9 Deadly Mistakes that Make You Look Older!

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Have you ever been called or referred as an older woman though you are just not that age? This is certainly because of some of your horrible mistakes! Makeup is surely a boon for women which can transform and redefine the look and can make anyone look years and years younger. But sometimes, improper use of the makeup can also make you look older and aged!

If you are above 40, you can make your skin look perfect and youthful with the cool makeup hacks! Not only makeup, but your clothes, accessories and hair can also make a difference. There are certain things women do unknowingly which can make them look older! Here are such 9 completely avoidable mistakes which you need to consider if you want to look youthful and gorgeous. Make sure next time you get ready, you do not repeat any of these! Avoiding these mistakes would save you from the annoyance of looking old!

Let’s Know Some Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Mistake #1 Sticking to Extremely Long Hair

Short Haircuts Make you Look Beautiful, Elegant and Smart

We all love that gorgeous and stunning long hair. They look precious and stunning no doubt but how long can you carry the same long hair though your body and looks have apparently changed much! If you want to look youthful and gorgeous, try beautiful and vivid hairstyles. Short haircuts would simply make you look funkier and elegant. Choose the feminine haircuts like bob, lob, pixies, layers and such finely tousled haircuts which would redefine your look. Carry beautiful hairstyles and look breathtaking beautiful regardless of your age! Experiment with some short and elegant hairstyles to look beautiful and youthful!

Mistake #2 Trying Funky Prints in Clothing

Be selective in choosing printed clothes

After a certain age, you need to focus and pay high attention towards your clothing choices. All of us love the emerging trends and cool patterns but as per your age, you must select clothing wisely. If you wear the funky prints with huge flowers, textures and such patterns, it would simply not suit your look and make you appear aged! Instead, try some subtle clothing choices such as belted dresses, jumpsuits, pantsuits, stripped shirts and such clothing which would not only make you look younger but would also make you appear as a lavish diva! Enhance your clothing with these hacks and look gracious!

Mistake #3 Not Wearing the Perfectly Fitted Clothes

Choose perfect fitting dress as per your body shape

The way you dress can reflect your personality and enrich your beauty! Every time, it is important to choose the perfect fitted clothes. After a certain age, the oversized clothes would not look as great on you as they did before! Sometimes also tight fitted clothes can make you feel uncomfortable! Choose the fitting properly as per your comfort and size. Flaunt your beautiful body with finely fitted clothes, enhance your assets but do not go for extremely tight or loose fitted clothes!

Mistake #4 Carrying a Dark and Glossy Lipstick

Dark Lipstick does not always suit everyone

We love those bright and mesmerizing dark red lips but would that look great on everyone? If you love to carry beautiful and bright lips, go for the subtle shades which would not look so loud! Try some cool and pretty shades of pink, peach, nudes which can make your lips look gracious and extremely refreshing! Also, you can try lip balms to make your lips look pretty and charming!

Mistake #5 Wearing the Wrong Foundation

Foundation is the key to beautiful and effective makeup. If you want a subtle and rocking makeup which can make you look even toned and cool, you must select the right foundation. Darker or lighter shades of foundation can make your skin look patchy. Along with age and changes in the body, the foundation you use also changes and thus makes a wise decision to choose the correct foundation base and rock your adorable makeup look!

Mistake #6 Trying Too Many Colors in Makeup

Beautiful and bright blushes, colorful eye shadows and lipsticks are not going to make you look gracious and dazzling! With increasing age, you must change the makeup shades which you use. The funky shades like purple, orange, neon and such vibrant colors would simply make you look horrible! Carry your style with mild and impactful shades which would not only make you look youthful but would also get your style enriched with each look!

Mistake #7 Getting Shimmery Makeup

Too much glitter and shine are not for everyone! This can be more of a teenage and 20’s look. If you love to have a little glittery effect on your skin, you can try various bronzers and shiny blushes. But do not overdo it with extremely glittery eye shadows, bright lipsticks and such high impact makeup products. Try the subtle mild glitter look and set your style!

Mistake #8 Not Getting Anti-ageing Treatments

Anti ageing treatment to look Younger

Anti-aging treatments necessarily do not mean you need to go for the cosmetic surgeries. Your skin requires some natural skin tightening and brightening agents which can tighten your skin and make it look youthful.  Our skin starts getting affected by various aging issues such as wrinkles, saggy skin, pigmentation and signs which would make your skin look loose and undesirable. Go for facials, scrubs, face masks and such skin tightening processes through which your skin would get all the required nourishment and would look youthful.

Mistake #9 Not Trying the Right Hair Colors

With increasing age, it is not compulsory to stay grey or black headed! You have so many beautiful and trendy shades which would completely redefine your entire personality. These are numerous elegant and refreshing shades especially invented for ageing hair which would keep you stunned! You can experiment with shades of brown, maroon, blonde, etc. and can also try beautifully highlighted air for refreshing and a subtle look! This would cherish your personality and make you look glorious! Rock your age with a variety of different shades and spread your magic like never before!

You must not repeat these mistakes if you already have been doing it! Ageing is a natural process but we can slow it down with some cool tricks! With these mistakes and tops, you can look flawless and youthful all the time! Look blissful and completely gracious with these amazing makeup, hair and clothing hacks and rock this season!

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