Makeup Tips : How to Do Light Makeup?

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The youth today prefers the light and natural makeup more than the cakey and bolder makeup which used to be in trend sometimes ago. Be it a special occasion or just a casual day, giving a little bit of touch up can enhance your features and make you look more appealing and stunning.

How to do light makeup?

Moreover, when it comes to the everyday touch up most of us hardly get the time to do the proper makeup and forget to groom ourselves well.  Fresh, natural and subtle – the light makeup look is the ultimate answer to all your makeup queries regarding the latest trend. In today’s time nobody has that many hours to spare to wake up and start doing the heavy makeup, and above all most of us do not have stylists just like the celebrities who would brighten us up in minutes.

And, just in case that you would be requiring the magical natural look within a limited time limit, we have brought you this write up where you would be able to get an insight as to how to do light makeup without much hassle.

Know the Steps to Do the Light Makeup in an Instant

Here are some of the essential steps as to how you should go step-by-step and put on the natural makeup and that too on your own.

But first of all, there are certain essential beauty products which would be required for doing the light makeup and including the list below so that you get a complete treatment –

  • Moisturizer
  • Primer
  • Tinted moisturiser or foundation
  • Concealer (depends if you wish to use it or not)
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick/Lip Gloss

After you are done assembling these elements, follow these steps below for a complete facial transformation that would boost your looks to multiple levels.

Step 1

You would need to start with applying the primer so that it forms a base coat on your face but before that make sure that you use moisturiser followed by sunscreen. The best part of using a primer is that it lets the makeup stay for a longer time than the usual. After you are done with this, you would then have to continue with applying a foundation and if you want you can even apply the concealer. For this, make sure that you start from the centre and then move in the outer direction in a circular motion. To finish it off, do not forget to apply the face powder as that would settle the makeup on the face.

Step 2

The second step is to apply the blush for a rosy appearance on the cheeks. So pat a little bit of blush on the cheek and spread it over in a circular motion towards the temples. For a shinier look, you can use a bronzer or a silver or gold blush and spread it between the nose and the cheekbones. Shiny colours look the best if you apply them at the bridge of the nose or through the centre of your forehead.

Step 3

Now, for the eyes part. Start with a base of a concealer or a primer so as to make your eyes free from wrinkles. After this, choose a colour for your eyeshadow which should probably be in the neutral colour as we tend to be doing light makeup. Now, take the colour on a flat brush and then pat it on the eyelid and the blend it all over the surface. Since we want the makeup to not be too bold so it is recommended to use just one colour.

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Step 4

For the final touch for the eyes, you would need to use the eyeliner. Start from the outer portion of the eyes and draw the line to the inside. Mascara is the next thing after the eyeliner and so finish it up with it. Moreover, for the eyebrows do not forget to enhance them with an eyebrow pencil in case they are not filled. There is no need to doing this if you already have thick eyebrows. Moreover, also make sure that you do not shape and fill out the brows way too much as it would then start appearing unnatural and unpleasant.

Step 5

Now comes the lip part. Start by moisturising your lips with a lip balm. Now, choose a light shade possibly a nude pink or a brown that would look natural and not too heavy and apply the lipstick or the lip gloss whichever you feel comfortable with. Also, make sure that the gloss spreads evenly all over. If you wish to use a lipstick instead, then pick out a natural shade and go ahead with it. Also, choose a brand that would stay for long so that you can avoid putting it on and on again.

An important tip as advised by the experts is to follow a skin care routine so that your skin does not get dry after putting on the makeup and remains supple and soft. Moreover, moisturising is an important step which needs to be followed in case you do not want your skin to start ageing and getting wrinkles quickly. It is recommended to use a night cream or a moisturiser before sleeping for your hands and face so that you wake up with soft skin. And yes, as it is always said, never sleep in your makeup as it can clog the pores and can damage the skin due to a number of chemicals which are present in the cosmetics. Make sure you remove the makeup right after four to five hours you have applied it otherwise, it can cause some serious skin issues.

The natural look is one of the basic styles which makes you appear elegant and not tacky. Hope with this article you would be able to recognise the steps and procedures to maintain a natural look without much hassle and making your makeup appear cakey. Apply these tips if you want a solution for the minimal makeup that you would be able to do on a busy day and that too quickly.

So, start practising the look now.

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