10 Best Homemade Face Masks for Glowing Skin!

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Naturally glowing skin is a sign of good health. There are very few people that have glowing skin without any makeup. A majority of us have to work hard to achieve the dream skin. it takes a good amount of effort and time to yield results. Several natural ingredients help remove excess oil, clean and hydrate the skin.

This gives you a cleaner and healthy skin naturally. A face mask is one of the ways to reap the benefits of natural ingredients. This home-based skin treatments are affordable than expensive beauty treatments and give you a spa-like look at the convenience of your home.  Here are the top ten homemade facial masks for naturally radiant skin.

Instructions to Use Homemade Face Masks for Best Results

Face masks are an important requirement for your skin. It is made with natural ingredients that contain antioxidants, enzymes, and other types of active ingredients that boost your skin health. The benefit of homemade face masks is that they are devoid of synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, and smell that harms the skin. With homemade facemasks, you rest assured of its purity to obtain maximum benefits.

  • According to dermatologists, you can use face masks as much as once a day and as little as once a week.
  • Before you apply the face mask, you should always ensure that your skin is clean. You can use a facial cleanser to properly clean the skin. Choose the cleanser based on your skin type. Cleansing help prepares the skin so that it absorbs all the nutrition and active ingredients from the mask effectively. This helps you get maximum results from the treatment.
  • The application of face masks can be extended to your neck region.
  • Messaging face masks on the skin for a few minutes helps in better absorption and improved results. It also enhances the efficacy of the mask.
  • While applying the face mask, leave the eye, eyebrows, and lip region.
  • You can apply it with a soft brush, or with your fingers to form an even layer all over your face.
  • Most face masks except the ones that are labeled as overnight should not be worn for more than twenty minutes. If you keep it on your skin for an extended duration then it can cause dryness on the skin.
  • You should be gentle when removing the mask from the skin. Do not rub your skin vigorously. Rinse your face with lukewarm water. Remove the mask with slow finger movements. Use a clean towel to pat your skin dry after you rinse it off.
  • Once you remove the mask, moisturize your skin using a good quality hydrating lotion. Do it while the skin is damp. Choose the right moisturizer based on skin type. Apply on a thin layer of it on the skin. This step not just moisten the skin but also help you reap maximum benefits out of your face mask treatment.

Easy Yet Effective Homemade Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Application of face masks relaxes your skin and makes it feel luxurious. All the masks that we have shown below are highly effective and made from very few and easily accessible ingredient. Based on your preference you can choose any one from this list.

1. Dark Chocolate And Milk Face Mask

Dark chocolate helps lighten dark spots and pigmentation. It yields radiant and healthy skin naturally. This divine ingredient works by locking moisture in the skin, boosts blood circulation and improves collagen content in the skin. Packed with antioxidants, regular application of dark chocolate magically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. It is the perfect addition to any face pack to get a naturally youthful and healthy skin.

Milk is touted as the best skin cleanser, and moisturizer. It makes your skin soft and supple. The application of milk daily also helps rejuvenate the skin and safeguards it from suntan. It helps remove dead skin cells, dirt and blackheads. Milk unclogs your skin pores. It has the special ability to eliminate excess fat from the oily areas and hydrate dry areas of the skin.

Ingredients Used

  • a few cubes of dark chocolate, and
  • a teaspoon of milk

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Boil the dark chocolate and make a smooth paste of it.
  • Add some milk to get the right consistency.
  • Apply it all over your face and neck.
  • After fifteen minutes, rinse it with water.

2. Orange Face Mask

Orange has an abundance of Vitamin C that makes it a powerful antioxidant. It is a great exfoliator that removes all the dead skin cells from the skin. The regular application of orange gives instant freshness and brightness to your skin.

Sandalwood is an excellent natural ingredient that lightens your complexion and smoothens the skin. Use sandalwood oil if you have dry skin else sandalwood powder.

Rosewater acts as a skin toner. It brings a pinkish glow to the face. It also has gentle astringent qualities that take away all the dirt from the face. Rosewater tightens the pores and makes your skin fresh and glowing.

Ingredients Used

  • a few orange peels
  • one teaspoon sandalwood powder/sandalwood oil
  • a teaspoon of rose water

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Keep the orange peels in the sunlight for three to four days so that they get dried.
  • Now use a grinder to make a fine powder.
  • Add the sandalwood powder and rose water to this powder to prepare a paste.
  • Now apply it all over the face. Keep it for twenty minutes till it dries. Rinse it off with water.

3. Papaya Face Mask

When it comes to beautiful glowing skin, papaya is the first ingredient that should be in your face mask. It has high amounts of Vitamin A that moisturizes, and smoothens your skin. It gives an instant brightness to your face. Papaya works best when used with honey that is a natural exfoliant and emollient. It brings the adequate amount of moisture and makes your skin clear, radiant and hydrated.

Ingredients Used

  • A small cube of ripe papaya
  • one teaspoon honey

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • All you need is to blend papaya to form a thick paste. Now add honey to it.
  • Apply this paste on the face. Wait for twenty minutes before washing the face with lukewarm water.

4. Aloe Vera Face Pack

Aloe Vera is popular for its amazing healing benefits. It is a fabulous ingredient that got discovered a few decades back. Regular application helps repair dull, aged and dry skin and makes it healthy, rejuvenated and glowing.  Due to its anti-bacterial, hydrating and anti-viral benefits, it is often considered as a natural way to treat a wide range of skin woes.

