption of lipids in the body, impaired immunity, ear infections, destruction of cornea or retina, urinary tract infections and finally may also lead to death in severe cases.

Hence a daily intake of about 700 – 900 micrograms for both men and women is considered essential. The vitamin A is rich in foods like pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, guava, pulses, salmon, red meat, liver of chicken and lamb, broccoli, spinach, egg, apricots, and papaya.

2. Lower the Blood Sugar Levels

Increased blood sugar levels or the type 2 Diabetes Mellitus has an immediate complication of retinal damage.

A chronic long-term high blood sugar levels can lead to a condition called as Diabetic Retinopathy. So the normal maintenance in the blood sugar levels can prevent the eyes from the eye damage.

Blood sugar levels can be controlled by maintaining the body weight, by following a low carb diet and by performing regular exercises. A thorough check-up of the blood and urine for sugar levels should be done every 6 months once above the age of 40 in both males and females.

The family history, alcohol consumption, tension and genetic background are at high risks of increased blood sugar levels. Low carb foods like Cucumbers, carrots, citrus fruits, pulses can help in maintaining the body blood sugar levels.

3. Sunglasses Protection

Protective eyewear has become the fashion icon in recent years. It starts from few hundreds to high-end lakh sunglasses which are readily available according to the latest trends.

It just not only feels you trendy but also helps against harmful UV rays, dust, small particles, flying insects and small stones from affecting the eyes. This when touches the eyes leads to eye inflammation, dry eyes, irritation of the eyes, burning in the eyes and may lead to loss of vision in some severe damage cases.

Another important point while choosing sunglasses is always go for quality anti-reflective and anti-glare lenses which can protect you from the harmful UV rays and its serious effects.

Spending out some extra money though empties your pocket for few days but give the huge investment in the future in terms of better vision and eye care.

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4. Eye Exercises for Occupational Hazards

Computers and laptops have taken the places of books and newspapers these days. There is increased use of technology by the young generation. Along with the pros, it has a lot of bad effects on humans causing occupational hazards.

People working on systems for more than 7-8 hours per day are developing eye problems day by day. The anti-glare screen of the computers or laptops is ineffective leading to the eye strain of the working people.

This can be ruled out by regular eye exercises and eye rest. One has to blink the eye for 10-15 seconds for every half an hour during working on the system and just close the eyes in between 2 hours for few seconds only.

Do not bend too near to the system which can directly harm your eyes. Even advise the children to watch or play on the computers at a safe distance. This helps in reducing the eye strain and increases the better vision in the working stream of people.

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5. Children and Television

It is common to see every child at home sitting next to TV all day long. It’s just not fair enough for the growing child in every aspect.

The physical exercises, mental activities and the eye problems are caused and affected only by regular TV watching. The harmful rays emitting out of TV affects the kid’s eye leading to eyesight problems which not treated on time may lead to the loss of vision in children.

Some children also switch off lights and watch TV which is even more dangerous for the eyes. Advice the kid to sit at a distance and with the lights on while watching TV and also encourage the child to involve in physical and mental activities like swimming, jogging, playing chess, board games etc which helps in overall body and brain development of the child.

6. Contact Lens Application

Cosmetic Lens gives the cosmetic good looks when compared to the old spectacles, but it has one drawback. Most doctors do not advise the use of lens regularly for eyesight problems.

Lens requires a lot of self-care and protection. One should be cautious while putting lens, as it may cause the nail injury to the cornea which can lead to permanent damage to eyes.

The prolonged use of contact lens leads to dry eyes, watery eyes and irritation with burning sensation in the eyes of some people. If anyone gets symptoms like burning or itching after wearing lens then it has to be immediately checked by a doctor. Unless it is very important do not use it for a longer time.

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7. Visit Doctors

A headache is the most common ailment in many working people. Most of us neglect it thinking it to be tension or gastric origin but in some cases, eye problems can be a cause of a headache.

The chronic repetitive headaches can be due to the occupational or over study in children. There may be changes in the eye powers by continuous eye strain. This is reversible and can be treated by going to an eye specialist.

The other important thing is self-medicating the eye drops. Many people have the habit of putting eye drops for eye strain or any other causes without doctor’s prescription.

Though it might give you momentarily relief it can lead to corneal or retinal damage. So no self-medication in the matter of eyes!

It is always better to take an opinion of a professional doctor before wearing spectacles, as many can be cheated by the non-professional eye testing technicians at the local eyewear centers.

One has to get an eye test done once in a year and in old aged people or people with any medical conditions like Diabetes Mellitus then must be checked for once in 6 months. And if there are any white spots or cloudy appearance in the corner of the eyes then do not delay in finding an ophthalmic surgeon for your eyes. The early diagnosis of cataract can help in correcting and in the treatment of eyes resulting in the better vision.

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