Tips to Apply Makeup for Dark Skin Tone?

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This article is about how to apply makeup for dark skin tone!

Talking about the skin tones of people, it would vary from person to person. Some might have a fair skin tone, some cool, while there are some with dark tones too. Similarly, their makeup requirements also vary according to their skin tones. Again, the contour and the shape of the face also holds a vital role in determining the makeup that should be used for a perfect look.

According to a survey, around 88% of women are not aware of the right makeup shade or product they should be using on their skin. Using the right makeup would help the skin glow like a princess, similarly, using the wrong makeup would surely create blunders.

So, today let’s learn out how to apply makeup for the dark skin tone.

Easy Makeup for Dark Skin Tone Detailed Guide

Tips for applying makeup on dark skin tone

There is no need of working on the 10-step routine for working on a perfect look for your dark skin tone. Here are some quick ways of getting a wonderful look with the right makeup on dark skin.

1. Use the right moisturizer

Many people having dark skin suffer from dryness issues. Their skin gives an ashy like look due to lack of required moisturization. Hence, make a point to moisturize the skin properly after a shower as well as at night before bed for obtaining back the lost moisturization of the skin. So, if you are having a dark skin tone, make sure you use mild moisturizers for your skin to keep it glowing naturally.

2. Don’t avoid the sunscreen

Having dark skin tone doesn’t mean the sun or the UV rays would avoid your skin. They come with a similar impact on your skin as other skin tones. Long time exposure to the sun or the UV rays would damage the skin cells and can also result in other skin issues too. Hence, it is advisable to use a sunscreen depending on the type of skin you are having. This would protect your skin from any kind of skin problems due to the sun rays or heat.

3. Are you using the right foundation?

Foundation is much essential when it comes to proper makeup. And using any foundation is surely a wrong idea. While selecting the foundation, make sure the color perfectly matches your skin tone. For the dark skin tone, using foundations with two shades is also a great idea, to begin with. Use a lighter shade of foundation on the center of the face while for the rest of the face your natural tone would be the best. This gives your face a brighter appearance without any kind of discoloration issue. Also, using some transparent powder is advisable for a grayish touch.

4. Do you use a concealer?

What do you use for your cheekbone tops? Yes, the concealer plays a vital role here for highlighting your cheekbones. Applying some concealer under the eyes and stretching it till the tips of the eyebrows would add some warmth to the skin there in a light way. This is also a good way of beating the dark circles and highlighting the brow bone. Using a small portion of the concealer on the forehead, chin and face plane would surely give you the desired beautiful look.

5. Have you tried the bronzer?

Do your face look dull even after using the best makeup? Your face is lacking the use of bronzer for the best appearance in a fresh way. Adding a bronzer to your makeup ingredients would help your face look glowing, fresh and dry even if you are in a hot and humid climate. For obtaining the best bronzer color, select one in dual shades which is deeper than the tan color you are having. Make a point not to dust out the bronzer after application. Using a sculpting brush and fading the face lightly from the sides, nose, chin, and forehead would give you that refreshed look throughout the day.

6. Highlighting the eyes

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Tone - Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is essential for highlighting the eyes which boosts the beauty of the face. Again, for dark skin tone, the shades would vary according to the time they are being applied. During the daytime, go for shades like pink, gray, brown, etc. rather than the bright and vibrant shades. You can also enhance the highlighting by applying dark mascara. Similarly, for evenings, shades like green, purple, blue, copper, brown, prunes or even burgundy is a good option. These shades would give you a diva like look.

7. Finally! The lipstick shades and blushes

Thinking does the lipstick shade matter for the dark skin tones? Yes, it does. Again, selecting the right or suitable lip color for dark skin tones is a hectic task. For the best look, go for lip colors like coffee, beige, soft pink, chocolate, gold, burgundy, berry or even plums as they would give your lips that perfect look. Also, make sure your lipsticks don’t come with that frosty or glossy finishing as that would spoil the look of your lips completely. Coming to the blush, shades like bronze, dark peach, coral, deep orange, gold, rose or even wine would be the best complementing shade.

Frequently Asked Questions About Makeup for Dark Skin Tone

1. Is applying too much makeup good for dark skin tones?

Definitely not. Use the least make up for boosting the natural look for healthy glow.

2. What colored eyeliners are good for dark skin tones for night outs?

Eyeliners in shades like purple, green, blue and even deep brown are the best for night outs.


A common myth followed by the dark skin tones is that the bold colors should be avoided by them. However, the truth is that bold colors can give you a rocking look at times. Similarly, when going with warm colors, using some blush would be recommended for a complete appearance. Also, make a point to look for powder-based makeup products as the skin of the dark tones are mostly oily. So, ready to get that adorable look with the right makeup? If you loved our article about Makeup for Dark Skin Tone then please share your thoughts and experience with us about it. Cheers!

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