Make Up Tips : Master the Art of Perfect Contouring

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Contouring is a beautiful art which can transform your look while getting you some gorgeous flaws! Gone are the days when a simple makeup application was used by women to highlight the face. Contouring is the most trending and revolutionary art of today! This amazing way of perfecting the facial shape and enhancing the correct parts of the face is not easy! You need to follow some thumb rules and correct methods to get a perfect contoured face.

Beauticians and makeup artists always come up with evolving tricks ad trips which can make contouring more effective and perfect! The areas of the face like the nose tip, chin, jawline, cheekbones etc are the ends which can make your face look sharper, slimmer and gorgeous if contoured properly! No need to empty your pockets at the salons for the gorgeous contoured look! Here we are with some promising and reliable Make Up tips which would help you in mastering the art of face contouring!

Make Up Tips Which Would Help You In Mastering The Art Of Face Contouring

Make up tips : Master the Art of Perfect Contouring

1. Choose a High Impact Foundation Palette

Foundation is the base for perfect contouring. Contouring is a process in which you use foundations with lighter and darker shades to highlight the perfect parts of your face. Contouring and highlighting go hand in hand for effective results! You must select the foundation palette very carefully! Identify your natural skin tone and get a palette with two tones darker foundation and two tones lighter shade. This would help in making your face look naturally contoured and not cakey!

2. Start With the Regular Shade Matching Your Skin Tone

Foundation matching your actual skin shade is firstly used for settling the makeup and for perfecting the contour. Use this shade to brighten your entire face. Apply it on your face and blend it beautifully. Select the best brushed which can make blending easy for you and cover all the areas of your face. This would also help in hiding the skin impairments and patchiness. Try this amazing tip and prepare your face for the next step!

3. Apply the Lighter Shade

The lighter foundation shade gets quite tricky. After applying the tone matching your original shade, you then should head towards the lighter shadow! Apply it on the middle part of your face. You need to cover the shallow and deep part o your face with this shade. There are certain areas like the upper area of your eyebrows, center of your forehead, on the sides of your nose, on the top and line of your nose, on your cheeks, on your upper lips and in all such center parts of your face. This would simply help in sculpting your face with the right tone at right lace!

4. It’s Turning for the Dark Foundation Shade Now!

The dark foundation shade, one with two shades darker from your original skin tone, plays a very important part in highlighting and contouring your face! The areas which you need to highlight and make appear bright can be sculpted with the dark foundation. Use the dark foundation over some areas like the top of the forehead, on the left and right bones of our forehead, on the tip of your nose, over the jaw line, from the ears to the nose end and on the chin. These are the areas which can highlight your face and make it look perfectly chiselled! If you want to make your face look shaped and slimmer, these are the perfect areas to target!

5. Blend the Foundation Well

If you think foundations and correct areas are the keys to perfect contouring, you are completely wrong as, if you do not blend the foundation well, it can turn into a disaster! If you hate that cakey and patchy effect of a foundation, consider blending your makeup in the right way.  Blending would help in toning your skin and sculpting the perfect areas of your face. Choose the correct brush which can make the foundation melt and blend with your skin in a dreamy way. This would make your foundation and contouring look natural and gorgeous! Remember, perfect contouring is achieved by perfect blending!

6. Use a Highlighter

As we suggested before, contouring and highlighting go hand in hand! If you just contour your face and leave highlighting aside, the embossing effect of contouring would not appear! If you want to make your contouring look bright and pop up, you must use a highlighter to add more charm and significance to contouring. Also, women love to make their face look shimmery and mild shiny. Thus you can also choose a glitter highlighter with mild shades and apply it on the areas like cheekbones and side of the chin.

7. Brighten Your Look With a Soft Blush

We love those gorgeous pink cheeks which can get a killer effect on your beautifully contoured makeup! Blush is the most subtle and mesmerizing part of makeup which would never fail to make you look flawless! For an instant glow and blushing effect, apply mild blush on your stunning cheekbones and you would love your face! You can select shades like pastels, pink, peach, brown etc to make your cheeks look gracious and perfectly toned! This would simply emboss the effect of contouring!

8. Finish Your Look with a Dusting Powder

Dusting powder would settle and enhance your contouring and blush. If you want a cool and bright look, you must use the dusting powder which would get a shimmery, bright and matte finish on your face! You can settle and finish your makeup with this amazing touch and enhance your contoured face! Also, select a cool lip shade which can brighten up your look and get an extraordinary glow on your face!

While following these amazing tips everyday you contour your face, you can get a gorgeous makeup look and flawless complexion! For standing out with your mesmerizing makeup and refreshing look, contour your face every time you carry makeup and we assure you would get uncountable compliments! With these cool tips, master the art of contouring and get a killer face!

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