10 Amazing Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair Growth Will Blow Your Mind!

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Rice is popularly known as a standard food but it can also be used to promote healthy hair. ‘Rice Water for Hair Growth’ is a traditionally practiced successful formula for hair care. Enriched with loads of hair beneficial vitamins and compounds, rice water offer innumerable benefits to your scalp and hair strands. Looking at its nutritional composition, many companies consider it as one of the prime ingredients in preparation of shampoo and conditioners.

If you are curious to learn more about its benefits and procedure to make and use it, then read this post. We will cover all the important points that you need to know to get benefitted with this valuable ancient hair treatment.

History of Using Rice Water for Hair Growth

Rice water has been used since ancient era to make hair beautiful and strong. It was first used in Japan during the ancient Heian period. Women of those times used to apply rice water for hair growth. They had beautiful and long hair that used to reach to the floor.

These traditions got carried from generations via word of mouth. With the exchange of cultural practices, more and more people started to learn about this wonderful treatment for hair growth. A lot of study has also been carried out on the significance of rice water. It has a valuable compound, “inositol” that has the ability to beautify as well as strengthen hair.

Based on the studies, it is found that rice water gets absorbed into the scalp and nourishes hair roots. This action helps in the repair of the broken and damaged hair roots and safeguards it from future damage.

About Rice Water

Rice water looks like a milky liquid. Its consistency is thick because it contains the starch present in the rice. This water is loaded in vitamins and minerals that makes it a healthy drink for you.

Rice water has the property to stimulate flow of blood in the body. Better circulation of blood provides the necessary nutrients to the different cells and tissues of the body. By getting good amount of blood, your hair cells get adequately nourished. This promotes stronger, healthy and thicker tresses naturally.

What Makes Rice Water for Hair Growth an Ideal Formula?

As mentioned earlier, Rice water has a potent carbohydrate named “inositol” in it. It aids in strengthening the elasticity in hair, repair hair tissues and lower friction at the surface level. This water also contains necessary vitamins that includes Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and amino acids that assists in regeneration of hair.

With regular use of rice water, you can see significant reduction in white flakes / dandruff in hair. Even after you rinse your hair, inositol remains in the hair for a longer time. It acts as a protective shield to guard your hair against damage and shedding.

How To Prepare Rice Water for Hair Growth?

Rice water can be prepared with the help of two fundamental methods i.e. boiling and fermentation. Let us see both these methods in detail.

1. Boiled Rice Water For Hair

How to Make Boiled Rice Water for Hair Growth?

Boiled rice water is the excess amount of water that is left after you cook rice in water.  It is a concentrated form of liquid that has to be used as a hair rinse. It works as an excellent conditioner for your hair.


To prepare boiled rice water, you would require following ingredients:

  1. One cup rice, and
  2. One cup water


  1. Take a container. Fill it with rice. Add water in it for cooking.
  2. Now boil it for around ten to fifteen minutes (wait for two whistles in the pressure cooker).
  3. Once the rice gets properly cooked, you need to strain it. This excess water is called as boiled rice water. Collect it in a separate container. Let it come to normal temperature. You are ready to use it as a hair conditioner.
  4. You can use boiled rice for cooking purpose too.

How To Use Boiled Rice Water For Hair Growth?

Now let us see how to use rice water for hair. Take a mug and fill it with boiled rice water that you have prepared using the above steps. To make it more beneficial for your hair, you can add some drops of rosemary, or lavender essential oil in it.

Begin by shampooing your hair. Now rinse them with the boiled rice water. Let it stay for ten minutes. All the nutrients contained in the water will sink deep into scalp and nourish hair roots. You can even perform a gentle massage on your scalp.

After keeping it for ten minutes, rinse it off your hair with regular water. Do it once a week to see enhancement in your hair health.

2. Fermented Rice Water For Hair

In this method, you need to ferment the rice water by letting the mixture of rice and water to stay for twelve to twenty-four hours. The mixture you get after fermentation is termed as fermented rice water.

This process turns your normal rice water into a potent liquid. It may have an unpleasant smell that you can get away with by adding a few drops of lavender, or rosemary essential oils in the diluted form of fermented water.


To prepare fermented rice water, you would require following ingredients:

  1. half cup rice, and
  2. two cups water
  3. Take a container and add both rice and water into it. Let the mixture stay for thirty minutes.
  4. Now take out all the extra water from the mixture by straining the rice. You get the rice water. Now we need to ferment it.
  5. For fermentation, we will leave it for one or two days at the room temperature.
  6. After this time, your fermented rice water will be ready. Place the jar in the refrigerator to prevent it from getting stale. You can easily detect fermentation from the sour smell that comes out of it.
  7. To make it ready for use, you need to dilute it by adding water in it. Addition of a cup of warm water prior using the fermented rice water is necessary.

How To Use Fermented Rice Water For Hair?

