How to Do Spa Pedicure at Home?

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Do you feel that your feet need essential care? But eventually, due to a hectic schedule, you are unable to get out the time to clean your feet? Just like your other body part, your feet also need to get pampered from time to time, and thus it is essential to take care of them as much as you do to the other body parts. So, whether you are looking out for ways for pampering your feet or remove the calluses from your foot area, we have brought you something that would help you to perform the tedious task of a pedicure at your homes themselves. So if you are looking for tips on how to do Spa Pedicure at home, then your search ends here! Read on…

In this blog, we have discussed some of the ways in which you can easily get the desired foot pedicure at the home itself without spending your time and money in the expensive salons. Go through the entire tips to know more on the same.

Easily Learn How to do Spa Pedicure at Home

How to Do Spa Pedicure at Home?

Here are some of the best tips which will help you do a pedicure at home easily. Go through the steps below to know how you can proceed further –

Step 1 : Collect the Essential Products for Pedicure Foot Spa

First of all, you would need to collect all the essential products that will help you to do a quality foot massage. These items include a small tub for washing your foot, a nail cutter and a filer, a pumice stone, a moisturizer and a scrubber. Collect all these items initially and then start with the procedure.

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Step 2 : Remove the Nail Paint

Remove Nail Polish Before Foot Spa Pedicure

The initial step is to remove the nail paint if you have any on the fingers of your foot. Use an acetone remover to discard the coat of the polish from your nails completely. Make sure no traces are left on the side of the cuticles as well. Use a good quality acetone remover so that it does not harm your cuticles and make them yellowish afterwards.

Step 3 : Clean the Feet

Now, you would need to fill in the tub with lukewarm water, and if you feel like, you can even pour the essential oils in water to make it even effective. The hot water is used in this case as it will remove all the dirt and grime from your feet and make them softer over the time. Let your feet soaked in for around ten minutes at least so that the feet become much softer. Relax and let the dead skin cells loosen up as then it would become easier to remove the dirt easily.

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Step 4 : Moisturize Your Feet

Moisturize Your Feet Well for Foot Spa Pedicure

Take out your feet from the soaking tub completely and throw the water out. Now, dry your feet with the help of a towel, and massage them with a layer or two of moisturizing lotion until your feet feel soft. If you plan to do this, then you can even use nail polish remover to clean up your nails again if the nail paint still remains on them.

Step 5 : Remove Dead Skin with Pumice Stone

After your feet are dry, apply some cuticle cream so as to moisturize them and at last leave them as it is. Now, with the help of a pumice stone or a scrubber rub your foot skin gently so that all the dead skin and all the dirt get removed from the foot area. Also, scrub your foot nicely with a scrubbing cream, you can even use a face scrub on this part. Also, file your nails and give them the desired shape However, it is advised to avoid cutting your nails in a round shape as this is one of the main reasons of ingrown toenails which can prove painful in the later stages when the nails grow bigger. Also, when you are filing your nails, then do so in the same direction in order to avoid splitting the layers of your cuticles. When you are done cutting the nails it is advised to moisturize them so that they do not loose the moisturize and become brittle over the time.

Step 6 : Use Nail Polish

Now, make use of a transparent nail polish as a base coat on all of your nails of the feet. Doing so is necessary to prevent the polish from yellowing the nails over the time, and along with that give your lacquer a solid base to stick to.

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Step 7 : Correct Way to Use Nail Polish

Finally, choose a nail polish color of your choice, and paint each of the cuticles properly. The proper way of painting your nails is to start from the center of the nail just near the cuticle area, and then make use of long brushstrokes by swiping from the tip of each nail to fill in the color. Take the strokes from the center and then take them outwards until all your nails are completely filled. Wipe out the extra nail paint which might have smeared on your skin using a fingernail. It generally takes two coats of nail polish to get perfectly coated on the cuticles.

Step 9 : Let the Polish Dry

Let the nail polish dry so wait a few minutes, and then at last stroke the top coat. Doing so will set your polish in as it is, and help it to last longer without wearing out. Then, cover up your feet for about 10-15 minutes until the polish finally dries. To check if the polish has completely dried out, you can test it with your finger to see if it hasn’t dried or not; when you feel that the surface feel smooth and dry to the touch and doesn’t get smudged when pressure is applied, then you’re are done with the final step of the pedicure session.

We hope that with these home remedies that we have mentioned above you will be able to do the pedicure at the home itself without compromising on the affordability and effectiveness. Follow these steps to do the pedicure and keep your feet beautiful and clean. Moreover, make sure you keep your feet clean as much as possible and avoid getting dirty. The spa pedicure at home is extremely easy going, just follow these above-mentioned tips and you would be good to go.

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