Top Lip Oils for Soft and Shiny Lips!

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We all long for soft and supple lips. With the changing seasons, we often face problems related to chapped lips. Nobody wants dry lips however, due to some reasons, we all face this issue time and again. We seem to find a treatment which would prove effective in this case and would be safe to use. With several essential Lip Oils available in the market, you have a plethora of options to choose from for treating your lips naturally.

We are sure that after you read this write-up, all your doubts regarding the issue of achieving soft lips instantly would vanish in an instant. So, brush up your knowledge about the best Lip Oil remedies that would definitely help you get smooth and soft lips within a short span of time with regular use.

Different Lip Oils to Make Your Lips Smooth and Soft Instantly

Top Lip Oils for Soft and Shiny Lips

Listed below are some of the best treatments for chapped lips that can help to reduce the effects of dryness. Moreover, with the regular use of these remedies, you would definitely be able to find an effective solution for making your lips smooth and shiny within a short span. Go through the list completely to know more about the different oils:

1. Sweet Almond Oil for Lips

Sweet almond is a rich source of Vitamin E and thus they form the best options to treat your lips from getting dry and facing any kind of issues related to dryness. It also smells sweet and is a preferable option for treatment in this case. You can even mix it with other essential oils to increase the action process for treating dryness of the lips.  As a remedy, you can mix a few drops of the lemon juice along with sweet almond oil and then rub this mixture off on your lips. Also, you can even use honey along with this mixture as then it would become a powerful mixture of natural ingredients which would make your lips extremely soft and supple.

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2. Apricot Oil for Lip Care

Apricot oil is extremely lightweight and the nutrients present in it act as an anti-ageing elements. It does not cause irritation on the skin and hence can be used for the lips as well. Apply a few drops of Apricot oil straight after taking a shower on the lips and moisturize them on a regular basis with it to see positive results. Even several cosmetic products make use of this oil as it has to soften properties which make it the best-suited option for treating dryness.

3. Cranberry Oil for Soft Lips

Cranberry contains antioxidants and super moisturizing properties which make it easy for the lips to soak the essential oils in order to stay soft and supple throughout the seasons. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are considered to be essential for the skin as they keep it wrinkle free and soft. Moreover, it even contains Vitamin E which is an important element for the glowing of the skin and makes it smooth and soft. Therefore, cranberry holds a significant position on our list of the best oils for treating chapped lips and promoting shiny and smooth skin.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil has always being considered great for the skin and the same applies to the lips as well. It has a high concentration of healing oils which prevent the lips from getting dry during extreme conditions. It can be used in almost all seasons, but since it is slightly thick, winters seem to be the best time to use them. Apply a drop of olive oil on a daily basis to treat your chapped lips and make them soft and supple.

5. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil being rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium and others, is one of the best-suited options for treating chapped lips. Another advantage of using it is that it that this oil is non-sticky, odourless and stays light on the lips. It has high moisturizing qualities and leaves the skin soft and supple. The jojoba seed oil has moisturizing properties, and thus it is one of the excellent ways to treat the dryness of your lips without any further complications.

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6. Argan Oil

Almost all skin types absorb Argan oil really well and thus this is one of the most favoured oils for managing dry lips. Its moisturizing properties along with the pleasant smell and light weight make it the best-suited option for treating rough skin. It is highly recommended by the experts as well as it has the great potential to reduces heavy dryness of the lips and once you use it, you would be able to see excellent results from the first time itself.

7. Coconut Oil

Well, coconut oil is the best approachable and affordable option available for a person who wants soft and supple lips within an instant. The greasy texture of this oil along with its moisturizing properties makes it an excellent use in the case of dry lips. Make sure that you use it on a daily basis as a treatment for your lips in order to get effective results. Moreover, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed once you start making use of this remedy on a regular basis.

These above mentioned oils are easily available in the market these days and you won’t face any hassle in finding them. As these are all natural, you won’t face any issues regarding getting allergies in this case as they are highly rich in organic nutrients which make you skin soft and supple instantly. Ensure that you use this remedy regularly so as to save yourself from the effects of dryness and chapped lips especially during the winter season when the chances are high. Moreover, dehydration might even be one of the causes of lip dryness, hence always ensure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Also, maintain a healthy diet and use any of these oils which suit you the best for treating your lips.

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