Amazing Tomato Benefits for Skin To Enjoy A Blemish Free, Glowing, Young Looking Skin!

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 It is a known fact that tomatoes are very good for your health and including them in your daily diet keeps your heart in good condition. But did you know that applying tomato on to your skin directly will treat many of your skin problems?

Tomato for skin care gives you beautiful, blemish-free, glowing skin in a natural way. There is no need for any of the costly cosmetics which only add more chemicals to your skin. In the long run, natural remedies alone will provide you with the expected results.

Amazing Benefits of Tomato for Skin

Goodness Of Tomato

Tomatoes contain lycopene which is an antioxidant and gives them their lovely red color. We know that tomatoes are good for the heart. But it can also work wonders for your skin. It is a skin naturopath and helps in treating most of the skin problems. The Lycopene has the ability to protect the skin from UV radiation giving you the youthful look

Apart from the antioxidants, tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K and other minerals such as potassium, manganese, phosphorus etc. All these goodness of tomato for skin, get you amazing results.

Tomato Benefits For Skin

So, what can tomatoes do for your skin? The list is sure long. Let us have a look at the tomatoes benefits for skin:

1. Lightens The Skin Tone

If you have using any fairness creams, use tomatoes instead. Tomato juice will change your skin tone from dull to healthy, giving it a youthful look. It lightens up the skin tone in a natural way.

2. To Close Open Skin Pores

It is one of the most effective benefits of tomato for skin. Since tomatoes have astringent naturally, they shrink the pores and protects the skin from gathering dirt and grime which leads to many skin problems.

3. Acne Treatment

Curing acne and pimples with tomato is a very simple and effective method. Just need to be regular and patient to see the considerable result. But in the long run, it pays off.

4. Removal Of Blackheads

Nobody wants those blackheads in their face. By massaging tomato juice over your face, or using a tomato mask, blackheads can be removed easily and prevented from reoccurrence.

5. Give You An Oil-Free Skin

Tomatoes can be used to balance the oil secretion in your skin. This gives an oil-free, soft, glowing skin.

6. It Is A Natural Skin Coolant

The tomato juice act as a soothing agent against skin irritations, rashes, redness and scaling of the skin. The acidic juice helps in maintaining the pH level and a natural coolant.

7. Soothing Effect On Sunburned Skin

The antioxidants in the tomato juice help in curing sunburn. It protects the outer skin layer from harmful UV rays and restores the damaged cells.

8. Reduces Wrinkles

The main reason for aging or the coming of fine lines in the skin is due to the reduction in the production of collagen. Tomatoes induce the collagen levels in our body and help maintain the skin elasticity. This, in turn, reduces wrinkles and give a young supple skin.

Home Remedies With Tomato

Using tomatoes as the natural home remedy is very simple and cost-effective. Let us see how we can use tomato for a skin.

Tomato Face Packs

1. Tomato Face Mask For Skin Complexion

Things needed
  • Tomato -1 no.
  • Yogurt -1 cup
  • Honey -1 Spoon
  • Gram flour -2 tablespoons
  • Turmeric -½ tablespoon
How To Use?
  • Make a pulp of the tomato
  • Mix all the ingredients into a fine paste.
  • Apply on the face and let is stay for from some time.
  • Let the paste dry completely and then wash off with warm water.

The gram flour helps to remove dead skin and gives a smooth refreshed feeling.

2. Tomato Mask For Oily Skin

Things Needed
  • Tomato- 1 no
  • Cucumber juice- ¼ cup
How To Use?
  • Mash the ripe tomato.
  • Mix it well with the cucumber juice.
  • Apply the mix to your face.
  • Let it sit for some time till the juices penetrate into the skin.
  • Wash off with cool water.

Using tomato juice for blemishes is very effective and this particular face pack is a great way for a blemish free skin.

3. Tomato And Aloe Vera Eye Pack

If you are having problems with dark circles under your eyes or having swollen eye bags, this eye pack will help you.

Things Needed
  • Tomato- 1 no mashed
  • Aloe Vera extract- 1 spoon
How To Use?
  • Mix both the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Recline your head and apply under the eyes
  • Just sit back and enjoy the cooling sensation while the pack does its magic.
  • Wash off after some time. The lycopene in tomatoes cleans up the skin pores and balances the oil in the skin.

4. Banana And Tomato For Skin

Bananas are loaded with minerals and when used alone with tomatoes, it is one of the best skin care mixtures. It leaves your skin looking healthy and young.

Things You Need
  • Tomato pulp -1 spoon
  • Mashed banana-1 spoon
  • Honey -½ spoon
How To Use?
  • Mix the ingredients together thoroughly.
  • Apply on face and neck.
  • Leave for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with cool water.

5. Tomato And Sandalwood Mask

Tomato Sandalwood Face Mask Recipe

Things Needed
  • Tomato juice – 1 spoon
  • Lemon juice – 1 spoon
  • Sandalwood powder-1 spoon
How To Use?
  • Mix the ingredients together thoroughly.
  • Apply on face and neck.
  • Leave for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with cool water.

This tomato face mask for skin complexion makes your skin light and radiant.

Some More Natural Remedies With Tomato For Skin

1. Tomato Juice For Acne

It is the simplest home remedy to follow. All you need to do is to just cut a ripe tomato into two halves and rub it on your face in gentle circular motion. The Vitamin A and C in the tomato penetrates into the pores and naturally gets rid of acne. This can be followed on alternate days until the problem is solved.

2. Tomato For Dark Spot

To remove dark spots in skin using tomato, mix a spoon of vinegar to a spoon of tomato pulp. Apply over the affected areas and wash after it dries. Vinegar with its acidic property works with the tomato and removes the spots and dark patches from your skin.

3. Tomato Juice For Blemishes

To get a blemish free glowing skin, mix equal amounts of honey and tomato juice and apply evenly on your face. Wash with cool water after 10 minutes. Regular use of tomato juice for blemishes gives you smooth, clear skin.

4. Tomato And Lemon Juice

To treat suntan in your skin, mix few drops of lemon juice with tomato pulp and apply on the affected area. Wash with cold water after it dries completely. The tomato benefits for skin include lycopene which gives protection to your skin against UV rays and the lemon is a natural bleaching agent.

5. Tomato Scrub

You make your own homemade scrub using tomato pulp and sugar. Just add a spoon of sugar to the tomato pulp and gently scrub your face in circular motion. Continue for 5 minutes and let it stay. Wash off after 10 minutes.

6. Skin Cleansing With Tomato

Mix equal amounts of tomato juice and avocado to make a smooth paste. Applying this to your skin for a few minutes before washing off will act as an effective cleanser. Avocado has antiseptic and hydrating properties. Tomato is a natural astringent. Together they make an amazing skin cleanser.

Fun Facts About Tomatoes

  • Tomatoes are in fact a fruit and not a vegetable! It has seeds and is a flowering plant and as per science, it is a fruit.
  • In places which are cold, tomatoes are grown in greenhouses.
  • The largest producer of tomatoes is China followed by the United States of America.
  • Though the majority of the tomatoes are red in color, there are varieties which come in green, yellow, pink, black, white and even purple color!
  • In a festival called La Tomatina, held in the Spanish town of Bunol, around 40,000 people participate in a big tomato fight. At least 150000 tomatoes are thrown at each other!

As you can see, the benefits of tomato extend beyond good health and ensure a healthy skin too. With the easy to use methods and simple ingredients, it takes a load off your mind to address your skin problems. I hope you take advantage of this simple fruit and use tomato for skin to enjoy a blemish free, glowing, young looking skin!

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