Skin Care Products Every Woman Must Have!

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Hey Pretty Women out there! Before I move with this article about skin care products for women, let me ask you something. How do you buy your beauty care products?

Hmm.., you have lots of reasons. Tick all the reasons from the above list.

  • You are watching your favourite TV soap and your favourite celebrity flashes in a commercial of a skin cream that is amazing. The next day, you order the cream from an online store.
  • You are browsing through an online or a physical store and come across a new cream that promises to give you a radiant and beautiful skin. The product looks attractive in terms of packaging. You add it in your shopping cart immediately.
  • You visit one of your close friend’s place and her skin looks soft and glowing. She tells you about a new cream she has been using since the last month. You love it and buy it the next time when you hit the stores.
  • You see that your favourite face wash is available at attractive discounts or with an offer ‘Buy one get one free.’ You buy it without thinking that you already have one face wash at home.

In this way, a woman’s closet is always full of skin creams, lotions, face washes and what not. Because someone felt an amazing effect of this cream, and some cream looked appealing in the store shelves. We use few of these products while some remain in our closet untouched till the expiry date. This happens with most of us.

One should buy skin care products considering the following aspects:

  • Does it suit your skin type?
  • Does it suit the season? In summer, you might have an extremely oily skin. While in winter, skin becomes relatively dry. Do you use the same face wash for both the seasons?
  • Does it suit your budget?
  • Do you often use it? In simple words, do you get time to apply those products?

Here is the list of skin care products that every woman should buy. We have listed out the products and specific use of each one.

Skin Care Products For Women

1. Face Cleansers

  • You must be aware of the cleansing-toning-moisturizing So, cleansers are the first products to be used in a day.
  • If you have extreme dry skin, then you may skip cleansers and move to a face wash.
  • However, women who have oily skin or who frequently go out in the sun and pollution should always use a cleanser for a start.
  • It reaches your pores and cleanses it smoothly and softly. If you want to remove makeup, dirt and oil from the skin, then it works magically.
  • A face wash cannot perform the function of a cleanser. Hence, if you want a good make-up remover as well as a cleanser, then buy this product.

2. Face Washes

  • A favourite skin product for all of us! Who doesn’t like to experiment with different face washes like the fruit blast, or the neem ones or the aloe Vera one?
  • The cosmetic industry is introducing a different face wash for every situation. For instance, for waking up in the morning, you have a morning face wash. For pimples and acne, you have another. For feeling energetic, you have one more.
  • Let us now understand the purpose of using a face wash. A face wash is used to clean your face so that it looks fresh and vibrant. Face washes maintain the pH balance of the facial skin. Hence, it has to be mild for your skin.
  • Face washes are available in various forms such as soaps, gels, creams, foams. You may choose one according to your skin type. For example, oily skinned ladies must prefer foam based face washes while dry skinned ones can go for cream based ones. It is better to avoid apply soaps on facial skins as they dry out the moisture.
  • Always carry a face wash with you while traveling. Washing your face with your favourite one can help your skin look fresh.

3.Face Scrubs

  • A face scrub acts like a skin polisher at home. It removes the dead cells accumulated on the skin surface within seconds, leaving your skin soft and smooth. You can also use natural scrubs at home. But if you want to save time and go for an over-the-counter one, then there are many.
  • While choosing a scrub, always go for a mild one. You are not going to scrub it on a daily basis. Scrubbing is done once a week or once a fortnight. If you want to scrub your face on a daily basis, then go for a scrub that it meant for daily usage.
  • The next thing would be how to scrub. You have to do it in the most delicate manner to avoid scratches. Remember that your skin needs care, and hence, scrubbing should be done carefully.
  • Before buying a full-sized scrub, buy sachets for sample use. You will get an idea how it works on your skin and then you may buy the full one.

4. Face Toner

  • Toning is the second most stage in the CTM regime. Hence, buying a skin toner is inevitable. A toner works in different useful ways. It maintains the pH balance of the skin. Moreover, it removes excess oil or any make-up from the skin. You can use a face toner after cleansing or washing your skin. Immediately after applying toner, one can go for a moisturizer.
  • The best way to apply toner on the skin is to put it on a cotton ball and wipe it firmly. Do not rub the skin with the cotton ball.
  • Many women think that toner tones the skin and makes it elastic. Well, toner does not work like a skin elasticity cream but helps to tighten the pores instead.

5. Astringent

  • Women who have oily skin can use an astringent instead of a toner. However, avoid using products that are alcohol-based.
  • Astringents are stronger that toners but works like a miracle in removing the excess oil and dirt from the skin. Moreover, it soothes the skin.
  • Some women even apply it with a cotton ball after a waxing session for a soothing effect.

