Amazing Uses of Marigold for Skin and Hair Care!

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Every woman dreams of a flawless and vibrant skin. To accomplish this goal, there are innumerable beauty products available in the market. However, a majority of these products cause harm to your skin when used for longer term. Natural and herbal products nourish your skin and hair from deep and give you natural glow without any side effects. Marigold is one such flower that works just wonders on your skin and hair. In this article we will be discussing how to use Marigold for Skin and Hair care.

Calendula Marigold is one such potent herb that possess amazing therapeutic properties. Available, in various forms, this medicinal herb constitutes overall health in a person. Let us see more about this herb, and how it benefits our body in detail.

What is Calendula Marigold?

Marigold Calendula Flowers
Calendula is basically a plant whose flowers are used to prepare medicine. This herb has been popular for its medical and culinary benefits. The petals of its flower have a lovely bright orange and yellow color that makes it appealing. The height of the plant is about one or two feet. It is used for its remarkable healing properties that makes it a wonderful treatment for rashes, wounds, inflammation, infection and several other health conditions.

Uses of Marigold for Skin and Hair Care

Properties of Calendula

The flower of this plant is used for therapeutic purposes. They exhibit antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that makes it a powerful ingredient for healing. Due to this reason, many medicated creams, topical lotions and oils, made from the oil extracted from the whole petals of Calendula Marigold flowers.

The use of Celendula Marigold has been medically approved by FDA. This makes it legal to consume this herb in the form of cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, body lotions, and anti-septic treatment, both topically as well as internally.

Where is Calendula Marigold found?

Calendula is a plant native to the Mediterranean area of Europe, Macaronesia, southwestern Asia and western Europe. It is a type of around fifteen to twenty species of yearly and recurrent herbaceous plants that belongs to the daisy family “Asteraceae”. It is often called as “Marigold”.

Benefits of Marigold For Health

Calendula Marigold is a wonderful herb that has the ability to heal a number of health disorders in the body. Calendula flower is best used for the prevention of muscle spasms in the body. It has the ability to lower fever-related sensation in the body. Celendula is also effective for the treatment of sore mouth and throat, eczema, diaper rash, menstrual cramps, stomach disorders, duodenal ulcers, and cancer in the body.

Topical application of Calendula is helpful in lowering inflammation, and pain in the body. It is beneficial in the treatment for leg ulcers, and healing wounds in the body. This herb is ideal for nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, conjunctivitis and swelling of the rectum. Let us know health benefits of Marigold in detail.

1. Boosts Digestive System

Calendula is an anti-inflammatory herb that has the ability to treat internal burns, and wounds in the body and treats condition such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and heartburn. It acts as a protective shield for the stomach and helps the body to relieve from discomforts caused due to stomach infections. Consumption of this herb also enhances digestion by restoring the intestinal wall.

2. Enhances Immunity System

Calendula has the ability to strengthen the defense mechanism of the body and fight off infection. This herb is quite effective in reducing the rate of spreading of infection due to persistent congestion, and cough.

3. Improves brain health

Research proves that there is a link between intestinal health and mental health of a person. Calendula exhibits amazing property to repair and enhance gut function in the body. This in turn improves the mental health of a person. Due to this ability, Calendula can reduce depression in a person. It is seen to positively impact the functionality of brain too.

Benefits Of Marigold For Skin And Hair Care Treatments

Calendula is an effective alternative remedy for the treatment of several skin conditions in the body. It has the ability to enhance the appearance, as well as the quality of the skin. Let us see the ways in which calendula oil is useful for the skin.

1. Heals skin wounds

Due to the soothing, and healing abilities of Calendula, this gentle herb exhibits remarkable ability to treat wounds caused due to insect bites, eruptions, sunburn, minor burns, cuts, cold sores, and bruises in the body.

Regularly application of Calendula on the impacted skin, effectively cleans the wound and assists in the growth of new tissues in the body. It is efficient in treating tenderness, inflammation, and redness, in the body. The antimicrobial components of the herb reduce swelling, infection and aids in fast healing in the body.

