7 Great Tips to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer!

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One thing that every girl encounters when putting on the lipstick is to make sure that it lasts longer, and for that, you have to put on coats of this product, again and again, to let it stay for a longer period of time. Moreover, there are times when you face issues in order to let the lipstick stay and get confused about the remedies that would work well and act as a solution to your problem.

Here in this blog, we have discussed some of the tips that would make your lipstick last longer than it usually does. These tips will surely help you in your makeup routine. All you need is to be a little careful as to how and what you should apply the coating and the products you must use in order to let the lipstick last longer.

Learn About the Ways in Which You Can Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Great Tips to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Read the points below to know how you can let the lipstick stay longer than the usual and get some insight into the ways to keep it the way it is.

1. Exfoliation is Necessary

The dead skin which gets stuck to your lips due to dryness needs to be removed and scrubbed away. And for that, you can use a gentle scrub which can even be the one that you use for the face and rub it all over the lips to remove the loose skin. Another alternative is to make use of a soft toothbrush and rub it on the lips and then follow this up with Lip Care for Makeup.

2. Make Sure to Moisturise Your Lips

Before anything, make sure that your lips are not chapped and do not have a layer of dry skin on it. Try to keep them moisturised by applying lip balm or a lip cream. The soft they are, the better. Also, you’ll notice that at times when your lips are dry, the lipstick starts appearing absurd and gets accumulated with the dead skin. Make sure you avoid such a situation by keeping your lips smooth and soft. But, you need to ensure that the lips are not too greasy due to the moisturiser otherwise, the lipstick colour wouldn’t make an impact.

3. Apply a Coat of Concealer or a Primer

Giving a base to your lipstick makes it easy to apply the liner afterward. So, gently wipe the concealer and make it settle on your lips but do not use too much of it. Using it is a great option as the lipstick colour would show it is an effect more powerfully and will get a nice base coat. Primers, on the other hand, keep the lipstick colour at the place and do not the lines to appear on the skin, thus making them appear smooth and flawless. But, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that sheer and nude shades tend to submerge with the foundations, hence these should be avoided.

4. Apply the Lip Liner

Lip Liner Should Be Same Color as Lipstick

Lip liner is best suited so as to outline the lips and give them a proper shape and also to ensure that the final coat of the lipstick that you apply does not come out. Choose a similar shade of lip liner as that of the lipstick and mark the outline of the lips with it. Rub it gently so that it blends with the concealer well yet is slightly visible.

5. Choose the Lipstick Shade that You Wish to Apply

There are an innumerable number of lipstick shades which are available in the market from which you can choose the ones that suit your mood and your entire outfit. Moreover, check out for lipsticks which tend to last longer, there are certain brands which offer such an exception.  When it comes to selecting the hues, there are many including the various shades of red such as cherry red, poppy and tomato hues, and other darker shades which last longer than the subtle ones. Then there are pink which range from hot pink to fuschia and pale pink. Then there are coral and plum shades which light and mauve tones, and the list goes on with brown and neutral. All in all, the common thing among most of these shades is that the darker shades of lipstick stay for a pretty longer time than the softer shades, thus if you want to go for something that would last longer, then go with the dark shades without a doubt.

6. Use a Blotting Paper to Remove Excess Oil

Remove Excess Oil on Lips using Tissue Papers
Once you are done applying the coat of your favourite lipstick shade, you would then need to use a tissue to remove the excess oils that get accumulated on your lips. Just use a tissue and press it over the lips. You would then need to apply another coat of lipstick so that the pigment concentration on it increases which would let the lipstick stay for a longer duration of time than the usual.

7. Finish Off With a Layer of Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss Give Your Lips Extra Glow

Glosses give extra shine to the lip colour, but they tend to dilute the lip colour. So, if you are able to get your hands on the lip glosses which are silicon-based, then it would be great as they do not affect the pigmentation levels of the lipstick. Otherwise, you can just apply a small drop of the lip gloss on the lower lip to get the light reflected on it for the shine instead of spreading it all over the lips. This will enhance your overall makeup and the beauty of your face.

With the times changing, there have been a lot of changes made by the product manufacturing companies when it comes to the lipstick. The demand from the people has made them develop products which would last longer than the usual and the people wouldn’t have to spare a lot of time while applying and re-applying the lipstick coats so as to make them last longer. However, if you really want the lipstick to last longer, then you should know the correct way of applying it. We hope that with this blog, we must have been able to clear some of your doubts regarding the lipstick application. Incorporate this above-mentioned step-by-step process so that you do not have to waste your time of applying the lip colour again and again throughout the day.

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