6. Moisturizer

  • The third and most important part of a CTM regime is moisturizing. It locks the hydrating elements in a skin and makes your skin soft as ever.
  • Women who have oily skin skip this product because they feel that moisturizer will make their skin oilier. However, one has to note that there are two kinds of moisturizers in the market – oil based and oil-free ones. You need to do enough research before picking the right one that suits your skin in the best possible manner.
  • Never buy a moisturizer by getting attracted to the TV advertisements or because it suited your friend’s skin.
  • Our skin changes as per weather changes. Hence, moisturizing products need to be updated in your closet as per the season.
  • Best time to apply a moisturizer would be when your skin is damp. It is the perfect moment when it gets absorbed into the skin.
  • Whenever your skin feel dry and stretched out, apply a moisturizer.

7. Face Masks or Packs

  • These masks or packs depend entirely on your skin type. There are numerous natural face packs that can be prepared at home without much hassle. But you need to devote some time for it.
  • If you don’t have enough time and patience to prepare, you can pick any one from the stores, depending on your skin type.
  • Always read the contents given on the packet and check whether it suits your skin or not.
  • A face mask or pack can be applied once a week for a glowing and radiant skin.

8. Sunblock Lotion or Sunscreen Lotion

  • This is an important product that needs to be included in every woman’s closet. A sunscreen lotion has the outstanding capacity of protecting your skin against harsh UV sun rays. Your skin is protected from tanning and premature aging.
  • Sunblock lotions are of two types- One for your face and the other for your body parts. Another type of sunblock lotions are oil-free and water-resistant. The oil-free ones are best for oily skin while the water-resistant sunblock lotions are beneficial for good while swimming. Thus, sunscreen lotions can be selected on the basis of two factors: skin type and the activity chosen.
  • It is a myth that sunscreens should be used only when you go out. It is recommended to apply sunscreen even when you are indoors, or during winter or rainy season. This is because the harmful sun rays are always posing a threat to your skin in terms of unbeatable tan and signs of aging.
  • Let us now understand the significance of SPF in a sunscreen lotion. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. One should use a sunscreen lotion that has a minimum of SPF 15 to avoid skin damage. When the SPF is higher, it takes considerable time for the skin to get damaged due to sun rays. As a result, the tanning process is also slowed down.

9. Bleach

  • A bleach is not a mandatory product for every woman. But it is highly recommended due to the certain advantages it offers.
  • Bleach helps in fighting against tan. It maintains the even tone of the skin and removes out excessive oil and dirt from the skin. Another significant benefit of bleach is that it lightens the facial hair.
  • However, one needs to apply bleach in a careful manner, keeping in mind certain instructions. Always use bleach that is meant for facial skin only. Do not bleach often. Keep a gap of minimum three months. Do not keep the bleach longer than the specific time. Follow the instructions that are given one the packet in a careful manner.

10. A Good Oil

  • Like creams and gels, a good oil also works nicely on the skin.
  • When your skin becomes extremely rough and dry during the winter season, oil comes to the rescue.
  • You can pick up coconut oil, or olive oil or almond oil.
  • Massage it every night before going to sleep and wash it off the next day. It will make your skin soft and supple.

11. Body Wash

  • As we are mentioning skin care products, we cannot ignore body washes.
  • Body washes are stronger than the face washes and are meant only for the body skin.
  • You can try out from a variety of face washes along with a loofah and a back brush to rub off the dead cells from the skin surface.

12. Body Cream or Moisturizer or Lotion

  • A body lotion is a must-have for every women. You can chose between oil-free and cream-based moisturizers, depending upon your skin type and season.
  • Always apply sufficient body lotion or cream on the skin after a bath when you pat the skin semi-dry. It is the perfect time to lock the moisturizer into the skin.

More Tips While Choosing And Applying Skin Care Products

  • Do not experiment too much with the products. Try to use a particular skin care product at least for two months to notice the difference. If you using it for one week and switching to another in the next week, then your skin wont experience any outcomes.
  • Do not expect overnight difference in the skin. You cannot see a fairer skin after one week of application of a cream.
  • Always keep cotton balls at home to apply toner or astringent.
  • Always carry a face wash, face wipes and a sunscreen lotion in your bag.
  • Perform a patch test below your arm before applying a cream on your skin. If you are allergic, do not apply it.

Thus, next time when you go for beauty product shopping, you will have a definite list of the products you want to shop along with a strong reason. Women should also be dedicated to a proper skin care regime for using these products. If you use these products effectively, you will definitely observe the results in your skin.

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