7 Effective Remedies to Give Away the Bags Under Eyes!

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Among most of the eye problems that people face, Bags Under Eyes are the most common one which somewhat change the entire outlook of your face. Moreover, they lead to the lethargic appearance which somewhat does not please to you, and you feel tired rather than looking fresh which is expected from you. The kind of lifestyle that most of the people follow these days which involves the use of a lot of technology tools, they have started facing this issue more than often now. Lack of sleep and not eating healthy are some other causes which can increase the chances getting bags under the eyes.

In this write up we have brought you some remedies which are easily available and would be easily available in your home so that you can manage yourself easily with your hectic schedule. Learn more about these remedies and put an end to the problem of bagginess under the eyes.

Bags Under Eyes : Remedies to Treat the Puffiness Under the Eyes

Effective Remedies to Give Away the Bags Under Eyes

Below are some of the effective remedies which can help in reducing the bags under the eyes and help your eyes get into the natural state. Follow these tips and relieve yourself from stay away from this problem:

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Heavy bags or dark circles might be caused due to excess loss of water in the body. Hence, you should always make sure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. You can even choose to drink fruit or vegetable juices which would fulfil the water capacity in your body. Drinking sufficient water helps in removing the toxins in the body thus keeping you healthy and free from body problems.

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2. Use Cucumber as a Remedy

You might have seen many salons and experts using cucumber for treating dark circles under the eyes. This is mainly because cucumber has relieving properties and anti stringent properties which make the blood vessels loosen up and help in relaxing the puffiness under the eyes. Make sure that you refrigerate the cucumber slices before using them for about ten to fifteen minutes so that its cooling strength get a boost. We are sure you would definitely feel relaxed after using this remedy. Make sure you are regular with its use it to get the desired results.

3. Using Aloe Vera for Reducing Puffiness

Aloe Vera is the best remedy for any skin or body related problems as its medicinal properties provide relaxation to a significant level. Either use the gel available in the market or the liquid from the plant directly if it is available with you. Let it stay for fifteen minutes until you feel it has dried up and then wash it off with water directly. Aloe Vera is highly effective for treating puffiness and would definitely provide relief to a great level.

4. Sprinkling Cold Water On the Eyes

Just try this remedy for once and you would automatically feel some relief. Long exposure to technical gadgets and lethargically maintained lifestyle can take a toll on your eyes, and thus you should treat this issue as soon as possible if you want your eyes to stay healthy. Divert your eyes from the screens and sprinkle some cold water whenever you get time. Doing so will prevent you from looking tired and will be helpful for your eye as well.

5. Be Regular with Massaging Your Eyes

Whenever you get times, rub your eyes gently by blowing warm air on the palm of your hand. Also, massaging the affected area in a circular motion and give some relief. While you are up with massaging, make use of your ring finger and move it slowly and steadily in a circular motion both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Make sure that you are regular with this exercise for about ten to fifteen minutes daily to see positive results.

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6. Using Cool Milk to Treat the Baggy Eyes

Applying Cool milk is a great way to provide a soothing effect to the puffy eyes and it gives an ultimate relief in this case. As milk is easily available in your homes, so you wouldn’t have to especially search for this remedy and can take it as an approachable option when it comes to relieving the puffiness under the eyes. While you are up with using this as a remedy, all you would need to do is to make use of a cotton ball, dip in the milk and then apply it on your eyes after leaving it for about twenty to thirty minutes to the maximum at least. Finally, you can remove it off with the help of cold water. You can implement this remedy daily if you feel like and see positive results in an instant.

7. Using Potatoes Slice for Baggy Eyes

Since potatoes have inbuilt anti-inflammatory properties which provide some relief to the puffiness under the eyes, they are effective for treating your eye issues. Before using them, make sure you wash them to remove the dirt. Then peel and cut them into smaller slices which comfortably fit under the affected area of your eyes. However, do not put them directly under the eyes and rather make use of muslin cloth for the same. Wrap the slices nicely in the cloth and then put it under the eyes so as to get some relief. You can even use this remedy regularly for getting effective results.

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Baggy eyes are a general problem among the global population these days and cause a lot of eye problems if not treated immediately. Not only do they affect your entire appearance but are also not good in general. We hope that with these above-mentioned remedies you would be able to treat the puffiness of your eyes well. Make sure that you are regular with the use of these remedies so that you do not face adverse problems when it comes to your looks.

Stay healthy and take care of your eyes well!

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