How Can Tea Tree Oil Serve Helpful for Growth of Hair?

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Tree oil – known as “tea tree oil” – is basically an essential oil which is extracted out from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant’s leaves – a variety of flora which is mainly found in the Southeast Queensland and the Northeastern coast located in Australia. When fresh its leaves are either pale yellow in color, colorless or clear. Due to its tendency to fight fungal infections and other skin problems, its extract has been incorporated in the various cosmetic and skin care brands and is used for treating many hair issues. Although direct consumption of the tea tree extract is extremely dangerous for the human body and can turn out to be poisonous in certain cases it can be used as an external medicine.

In this blog, we have shared everything that you would need to know about the tea tree oil. We are sharing the techniques and methods with which you would be able to use the oil in an efficient manner so that it boosts the growth of hair.  By reading the blog to its length, you will grasp the idea about the various benefits of tea tree oil and how does it help in growth of hair and curing other scalp problems.

Various Ways in Which You Can Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

How Can Oil from Tea Tree Serve Helpful for Growth of Hair?

There are a plenty of ways in which you can use this essential oil, some of which are listed below. Read through them to know more:

1. Massaging Tea Tree Oil Directly on the Hair Scalp

Tea Tree Oil for Hair Care

Just like you massage any other oil, apply this essential oil directly on the head scalp and massage it with gentle hands. Doing so will stimulate the flow of blood in your head and reduce irritation in the follicles. Moreover, with regular use, the risk of getting itchiness, dandruff, and greasy hair also gets reduced.  So, it is recommended to be consistent while applying the oil in order to get the favorable results. Also, when you intend to wash your hair off, do so with the tea tree shampoo only.

2. Using It as a Hair Spray

If you cannot find the tea tree hair spray in the market, then you can make one for yourself at the home itself. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Take a vacant spraying bottle, the oil along with a little amount of water so that you make a mixture well.
  • Now, after you are done with the above step, spray it over your scalp
  • Let the tea tree spray stay on your head for around ten to fifteen minutes and then cover it with a towel so that your hair absorb the oil well.
  • At last, wash it off with the shampoo.

An important tip to note is that applying the hairspray for over the night will do more good. Moreover, being regular with the method will give your impeccable results so make sure you are up with it.

3. Using Coconut and Tea Tree Oil Together

Mix Coconut Oil with Tea Tree Oil for Hair Care

Both of these oils have extraordinary powers to fight dandruff, itchiness, and fungal infections on the scalp, hence they are high recommended for treating these cases. Read further to know how you can apply their mixture:

  • In ten drops of the tea tree oil mix a tablespoon of oil from the coconut.
  • Put on the mixture on the scalp and massage it for at least five minutes.
  • Let the oil stay for about two hours.
  • Now, wash it off with oil shampoo.

If you wish, you can even let the oil stay on the scalp overnight and then wash your head the next morning. It is recommended to be regular with the use of this remedy to get rid of the hair problems and implement growth of hair.

4. Mixing Tea Tree Oils with the Carrier Oils

If you are new to the term ‘Carrier oils’ then for your information these include the likes of baby oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and vegetable oil. The combination of oil with the carrier is a terrific combination and helps to treat dandruff and fungal infections on the scalp. For making this combination, you need to follow these steps:

  • With a teaspoon full of any of the carrier oils, you will need to add almost ten drops of the oil.
  • Massage with the mixture gently over your scalp and let the oil spread evenly
  • For about two hours let it stay on your head and then wash it off with the oil shampoo.

5. Using the Mixture of Rosemary and Tea Tree Oil

Use the Combination of Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil and Carrier Oils for Hair Care

In a similar manner, as you did for the combination oils, you can use the same technique with the rosemary oil as well.  But in this case, you would need to use the combination of three i.e., tea tree oil, rosemary oil and carrier oils. Apply them on the scalp and massage the mixture all over gently. You can then wash it off after two to three hours with warm water.  Experts recommend using this method for at least twice in a week to go get the desired results.

6. Using It in the Hair Mask

Tea Tree Oil and Avocado Hair Mask Recipe

An easy way to make a hair mask is to create a mixture of mashed avocado, a few argan oil drops, two tablespoons of raw honey and some tea tree oil drops. Once you achieve consistency in this paste, then you can apply the mixture gently on your scalp and massage it for around six to eight minutes. Then, after sometime for almost ten to fifteen minutes when your scalp might have absorbed some essentials, you can wash your head off with regular water. If you are thumbs up for this technique then you should preferably do so on a regular basis.

With these above-mentioned remedies and ways to use the tea tree oil, you would have now grasped the idea of using this product in the most effective manner so that all your head scalp problems come to an end. But, remember to check whether the oil suits your skin or not and then only go after these steps. Do not, in any case, apply the oil if you feel irritation on the skin otherwise you are good to go with it.

Have a great day ahead!

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