How to Put on Concealer Based on Your Skin Tone?

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A concealer is a magical beauty product which can hide away the pigmentation marks, scars, pimples and dark spots on the skin. Moreover, these skin care products blend well naturally with your skin and make it appear flawless. There are even times when applying the foundation does not do much and makes the spots visible which at times might prove disastrous if you are heading out for a party or a special occasion. Getting the right touch up is extremely important so that you can enhance your looks well. In this blog, we have discussed some of the tips regarding the correct selection of the concealer and the steps that you need to take while choosing the perfect tone in accordance with your skin type.

Expand Your Knowledge about Choosing the Right Concealer

How to Put on Concealer Based on Your Skin Tone?

Concealers can be availed in mainly three forms i.e., solid, powder and liquid form. When it comes to the solid one, it should be used only when you have small areas on the skin to hide as they do not blend easily. Moreover, they are used to hide pimples, blemishes, etc. When it comes to liquid concealers, they tend to spread evenly on the skin and can be used without applying the foundation at first.

In addition to this, liquid concealers work the best for almost every skin type and blend well with the skin. They are available in dewy, satin, matte and radiant finishes and are super easy to apply without any hassle. Moving further to the powdered concealers, they tend to cover light blemishes and marks and should not be used to cover way too much dark spots. Also, concealer can be availed in tube formats and highlighting pens. The former are creamier and thick and can be used to cover dark circles.

While, on the other hand, the stick concealer or the highlighter is referred to as like this because it has a semi-solid texture. This particular kind of concealer is often richly pigmented, along with a thick and creamy texture. With this kind of concealer, you can dot it on or swipe it in a line of color and then blend it onto your skin. It is also available in satin and matte finishes. An important point to consider is to reckon down the ingredients that make these concealers stay in stick form as they pose a high risk of clogging pores,  which makes it a less-than-ideal option for those who have oily or combination skin.

Here are some tips and tricks to choose the right concealer according to your skin tone. You will never go wrong with these tips and can use them whenever you are touching up next:

  • For darker tones, it is recommended to purchase a concealer which is available in orange tones.
  • If you have red blemishes all over the face, then a concealer with a yellow tone would be a perfect choice.
  • For eyes which are slightly darkened on the underside, using a concealer in pink tones would do much good.
  • While picking up the concealer, check the color if it would match the skin between your ear and the neck rather than testing it with your cheeks.

After you are done choosing the type of concealer that would match the best with your skin tone, you would then need to follow the steps before applying this beauty product.

It doesn’t matter what type and range of concealer you are using, the techniques for applying them on your face usually are the same.  But before anything else, for every type of skin, it is essential to smoothen your face along with the area of the eye with a thin layer of fine moisturizer. But make sure you do not apply it way too much and make your skin more oily and slippery. It is recommended to use a fluid moisturizer or lightweight liquid with a fine matte finish if you have normal to oily skin.

Using a concealer and a foundation simultaneously purely depends on the personal choice. There would be some people who prefer to put on concealer and after that the foundation, while there are also others who feel comfortable with the results another way round. However, when it comes to the powder foundation, you would want to use the foundation. So, it entirely depends on you.

While applying the concealer onto discolorations, dark circles, or skin blemishes, use a clean brush, finger, or sponge and mix them out gently such that there are no visible lines of differentiation between your skin, the concealer and foundation.

Talking out the cream, liquid, or cream-to-powder concealers, they should never be put over powder foundation as they can get discolored and look weird on your skin. If you are planning to apply powder foundation first, the make sure you use concealer first, let it set in for some time, and then you can go ahead with the powdered foundation.

For the finishing touch, you can set the concealer with a fine dusting of pressed or loose powder. If the concealer has a matte finish, then there is no need to set it with the powder this might make it feel or look way too much dry and dull. But you can always choose to experiment and observe how the matte-finish concealer sets on your skin appearance and lasts with and without the foundation powder.

When you are applying the concealer over the area under your eyes, always remember to use one which has a radiant and glowing finish or adds a shiny highlighter over it for a light-reflective and perfect finish so that your skin appears bright and luminescent which further lightens away the shadowed and dark areas of the skin.

We hope that with this article, you were able to grasp a brief idea about how you would choose a perfect concealer for your skin tone.  Follow these above-mentioned steps and keep them in mind the very next time you are willing to apply the concealer to cover the blemishes and dark spots.

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