Common Makeup Mistakes One Must Avoid

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Applying Makeup is an art and it takes as much time to master it as any other skill. The first and foremost thing is to be cautious about the cosmetic products which you might be using and be choosy about the selection.  You might be allergic to some products and would be having no idea what are they doing to their skin, so be wise while selecting the best ones for you.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the problems which are encountered while you headed on to apply the makeup or the wrong skin routine that you might be following.  Moreover, we have brought you some expert recommendations which you can apply in your daily routine and get the best out of your makeup kit. So here we have come as your saviour to prevent you from committing some serious makeup mistakes.

Know Where You are Going Wrong in Your Makeup Routine

Common makeup mistakes to avoid

Below is the list of the common issues which are faced by a majority of the people and the tips to get over such mistakes so that you emerge out as a pro the very next time you are advising someone or incorporating the tips on yourself. Take a quick glance through some of the recommendations:

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1. Putting On Too Much Face Powder

It is affirmative that face powder puts the oily skin at bay, but using it way too much might even create blunders. Overuse of face powder after putting on the foundation can give an unnatural texture to your skin and make it appear flat.Moreover, doing so regularly might even result in the powder settling into the fine lines, wrinkles or even the pores which might further lead to excess pigmentation after some time. One way to use the face powder smartly is to opt for the translucent setting powder which enhances your skin tone without causing a cakey appearance.

2. Putting on Waterproof Mascara Every Single Time

Well, if it is the rainy season then cannot help put applying the waterproof mascara but mostly you should avoid wearing it and use it very fewer times. The reason behind this is that you might get your eyelashes dry out causing them to brittle down and break off. Opt for the regular mascara as much as possible and use the waterproof one only on special occasions.

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3. Forgetting to Apply the Sunscreen

Never Forget to Apply Sunscreen Before Makeup

Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful radiations that you might be exposed to under the sun and hence it is advised to use it on a regular basis. Using a sunscreen with 25 SPF is best recommended when you want the skin oils to stay tact and set up the makeup for a longer period of time throughout the day.  There are several cream and cosmetic products which come with the sunscreen elements, but to some extent, hence you must ensure that you use the one 25 SPF so as to get full protection from skin damage.

4. Avoiding the Skin Care Routine

Your skin needs complete moisturisation so as avoid the risk of developing dry skin, breakouts, increase in the pore size, and appearance of wrinkles or harsh texture of the skin. If you want to avoid skin aging way too fast, they make sure you are regular with your skin routine and keep it moisturized throughout the day and night. Also, never forget to apply the cream before sleeping at night. Moreover, keep changing your makeup products regularly and avoid the ones which are closer to the expiration date.

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5. Applying too much Eyeliner

Eyeliner enhances the appearance of your eyes and makes them fuller and refined.  You get eyeliner in various finishes and colours and along with that, there are a plethora of ways in which you can apply it and various styles you can choose according to the size of your eyes and the suitability. But, the biggest common mistake which one commits is the use of eyeliner way too much which might actually create a black ring around your eyes. As eyeliner can be applied both above and below the eyes, you must be careful while using it and avoid adding too much volume over the eyes. If you really want to define your eyelashes, then you must use the smudge brush at the bottom of your eyes to get the look.

6. Keeping Your Makeup Brushes Unclean

You might be a great fan of applying the makeup daily or might be among the ones who do so occasionally. In whichever category you fall, there is one thing which is essentially important and that is the cleaning up of the brushes that you use while applying the makeup. Over times, the brushes accumulate bacteria, dust and dirt which needs to be pulled down regularly. Be frequent with the washing of your brushes and in case you do not know how to do so, then you must watch the tutorials and research about the brush cleaning products which are available in the stores.

7. Sleeping with Your Makeup On – Serious Makeup Mistake

Last but not the least, the biggest mistake anyone would ever commit is to forget to remove the makeup before sleeping. You might be unaware, but if are regular with this habit of forgetting, then you might be inviting several skin problems. Issues such a large pores, pigmentation or even dry and harsh might start appearing and would be left with no choice but getting medication for the same. Makeup products tend to extract all the moisture out of your skin, thus leaving it dry and scaly. So, it is always recommended that you use a good quality makeup remover and be regular with this routine. Also, never let the makeup stay on your skin for more than five hours.

It is normal to commit mistakes when you are new to the world of makeup and skincare, but it is never too late to know how you can avoid major blunders which might cause affect your skin severely. We reckon that with this blog we were able to clear your doubts regarding the makeup routine and how you can avoid some common blunder. So, without any fear of getting wrong the next time, apply your favourite makeup products with ease.

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  1. Useful post about makeup, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another. I’m glad that you have shared all these mistakes here.


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