Essential DIY Makeup Tips and Tricks for Beginners!

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Makeup is like an art and needs sheer practice and creativity to get the proportion of each cosmetic product right. For beginners, makeup may sound a daunting task. Buying the right of product and applying the right strokes and different styles are some of the basic things which need to be considered while you are up on the make-up routine. With times, there have been many changes and advancements in which the make-up is done and different styles have developed. All you need is the eye and the eagerness to learn the various trends and you would be good to go. With this write up we have brought you some basic tips that will be beneficial for you as a novice.

Here are some of the terms and techniques which might come useful while you are applying the make-up as a beginner. Read to the length of the write-up to know more about the various tricks which can enhance your entire look.

Makeup Tips for Beginners – Know about the Easy Terms and Tricks Related to Makeup

DIY Makeup Tips for Beginners

1. For Lip Colour

Painting the lips one of the most common makeup essential that most of the girls follow but do you know that there are other things as well apart from lipstick which enhances your lips? If no, then here are the terms which might come useful to you –

Enhance the Beauty of Lips using Lip Liner, Lip Balm and Lip Gloss

  • Lip Balm is used to keep the lips from drying up and can be availed in different colours as well, these days. If you are a college-goer, wearing a lipstick every day would seem cumbersome so to replace that you can use these lip balms to give the colour and moisture to your lips.
  • Lip Gloss gives the touch of shine to your lips and is often coated above the lipstick. You can even use them directly if you feel like.
  • Lip Liner is used to highlighting the lining of your lips and is used before applying the lipstick coat. Make sure to use it with a dark lipstick otherwise it doesn’t suit well with light ones.
  • Lip Plumper make your lips appear a bit larger than they usually are. So, the ones who have small and thin lips can make use of them to enhance the look.

2. Use the right concealer

Use Concealer to Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes

Concealer can help you hide the dark circles under the eyes and the acne-prone skin. Choose the one that matches with your skin tone and applies on it perfectly. It will give certain luminosity to your skin and make it appear livelier. Avoid putting foundation if your skin is dry else it would appear flakier.

3. For Eyelashes

Apply Mascara to Make Eyes Bright and Voluminous

Mascara is the favourite makeup product among most of the girls as it makes your eyes appear brighter and more voluminous. There are basically three types of mascaras that one can use for enhancing the eyelashes which are as follows –

  • Curling mascaras as the name suggests make your eyelashes curl or you can even do so with the help of a curler as well.
  • Lengthening mascaras make your lashes look longer in case your eyelashes are short.
  • Volumizing mascaras give you thicker eyelashes with just one coat.

Let’s know how to make eyes pop with the best tips for eye makeup!

4. Know about the makeup brushes

Select Your Makeup Brushes Carefully

Each makeup product has a different kind of brush and you must keep them separately and clean on a consistent basis otherwise, it may cause skin infections which might lead to rashes and severe acne. Here are some of the brushes which you might use on the go. Take a quick read –

  • Blush brush is used for the cheeks to give a rosy hue and highlight the cheekbones.
  • Eye shadow brushes as the name goes are used for the upper portion of the eye to make them more appealing.
  • Powder brush is used for applying foundation.

There are several brush cleaning products available, make sure that you clean them properly and take their care.

5. Moisturise your skin well

Moisturize Your Skin Well Everyday

Moisturising is the most important element of making your skin appear smooth and supple so always make sure you moisturize your skin well every day. Dry skin can result in quick ageing and thus it is necessary to keep it moist and soft every time. Use the right kind of moisturising creams and make sure to sleep only after removing the makeup otherwise the dust that gets stuck on your skin throughout the day might cause skin problems.

6. Never apply excessive makeup

Never Apply Too Much Makeup

The natural look is always the best. Use only that much amount of make-up products that will enhance your features and looks and never overdo on that part as it might make you look drastic at times. Always carry a compact and foundation to give a final touch up to your entire look.

7. Always make use of sunscreen before applying the makeup

Apply Sunscreen Before Applying Makeup on Skin

Never apply the make-up products directly as they might make your skin appear dry. Make sure you apply sunscreen all over so that the make-up doesn’t get ruined due to sweat. Moreover, several waterproof products are also available in the market these days, you can use them as required.

8. Make use of ice cubes before applying the makeup

Apply Ice Cube on Skin to Avoid Sweating During Makeup

To avoid sweating, applying and rubbing the ice cubes over the face might provide some relief to you. So always make sure to do this if you are a beginner. If at first, you get irritation after putting on the make-up, then immediately remove it. Moreover, never leave the makeup on for more than four hours as the chemicals might penetrate into the skin and damage it severely causing skin issues.

Make-up needs as much attention as choosing the perfect outfit and should be done according to an occasion and timing of the day. Hope the tips listed above might have given you some insight as a beginner and enhanced your knowledge about the cosmetics. Keep these terms and techniques in mind while you are headed with the make-up routine the very next time.

Also, be aware while choosing the right products and check them before buying as you never know what suits your skin and what doesn’t.

Hope this article has helped you get some basics of the makeup clear. All the best for your Makeup routines as a beginner!

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