Quick Beauty Tips for Girls Who Do Not Care About Hair and Makeup!

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Not every girl out there is a master in doing professional makeup and hairstyles. We all tend to be different. For some, even the intricate details like different shades of lipstick and nail color could be vital. However, for some girls, it is more appealing to just manage to look fine with the least efforts. There is no denying the fact that being in a carefree t-shirt and bun is the best feeling in this world. However, there are times when we need to be at our fashionable best to flaunt our best features.

In these busy times when working girls and women find it difficult to manage time and pay attention to their own well being, these quick beauty tips will come in handy. Beauty is the birth right of every girl and you should be  proud of whatever has been bestowed upon at you. Just follow these simple tips and make most of your beauty assets in no time.

Go Fashionable with Quick Beauty Tips

Quick Beauty Tips for Girls Who Do Not Care About Hair and Makeup

Here we are sharing some quick beauty and hair styling tips for the pretty girls out there for whom fashion is the least priority. These amazing tips will help you look beautiful even when you are in a mood or are in a hurry to go out. Read on –

1. Sport a Hat

A hat can be any girl’s secret fashionable weapon. You could go for searching a cute hat that would complement your fashion sense. A  stylish hat should flatter your body as well as the face shape. To top it all, you can be saved of the need of washing your hair every day. There would not be any need to invest time and effort in styling your hair in an exquisite design. Hat goes well with any dress. Be it a cool denim pair, one-piece floral dress or even a maxi dress. Therefore, flaunt your beach hat to accentuate your overall fashion sense.

2. Get Rid of the Tough Pimples Overnight

Now if you are amazed at this statement, then let us clarify your doubts. It is indeed possible to get rid of those tough pimples in an overnight with the help of toothpaste. Yes, you heard it right! If you are fearing that an attack of the annoying pimples might ruin your important event the next day, then you just need to dab a little pout of the white toothpaste on your pimple area. You just need to let the toothpaste suck up a pimple overnight. The white toothpaste contains anti-bacterial properties that can help in the elimination of the bacteria that can cause the blemishes. This can be a great trick for those girls who do not have the knowledge to go under the layers of makeup to hide those pimples.

3. Curl Your Lashes

For those who are not a makeup fan, this might seem to be a pointless step. However, with this simple trick, your overall appearance can be accentuated drastically. The curling of the eyelashes make your eyes appear wider and lively (even when they are not!). There are several affordable ranges of the eyelash curlers available in the cosmetic market. Since you are not going to invest greatly on makeup products, try spending on a good brand of the eyelash curler at least.

4. Get the Beachy Waves by Night

Who doesn’t love to sport the beach wavy hair strands? If you are ignorant of the various hairstyling tips and tricks, then you can achieve the beach wavy looks overnight. The best thing is that you do not even need to dress up your hair explicitly the next day. The cool waves will do the task for you. The simplest trick to get those beach waves easily is by leaving your hair into a tight braid overnight. This will also save the need of treating your hair the harsher way by means of ironing and heating. The slight waves can play a great role in looking great all day long with minimal efforts.

5. Air Dry Your Hair Properly

Air drying the hair is quite simple. Most of the girls make use of the hair dryer to dry out their hair when in hurry. However, this tends to have damaging effects on the health of your hair. With air drying, the side effects of the hair dryer get minimized. Air-drying of the hair is super easy and serves a great purpose for the health of your hair as well. When you would dry your hair naturally in the right manner, you can achieve the desired hairstyle with no efforts. With a few simple steps, you can master the tips to hairstyling naturally.

6. Make Use of a Multi-Purpose Base

If you are not a makeup freak, then you must pick a product that comes with a moisturizer and a good amount of SPF as well. The particular product must also complement your skin tone in an effective manner. Instead of going for different beauty products, you can achieve the desired makeup look by buying an all-in-one cosmetic cream. This shall satiate your makeup requirements. At the same time, a product with high SPF can also provide the ultimate protection to your skin.

7. Flaunt Your Hair with a Low-End Pony

Not able to master those high-end stylish ponytails? You can look at your stylish best even with a low-end ponytail. A low pony is always a win-win situation. It is the best means to create a no-fussy hairstyle that is done in no matter of time. It appears to be polished even when it is pulled back in a messy look. You can flaunt your “I woke up this kind” fashion with a great attitude. For the beginner, you should need to wrap a strand of your hair from the bottom of the ponytail section and then turn it around the hair band to finish the stylish look.

8. Go Bold with Lips

Even when you do not like makeup that much, a slight touch of lipstick can be a booster to your natural looks. Throwing in a good shade of lipstick with a light mascara can complete your natural-looking fashionable look. You must go for choosing the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone and dressing sense. With the right choice of juicy lipstick, you can succeed in grabbing plentiful attention even with minimal efforts.

9. Go for a Stylish Haircut

If different hairstyles and professional makeup tricks do not go deep into your brain, then going for a trendy haircut could be the perfect solution. However, it is imperative to choose a good one that suits your facial structure. A good haircut can magnify your looks by leaps and you can walk out without a care in the world about your looks. A stylish haircut with a blend of the right dressing sense and slight touchup can make you a fashionista even with no efforts.

10. Take Good Care of Your Skin

The fine texture of your skin would play a significant role in determining your overall beauty. If you have the finest quality of skin with minimal scars and inner glow, then you would naturally need no makeup to hide your weaknesses. Therefore, before considering any fashion and beauty tip, you must focus on the innovative and natural ways of taking good care of your skin. With lively skin, you can go out confidently without a thing to hide.

Wish to look your best even without makeup or hairstyles? Simply follow the above mentioned simple tips. These are useful for those who are not makeup or hairstyling fanatics. Rock it out with your natural fashion sense!

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