2. Hydrates Dry Skin

Calendula is ideal for sensitive skin. It has a gentle action on the body and helps to relieve from various kinds of damaged skin conditions that includes dryness, dermatitis, itchiness, or irritated regions in the body. Calendula promotes the production of an essential protein “collagen” in the body. This protein helps you achieve glowing, hydrated and nourished skin naturally.

3. Slows down the signs of aging

Calendula is effective in reducing the formation of wrinkles in the body. This remarkable herb is rich in anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants compounds that offer protection against oxidative damage in human skin cells. Calendula-based lip balms, and topical lotions that hydrates as well as moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft, and supple. With regular application, you skin becomes firm, and blemish-free.

4. Reduce Scarring

Calendula is effective in reducing the scarring process, and discoloration caused due to it. It increases flow of blood to the injured region and promotes a quick healing in the body. This potent herb is helpful in relieving you from infection, as well as encourage formation of healthy tissues in the body.

Calendula is also helpful in the treatment of skin ulcers such as acne, and chicken pox. Application of face mask once a week, or Calendula enriched creams, and oils daily will help in targeting acne-prone region and give you the best relief.

5. Relieves from Diaper rashes

The skin of the baby is very gentle and sensitive. Due to this reason, it is prone to diaper rashes. Topical application of Calendula oil or lotion for a few times a day helps in giving relief from this trouble. This herb not just soothes, but also softens the skin, prevents inflammation, boosts the immunity system and enables quick healing of wounds.

Applications Of Marigold for Skin and Hair

Calendula can be used in a variety of ways to treat a wide range of health ailments. Here is a list of products in which you can use this herb.

1. Tea form

Calendula tea is prepared by steeping the dried and powdered form of Calendula herb in boiling water for about fifteen minutes. This tea is used as a drink or a mouth rinse for the treatment of wounds and sore throat in the mouth. You can even drink it twice a day. It can also be used as a warm compress to heal eye-related infections. Undoubtedly, we can use Marigold for many other ailments other than for skin and hair.

2. Calendula Oil

Another way to use Calendula oil is in the form of oil. Calendula oil is touted for its topical medicinal use. It is made from the petals of Calendula flowers. This oil has remarkable antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties that gives you natural protective and healing benefits of this plant.

3. Cream or Ointment

Another way to use Calendula oil is in the form of ointment, or cream. This is made by combining the oil with ingredients that includes beeswax, and other additional essential oils.

4. Calendula extract

The benefits of the extract of Calendula is also available in the form of a body lotion, and deodorant.

Marigold Face Pack

The goodness of Calendula Marigold is available in the form of face packs too. It contains all the important properties of Calendula that includes anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and anti-bacterial property. In this way, it protects the skin from infection. These packs boost collagen production in the skin and prevents formation of wrinkles in the skin.

Marigold shows an effective property to balance oil secretion and rejuvenates the skin. Its anti-oxidant property removes the impurities, and deeply cleans the skin. All these face packs can be easily prepared at home and is ideal for all skin types.

1. Marigold Honey Face Pack

Marigold Honey Face Pack is designed for dry skin. This pack moisturizes the skin, lightens complexion, removes blemishes, and makes it vibrant. Make a paste of flower petals of Marigold, half a teaspoon of honey, and one teaspoon milk cream. Apply it on the skin and leave it for twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water.

2. Marigold Yogurt Face Mask

This is a fabulous face pack for oily skin. It works by removing dead skin cells, maintaining pH balance, and hydrating the skin. The result is a cleaner and radiant skin instantly, and naturally.

Mix a tablespoon of Marigold flower paste, one teaspoon of yogurt, ½ teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of rose water and make a fine paste. Now apply it all over the face. After fifteen minutes, you can wash the face with water. To get the best results, perform this remedy twice a week.

