Easy And Effective Ways To Deal With Hair Breakage Naturally!

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One of the first signs of hair breakage is seeing a lot of hair entangled in the comb. I know it hurts. To some people, it may even take away your peace, and cause sleepless nights. This is attributed to unhealthy eating habits, improper hygiene, inadequate hair care, and excessive use of heat and chemical-based hair styling methods. There are several supplements, and medicines available in the market to repair damage. Not only they are expensive but they also fail to live up to their claim.

It is beneficial to treat your hair with natural, and herbal remedies as a treatment of hair breakage. In this article, we will look at potent natural remedies and effective tips that will solve your hair breakage issue.

What does hair breakage mean?

Hair breakage imply breaking of the hair shaft that results in split ends. In such a situation hair strands starts to become shorter in length.

Why Is My Hair Breaking?

Hair breakage is mostly a result of improper care of hair. It is often caused due to following reasons:

  • chemical buildup,
  • Excessive use of heat styling products like hair perming, hair straitening, hair curling, etc.
  • using wrong type of hair brush,
  • over brushing
  • chemical-based hair coloring
  • Lack of moisture
  • Washing hair using hard water
  • Blow drying hair
  • Sleeping on cotton pillows
  • Tying hair in an updo style (on the crown of the head) in a towel after shower

All the above reasons cause your hair strands to become weak and susceptible to breakage. This leads to friction between hair strands. This ultimately leads to breakage of hair.

Natural Ways To Stop Hair Breakage

Here are a few natural remedies that will help you tackle your hair breakage problem effectively.

1. Moisturize your hair

One of the major reasons why your hair can become damaged is due to lack of moisture. It can get dry, brittle and break off quickly. In such a scenario, lubrication is the key to prevent hair damage. You should deep conditioner your hair by moisturize your hair daily. Let us see the right way to do it.

2. Hot oil massage

Hair mostly breaks because of improper nutrition. To fulfill this requirement, it is required to give a luke-warm oil massage to them. This can be done with coconut oil, olive oil almond oil, or various other oils that we are going to mention in detail below. Oil massage works by moisturizing the hair from the root level. It repairs damage, and prevent them from getting broken easily.

To make these oils more effective, you can mix vitamin E to these oils to maximize its advantages. Massage your hair properly using any of the below listed oils. Now properly cover your hair with a clean shower cap. Keep it overnight, and let the oil do its magic. Wash your hair on the next day.

  • Coconut oil: It is a natural moisturizer that conditions your hair. Lauric acid present in this oil protects your hair from fungal infections. It is effective in protecting hair from dandruff, and hair breakage.
  • Castor Oil: Castor oil is a remarkable agent that nourishes, and strengthens your hair. It has ricinoleic acid that enhances blood circulation to the scalp, and prevents its breakage.
  • Almond Oil: Almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E that nourishes your cells from deep within. It helps your hair regain its lost thickness, and radiance. In addition to it, this oil also has beneficial components that includes omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium, that nourishes your hair from the root level, and protect it from any breakage.
  • Chamomile Oil: This oil shows remarkable anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties that aids in the treatment of an inflamed scalp. Chamomile Oil is good for the treatment of damaged, and dry hair. It has antifungal properties that prevents all sorts of fungal infections on the scalp.
  • Argan Oil: This oil has loads of vitamins A, vitamin C, and vitamin E in it. Its antioxidant properties protect your hair from any breakage, and damage. Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid moisturize your hair, and keep them healthy.
  • Garlic Oil: Hair are composed of keratin. Garlic has an abundance of Sulphur that helps in synthesizing keratin blocks. Moreover, garlic also possesses antioxidant, and antifungal properties that protects the hair, and scalp from any form of fungal infections, and breakage. Prepare garlic oil by heating 6 cloves of garlic in 100 ml of coconut oil for 15 minutes on low flame. Strain it and apply the mixture on your scalp. Let it stay for an hour and wash it.
  • Carrot oil: Carrot oil has good amounts of beta-carotene, vitamins A, and vitamin E that promotes healthy hair. Its antifungal, antibacterial and healing properties helps you deal with brittle hair, and a dry scalp.
  • Onion Juice: Onion is rich in Sulphur. This compound strengthens hair from the root level, so that it doesn’t break easily. Furthermore, onion juice boost blood circulation and nourishes your hair. It also aids in the growth of new hair. Grate onion, and extract its juice and apply it to your hair. Leave it for an hour and rinse it off.

Homemade Hair Masks to Treat Hair Breakage

Natural Treatment for Hair Breakage and Hair Fall Control

Hair masks prepared from natural remedies are also found to be equally potent just like hair oils. Let us see some of the effective hair masks, and the ways to apply it.

1. Green Tea, and Coconut Oil Mask

Green tea has catechins that shows remarkable antioxidant, antifungal, and inflammatory properties that strengthens, nourishes, and prevents hair thinning and fungal infections from scalp and hair. Mix half tablespoon of this tea with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply this mixture uniformly all over the scalp. Rinse them after an hour. Follow this procedure once a week.

2. Egg Hair Mask

Eggs have plenty of proteins that strengthens, and nourishes your hair and gives them natural radiance and bounce. It not just conditions your hair, but also makes them strong. To make this mask, combine egg yolk with rosemary or almond essential oil. Apply this mixture on your scalp and hair for an hour. Wash it off with a mild shampoo.