  1. Apply the diluted form of fermented rice water onto the scalp. Spread it evenly onto the hair.
  2. Leave it on for twenty minutes. Now wash your hair with the help of a mild shampoo.
  3. Perform this procedure once a week.

With regular use, you would find your hair to become glossier, brighter, and thicker day by day.

Amazing Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair Growth

1. Rice Water Promotes Faster Hair Growth

Rice water exhibits remarkable properties to arrest hair fall and also boost hair growth. It has potent amino acids that aids in the renewal process and promotes quick growth of hair. In addition to it, rice water has vital antioxidants such as vitamins B, C, and E, that further assist in growth of hair.

2. Rice Water Helps Prevent Split Ends

Split ends happen due to pollution and insufficient upkeep of hair that results in an overall deterioration in the hair. The high levels of amino acids present in this water helps in rescuing as well as repairing the damage. Rice water has plenty of protein that your hair needs to avoid split ends.

3. Rice Water Treats Frizzy Hair

Due to high protein content in the form of amino acids, rice water works as a remarkable hair tonic. Regular application of it will treat rough and frizzy hair naturally. It smoothens your hair and make them radiant and silky.

4. Serves As The Best Hair Conditioner

Rice water is a natural hair conditioner. When you rinse your hair with this water after shampooing then it improves the texture of hair and also enhances its density. Above all, use of rice water makes your hair healthy, and strong. Rice water is a great moisturizer and works as an ointment to treat inflamed skin.

5. Protects Hair From Damage

Hair gets damaged due to a variety of reasons. One of them is surface friction. Rice water has “inositol” in it that can reduce surface level friction in hair and promotes elasticity.

6. Strengthens The Hair Roots

Rice water contains thiamine or vitamin B1 that reduces stress in the body and gives strength to your hair roots. This action reverses hair loss, and increases density and bounce in them.

7. Cures Dandruff

Rice water is effective in dealing with a wide range of annoying hair issues that includes itchiness, dandruff, lice, etc. Consistent use of rice water will treat the root cause of these issues i.e., inflammation. It repairs your hair from the root level.

Fermented form of rice water has a vital mineral “selenium” in it that destroys a specific form of yeast named “Malassezi”. It causes itchiness on the scalp. By destroying this yeast, it aids in the restoring health, density and shine of hair.

8. Makes Hair Shiny

Rice water is a rich source of amino acids that are responsible for adding luster to your hair. It makes them smooth and adds a natural shine to them.

9. Rice Water Makes Your Hair Easy to Manage

Rice water de-tangles your hair strands, and makes it easy to comb. With regular use of this hair conditioner, you will notice less hair breakage. You will find that your hair becomes easier to manage. This is an ideal hair conditioner for people who have curly and long hair.

10. Deeply Nourishes Your Hair

This healthy concoction of rice and water has good amounts of amino acids that makes your hair roots strong and healthy. It repairs your hair roots, improves hair volume and deeply conditions them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Rice Water for Hair Growth

1. Which One To Prefer: Fermented Rice Water Or Boiled Rice Water?

Ideally both methods are good, but fermentation enhances the quality of plain rice water to a greater extent. Fermented rice water has an acidic nature. So, when you rinse your hair with this water, it helps in restoring, rejuvenating as well as balancing the pH level of your hair.

2. What Is The Benefit Of Fermentation?

The pH of plain rice water is observed to be greater than the pH of your hair. Fermentation is the process that lowers the actual pH level of the rice water so as to bring it down to the level of your hair. In this way, it assists in closing the cuticle and safeguarding the hair.

Fermented rice water improves the existing amounts of nutrients, and vitamins levels in it, that nourishes hair follicles. It helps in promotion of healthy growth of hair and also enhances the existing condition of the hair.

Fermentation results in the formation of a substance named ‘pitera’ in the rice water. This substance is rich in minerals, vitamins, organic acids, and amino acids. It promotes regeneration of cells and keeps your hair healthy.

3. Can we apply the fermented rice water directly on our hair?

Fermented rice water is very thick and you can’t use it directly onto your hair. So, it requires that you dilute it prior to applying it on your hair.

4. Can rice water deal with hair falling?

Yes. Rice water has inositol and large amounts of hair beneficial vitamins present in it. When it penetrates into the roots of the hair, then it strengthens them and repairs its damaged tissues. It works at the deeper levels to make your hair strong and healthy.

5. Are there any side effects of using rice water on your hair?

Rice water is a natural treatment to repair, rejuvenate and nourish your hair. It is safe to be used for long-term use. However, as excess of anything is bad, it is required that you stick to its permissible usage guideline. It is completely safe to use it once a week. It will not give you any side effects. 


Rice water is not just cost effective, but also purely natural and simple treatment that can make your hair nourished and healthy. It’s safe and proven results make it a sensible decision to transit from chemical enriched hair products to natural rice water. If you desire strong, thick and glossy hair, then rice water is one of the best hair treatments that you should try today.

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