Aloe Vera pulp is full of minerals, minerals and enzymes like a proteolytic enzyme that stimulates and nourishes skin cells and makes them healthy. Lemon is a great antioxidant and exfoliator that expels all the dirt and excess oily deposition from the skin.

It works by reversing the oxidative damage experienced by your skin. It reduces dullness and adds brightness and a refreshing touch to your face. This face pack is a good anti-ageing treatment and most suited for people with oily skin.

Ingredients Used

  • one tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice
  • one tablespoon of lemon juice

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Mix Aloe Vera juice and lemon together and form a fine paste.
  • Apply this mix on your face. Wait for fifteen to twenty minutes and wash the face with lukewarm water.

5. Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth can do miracles for your skin. It works best on oily skin and help get rid of skin issues instantly. It has an amazing property to tighten the skin and help soothe skin rashes, and sunburns completely.

Turmeric is an antiseptic agent that helps fight skin issues effectively. It gives you clear skin naturally.

Tomato juice helps shrink pores, removes suntan, and controls sebum production on the skin. It is one of the best juices to get glowing skin naturally.

Ingredients Used

  • two tablespoons Multani Mitti
  • one tablespoon tomato juice
  • one pinch of turmeric powder
  • one pinch of sandalwood powder
  • water to form paste

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Mix all these ingredients together. Add some water to form a fine paste.
  • Now apply it evenly on your neck and face.
  • Rinse your skin with lukewarm water after the mask dries completely.

6. Yogurt Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Yogurt helps in cleansing and exfoliating the skin. It is beneficial in the treatment of dry, sensitive, and oily skin. It also helps arrest ageing signs and gives you a blemish free and glowing skin. Its action becomes more powerful when you add a teaspoon of lemon juice to it.

Ingredients Used

  • half a cup of sour yogurt
  • one teaspoon of lemon juice

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Mix all ingredients to form a fine paste.
  • Now apply it evenly on your neck and face.
  • Let it stay for ten minutes
  • Rinse your skin with lukewarm water. For tightening effect, immediately splash a glass of cold water on the face.

7. Almonds and Milk Face Pack

Almonds are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin E that fights against the damaging free radicals from the body. They are inflammatory in nature. This property helps reduce the sign of aging. Soaking is a way to enhance the bio-availability of the nutrients.

When you soak almonds, anti-nutrients like phytic acid and tannins present in its outer shell also gets removed. Soaked almonds are easier to absorb and digest in the body. This pack is best for people with sensitive skin. Both almonds and milk are remarkable skin boosting ingredients that make your skin younger, healthier and brighter naturally.

Ingredients Used

  • eight to ten soaked almonds
  • one teaspoon of raw milk

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Mix both the ingredients together to form a fine paste.
  • Now apply it evenly to cover your neck and face.
  • Leave it for ten minutes
  • Rinse your skin with cold water.

8. Honey and Cucumber ice cubes

Both these ingredients are excellent natural cleansers. Cucumber possesses remarkable astringent attributes that diminish the presence of pores on the skin. It also aids in balancing the right amount of oil production on the face. Honey is a great hydrating agent. Its antibacterial property safeguards the skin from acne, pimples, and other bacteria induced skin troubles.

Ingredients Used

  • three to four cubes of cucumber
  • two tablespoons of organic honey

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Blend cucumber and make a fine paste. Now add honey to it.
  • Apply it on your face and neck.
  • Leave it on for fifteen minutes and rinse it off with cold water.

9. Pineapple Juice And Lemon Zest Face Pack

Pineapple has alpha hydroxyl acid that exhibits remarkable skin lightening effects. The high vitamin C content in the juice is effective in the treatment of sun damage, uneven skin tone, and acne. It helps cure scars, dark spots, and other types of skin discolorations. It hydrates the skin and makes it clear. Lemon zest, on the other hand, aids in exfoliation of the skin. It has plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants that give you clear, fairer, flawless, and radiant skin.

Ingredients Used

  • two tablespoons of lemon zest
  • a half cup of pineapple juice

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Add lemon zest in pineapple juice to form a paste.
  • Apply this paste all over the face and neck.
  • Leave it on for fifteen minutes and rinse it off with cold water.

10. DIY Strawberry Face Mask with Honey and Olive Oil

How to Make DIY Strawberry Face Mask with Honey
Strawberries are also a rich source of alpha hydroxy acids (citrus acids), and vitamin C that aids in skin exfoliation. This face mask gives you a beautiful, supple and smooth skin naturally. Raw honey moisturizes your skin and makes it glowing.

Olive oil is an incredible natural moisturizer. Loaded with various types of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, the oil can offer a wide range of health benefits too. Olive oil keeps your skin elastic. It is also one of the best treatments for whiteheads, and blackheads.

Lavender essential oil is another beneficial agent that helps nourish your skin. It has a very calming nature. When added in face masks, the oil lowers the appearance of dark spots on the face and imparts a youthful glow to it.

Ingredients Used

  • 10 fresh strawberries
  • 3 tablespoons raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil, and
  • few drops of lavender essential oil

Preparation and Usage Instructions

  • Mix all these ingredients and form a nice paste.
  • Apply it all over your face and neck.
  • Leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse it off with cold water.


Homemade face masks are the best ways to nourish, purify and heal your skin. They are fun, relaxing, and easy ways to take care of the skin. Though it may take some time and effort to prepare these masks, the results are worth the effort. Be consistent in using these masks on your skin to observe the difference. Your skin will get healthier, supple, softer, and glowing in just a few weeks.

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