3. Aloe Vera Mask

Aloe Vera is a potent healing herb for hair, and skin. It shows brilliant moisturizing, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties that prevents hair breakage, and dandruff. All you require is to combine almond oil with Aloe Vera gel in equal proportions. Apply it to cover your scalp, and hair properly. Let it rest for thirty minutes on the scalp and wash it off.

4. Avocado, and Egg Mask

Avacado is a natural conditioner. It is a rich source of minerals, and vitamins that nourishes your scalp, and hair. Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, it makes your hair lustrous, and healthy. Mix half of peeled avocado in one egg yolk, and make a paste. Now apply it to wet hair. Let it stay for some time for a minimum of twenty minutes. Wash off with shampoo. Perform it two times in a month.

All these natural remedies help in controlling hair breakage. Choose any one of them of your choice, and follow it diligently to get the best results.

How Can Proper Diet Help In Prevention Of Hair Breakage?

In addition to externally treating your hair with natural remedies, you should also nourish your body from inside.  Consume nutrients that are important for nourishing your hair, and making them strong. Vitamin D, Biotin (Vitamin 7), Vitamin E and Vitamin C are very essential for making your hair strong, lustrous, and nourished.

When you consume foods that have these nutrients on a daily basis, then your hair follicles get strengthened. Some of the best sources to get these nutrients is by eating citrus fruits, cheese, leafy vegetables, and eggs. Consult with your doctor, if you can take it in the form of supplements in addition to food.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

An imbalanced pH on the scalp can negatively impact the health of your hair, and scalp. It can leave them damaged, and dry. To restore normal levels of pH, and provide a better environment for hair to grow, use Apple Cider Vinegar.

Acetic acid in this vinegar, balances overall pH of the scalp, and makes your hair soft, and less prone to breakage. Moreover, ACV also possess antimicrobial properties that keeps scalp infections at bay.

To use it, dilute a tablespoon of ACV, in two cups of water, and mix well. Rinse your hair with this solution. Perform this remedy once in a week.

2. Tips to prevent hair breakage

In addition to above remedies, you also need to take an extra care and make an extra effort while treating your hair on a daily basis. Follow these tips diligently to prevent any further damage to your hair.

  • Trim hair once in a month. It will help you relieve from the problem of split ends and breakage to your hair.
  • Avoid using hair styling products that includes ironing, blow drying, etc.
  • Don’t use chemical-based hair color, and dyes. Apply henna as it is a natural and safe option to color your hair.
  • Be regular in massage your scalp, and hair twice a week.
  • Keep your hair well moisturized.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday as it will take away moisture from the hair, and frequent exposure to chemicals cause damage to it.
  • Stay hydrated and eat plenty of fresh fruits, fish, vegetables, healthy fluids, and lean meat.
  • Loosen up your hair from time to time.
  • Excess of protein when consumed for longer periods can leave your hair brittle.
  • Avoid use of heat-based hair straitening, and curling products as application of heat can weaken your hair and make them break.
  • Maintain best level of hygiene. Use a natural shampoo to clean your hair twice a week and follow it by a moisturizer. If your hair are oily, you may need to wash thrice a week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Breakage

1. Does wet combing leads to hair breakage?

When your hair are in a wet state, they are more susceptible to breakage. Combing at that time can increase the chances of breaking them. So, wait for your hair to get dry before you comb them.

2. How scalp hygiene can prevent hair breakage?

One of the key reasons for hair damage is dirty scalp. Dust and dirt clog the hair pores, and hair follicles, that makes them deficient in nutrition. This makes it prone to infections and hair damage.

3. How can my hair style cause hair breakage?

When you keep your hair tied in weaves, and braids style for prolonger time, then it creates tension in the hair fiber and causes breakage.

4. What foods helps in preventing hair breakage immediately?

Milk, eggs, yogurt, walnuts, and almonds have plenty of essential nutrients such as Vitamin B12, proteins, antioxidants, zinc, Omega 6 fatty acids, and biotin that stops hair breakage.

5. What role does vitamins play in hair breakage?

Vitamin C aids in the production of collagen to form blood vessels. Vitamin D3 aids in synthesizing keratin that forms your hair. It stimulates hair follicles to grow. Biotin or Vitamin 7 promotes hair growth.

6. What is the right way to comb hair to prevent hair breakage?

Doctors advise to comb your hair both before and after wash. The right way to comb is by using a wide-tooth comb prior to washing them. As combs are mostly seen at the nape area, so start from the ends and move up to the roots. A pre-wash moisturizer will make it easier for you to detangle your hair strands. It will prevent its breaking at the time of combing.

7. What illnesses can cause hair breakage?

Medical conditions such as thyroid disease, alopecia areata, scalp disorders such as ringworm, lichen planus, lupus, can be the reason for hair damage. Your dermatologist will guide you how to treat these disorders and prevent hair breakage.


No one on this earth would want their hair to become damaged, and brittle. Your hair enhances your appearance. It is your crowning glory. Natural remedies are the simplest, and very affordable treatment for the prevention of hair breakage. One of the most comfortable things about it is that you need not look for the right ingredients. Messaging your hair with these therapeutic oils, and adopting right hair care techniques will prevent breakage and make them soft and shiny.

Hope you liked this article. Please share it with your family, and friends on social media. If you have any queries then do write to us. We would be happy to solve them at the earliest.

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