Best Nail Art Variations for Nail Art Addicts!

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Do you love painting your nails in different colors and styles? Are you a nail art addict who want to show off the beauty of your nails and win praises? Then you must be looking for Nail Art variations to get inspiration from.

We are all trendy creatures who love to follow and experiment different trends and latest evolutions every season! Gone are the days when girls were fond of the single red nail paints or some random bright shades! Today, the world is rocking with cool nail arts which is the most emerging and widely preferred trends of today! Since we have observed a huge rush and craze for the most iconic nail arts trending this season, here are the most adorable and choicest nail art variations which would not fail to grab your attention.

From the metallic nails to the French manicured nail art designs, here are the top trending nail art patterns which would simply make your nails look flattering! If you are a fashion addict, these are the most stunning nail art variations which you must experience for once! Try these and enrich your style statement this season!

Best Nail Art Variations for Nail Art Addicts

Best Nail Art Variations for Nail Art Addicts

1. Black and White Nails

Though it sounds like the traditional vintage style nail art, but this is one of the most rocking nail art variations which women are in love with! The best part of this amazing nail art variation is, you can try beautiful patterns and prints and create a perfect blend! Either uses the chess block pattern, try the stripes, and go for the floral prints or any random style and this would never fail to look tempting! If you are looking for some gorgeous and adorable nail art variations which you can rock at theme parties and events, this is the beautiful option you can consider!

Black and White Nails

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2. Metallic Nails

If you are unaware regarding what metallic nail art is, the shiny and glossy metallic shade studded beautifully on your nail is a metallic nail art! The metallic shades include copper, silver, golden, bronze, charcoal and such shades which can be turned glossy beautifully! The glittery and shiny effect of these nail arts would make your nails look lavishing and pretty if you want a rich and high impact nail art variation with a glossy and adorable shine of such nail colors, you must try metallic nail arts! In this nail art too, you can incorporate different prints, patterns and styles which would make your nails look enviable!

Metallic Nails

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3. Nude Nails

If you are the one who always flips the entire store until and unless you get that perfect pastel light and nude shade, this amazing nail art is simply for you! We understand your obsession for the heart-melting light shades which would never fail to make you look elegant and classy! Especially for the events like weddings, anniversaries, these bright and gorgeous nail arts look very gracious! The nude shades include the range of some of the most blissful and pretty shades which would get you crazy! From the pastel lavender to the glorious nude shades, these nail art variations would look flawless every time you carry! If you want to look trendy and gorgeous this season, try this lavishing nail art and flaunt your love for the nude shades with pride!

Nude Nails

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4. Textured Nails

The textured nail arts are random prints and designs which can make your nails look beautifully styled! Also, this style incorporates using bright and multiple shades which would brighten up your entire nail art design. Embossed designs, graphic prints, a blend of various shades, and typically a unique look can be achieved using this awesome nail art! If you love to experiment with beautiful shades and different textures, you can try this super cool and funky nail art!

Textured Nails

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5. Ombre Nails

If you always have been looking for glamorous and high impact nail arts, the trendy ombre nail art pattern would simply stun you! Gorgeous ombre nails are a beautiful blend of various shades and eye pleasing patterns which would never fail to steal your heart! Sunkissed blend of shades which would make you feel refreshed and iconic all, the day long is simply described as ombre nail art! If you love to mix the vivacious and vibrant shades for your nail art, go for various ombre nail art patterns which can get you a unique and classy look! Try the variety of royal shades and look dazzling this season!

Ombre Nails

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6. Floral Nails

The floral nails are immensely girlish, feminine and graceful! If you always love the subtle prints and eye pleasing patterns, this is the best nail art design for you! The cool floral patterns would never fail to make your nails look adorable! With the combination of cute shades and handpicked floral designs, this cool nail art would simply steal your heart! What about a soothing white base studded with classy and colorful flower patterns? Isn’t this a gorgeous idea?  We love the amazing variations of floral nail arts which would redefine the beauty of your nails making them look adorable!

Floral Nails

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7. French Manicured Nails

The French manicure is one of the most popular nail art trends which women die to try! From celebrities to models, everyone has rocked this glorious nail art with style! The French manicure nail art is delicate, sober and lavishing which would never fail to get you millions of compliments! You can try this beautiful light shade and attractive patterns to make the nail art look more attractive! With sharp edges and cool finish, the French nail arts would simply keep you stunned with its jaw-dropping impact!

French Manicured Nails

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8. Beaded Nail Arts

Wondering how the beaded nail arts would look? Just as refreshing as a dew drop and pearl, this amazing nail art would make you look adorable and lavishing. Women love to incorporate some gorgeous beads in the nail arts to make them look more precious and stunning! With bright shades and cool patterns, the beaded nail art would look mesmerising! You can select the glitter nail art and complement it with beads for a naturally classy and rich look!

Beaded Nail Arts

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These are some of the popular and tending nail art trends exclusively for you! For all your moods and occasions, these varieties of nail art would get you a unique look! You must try all these nail art trends if you have gorgeous nails which would rock these stunners!

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