Best Makeup Ideas for Dusky Skin : Flawless Makeup Tips!

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Looking for some makeup ideas for your skin tone? If you think that a pale and fair complexion is all what girls need, you are quite wrong as one of the most charming and alluring complexion is the dusky tone which would keep everyone attracted! The skin with balanced and little darker shade is known as the dusky skin tone due to its beauty and blissful glittery effect! The brownish shade simply looks gorgeous and has a natural glorious shine!

Some women blame the dusky shade due to its lesser compatibility with various makeup shades. This skin type is quite tricky to style as various shades and colors would make it look darker and patchy! If you are a girl with a gorgeous dusky shade and a pure Indian complexion, here are some flawless makeup tips to enhance the charm of your dusky complexion and get an alluring look! Try these makeup hacks and look flattering this season with your killer dusky complexion!

Let’s Know about Best Makeup Ideas for Dusky Skin

Best Makeup Ideas for Dusky Skin

1. Select a Suitable Foundation Base

Foundation is the key to awesome makeup. Choosing the right foundation gets important to make the makeup look more stunning and catchy. Do not use the light shades for getting fair complexion. Instead, choose two foundation shades, one lighter shade than your skin tone and another darker shade. Contour your face using the foundation. Use the light shade in the central parts of your skin and a darker shade on the corners and face border. This would help in highlighting the glorious parts of your face and making it look beautifully covered!

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2. Use a Concealer If You Have Scars, Pimples and Patchy Skin

Concealers are a boon for ladies for a quick solution towards acne, scars, bruises and such skin impairments. If you have a dusky skin, choose a concealer for hiding these issues and also highlight your cheekbones and hide the dark circles, pigmentation and such skin spoilers.  Try this cool idea and make your skin look even toned with beautiful parts highlighted!

3. Highlight Your Face With Sparkling Highlighters

Glowing and adorable sin is the identity of the dusky skin tone! This skin tone can sparkle and shine as no other skin type! This is why; contouring is easy and flawless on this skin type! Highlight the gorgeous areas of your face for making it look chiselled and gorgeous! Apply highlighter on the jaw line, cheekbones, nose tips, brow bones and on the chin. Blend beautifully and get a gorgeous face!

4. Never Forget to Use the Classy Bronzers!

Bronzers are one of the amazing and miraculous makeup products which can transform your dull and patchy skin into a glittery and attractive skin tone! This amazing product would make your skin look natural, sun-kissed and fresh as a dew drop! The bronzers can simply make the dusky skin tone adorable and addictive! Sculpt your face with the bronzers darker than your shade and brush it all over your cheekbones, forehead, nose tip, chin and such embossed areas and look lavishing! This is a cool tip which would make your makeup look perfectly sculpted with a gorgeous finish!

5. Choose the Matte Lipsticks Over Glossy!

Ladies love the gorgeous lipsticks which can make the makeup more perfectly finished and gorgeous! The beautiful colored lips look very attractive and irresistible! For the women with a dusky skin tone, it is suggested to use the matte lipsticks to enhance and glorify the makeup! The glossy lipstick shades can make the makeup too heavy and patchy making your skin tone looks horrible. Instead, choose the lipsticks with a dazzling matte finish and also try to use shades like coffee, brown, pink, burgundy and such brightening shades!

6. Go for a Mild Shimmery Blush

Blushes are made to make a woman look blushing and gorgeous all the time! Who would not love those rosy and peachy cheeks which can enhance the beauty of any woman! The gorgeous blush can work as a cherry on top for dusky beauties! If you have a dusky skin tone and do not want to add too much of makeup, choose the blush and complete your makeup with glorious and desirable blissful cheeks! Apply the blush over your cheekbones with a cool finish and look mesmerizing.  Select colors like peach, light pink, bronze etc and look flawless!

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7. Use Gorgeous Dark Eye Shadows

Bright and glittery eyes can make the darker complexion even more stunning and jaw dropping beautiful! The dark eye shadows are gorgeous and can enhance the dusky complexion. If you love to apply eye makeup, choose the dark and mild glittery shades like brown, copper, and maroon and give all the power to your eyes! The gorgeous eye shadows with a dark finish would complement your eyes and make them look sparkling!

8. Go for Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are simply flawless and catchy! This season, the trends of smokey eyes have been rocking the floors, parties and functions. Women love to carry the high drama smokey eyes which can complete the eye makeup and can make anyone look flawless! Dusky complexion best suits the smokey eyes and can redefine its glory!  With gorgeous shades, light inner and outer glittery corners, sculpt your eyes with perfect smokey eyes and look delightful this season!

9. Go High on Black Eyeliner

If you have some unexplainable love for eyeliners, you can use this amazing product to enrich your dusky complexion as never for! The dark and beautiful black eyeliner would complete and redefine your makeup look and make you feel like a queen! Bright and perfectly sculpted eyes with a gorgeous eyeliner are one of the beauty hacks for dusky skin tone which must be considered for a dazzling look!

10. Highlight Your Eyebrows

Need a perfectly sculpted and gorgeous look for your dusky skin? Here is a cool and stunning trick which can highlight your beautiful complexion and make you glow! The bright and perfectly sculpted eyebrows look so charming and mesmerizing! Instead of keeping them nude, highlight the eyebrows and give them a beautiful shape.  With a pencil or liner, sculpt your eyebrows and enhance your dusky complexion as never before!

These are some cool and promising tips for dusky makeup and makeup ideas which would simply make the dusky skin tone glow and dazzle! If you are a girl with dusky complexion, next time you apply makeup keep these amazing tips in mind and we assure you would get addicted to these enhancing and adorable makeup hacks!

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