3. Marigold Gram Flour Face Pack

This is an ideal face pack for people with dry and normal skin. This face pack works by removing dead skin cells, nourishes the skin and improves its texture and complexion. To use it, all you need is to mix a tablespoon of paste of Marigold flower, one teaspoon raw milk, and one teaspoon gram flour. Apply it and leave for twenty minutes. Rinse off to get a soft, smooth, and supple skin naturally. Perform thrice a week to get best results.

Marigold Hair Pack

Marigold is a wonderful hair tonic. Rinsing your hair with it makes your hair softer, and lustrous. In addition to it, a hair mask made with marigold flower powder aids in reducing hair loss, and promote new growth of hair.

Calendula enhances collagen production in hair that makes hair follicles healthy. Its application makes hair thick and less prone to breakage. Calendula lowers the inflammation in the body that is caused due to metabolic disorders in the body. In this way, it leads to loss of hair in the body.

Calendula has the ability to fight against fungal, and anti-bacterial infections that can lead to baldness. This medicinal herb comprises of polysaccharides that is beneficial to treat HIV-related loss of hair. Here are a few important health benefits of Marigold that promotes hair health.

1. Marigold Amla and Hibiscus Hair Pack

The paste of Marigold flowers when mixed with Amla and hibiscus powder, strengthens your hair follicles from the root level. It aids in promotion of hair growth and prevent loss of hair.

2. Calendula Greek Yogurt Hair Mask

Add three-fourth cup of Greek yogurt to the paste of fresh calendula marigold buds. Ensure that the paste has a thick consistency. Apply this paste to your scalp and hair. You can also massage this mixture for two to three minutes so that it covers the entire scalp effectively.

Leave it on for twenty minutes. Rinse off with mild shampoo. This hair pack is an effective treatment to get rid of dandruff, and redness due to an inflamed scalp. You do not even need to apply a conditioner. It makes your hair becomes moisturized, and provides natural shine.

3. Marigold Hair Pack enriched with Green Tea, and Moringa

This hair pack is ideal for people who suffer from hair damage. Marigold when added with hair nourishing and vitalizing herbs such as Green tea, and paste of Moringa leaves give you healthy scalp and hair. The powerful anti-oxidant action of this herb deeply nourishes your scalp and restores its health.

Side Effects of Marigold Calendula

  • Though it is quite safe to use Marigold for Skin and Hair, pregnant and lactating mothers should abstain from its oral and topical use as it can cause severe complications that can risk their pregnancy.
  • Calendula can cause allergic reaction in people who are sensitive towards plants belonging to Asteraceae family.
  • Calendula can even lead to drowsiness when consumed with medications either at the time of surgery, or after surgery. To avoid this condition, you should stop intake of calendula for a minimum of fifteen days (approximately 2 weeks) before conducting a scheduled surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calendula Marigold for Skin and Hair

Here are some of the common questions that may provide you answers to your queries on health benefits of Calendula.

1. How does Calendula work in the body?

The natural ingredient present in Calendula promotes repair of wounds by development of new tissues and reduction of swelling in the throat and mouth. There are many other benefits of Calendula Marigold for skin and Hair that we are discussing in this article.

2. How much should be your ideal dose of Calendula?

It is important to know that dosage, and safe method of consumption is important in natural remedies too. The right dose of this potent therapeutic herb depends on various factors that includes the age, existing health condition, severity of illness that you want to treat, etc. It is required that you follow relevant directions as stated on product labels and discuss with your pharmacist before you use this herb.

3. Does Calendula interact with medicines?

Calendula can cause a lot of drowsiness, and sleepiness in a person by interacting it with sedative medications. Some of these sedative medicines with which Calendula interacts are clonazepam, lorazepam, phenobarbital, zolpidem, and others. If you have certain allegies then consider talking with your medical advisor before trying Marigold for skin and sair treatment.

4. What are the different types of Calendula products available in the market?

The benefits of Calendula oil can be obtained in a variety of forms that includes Calendula, ointments, salves, creams, tincture, capsules, and tea.

5. What precaution do you need to take during topical application of Calendula?

Before you try any of the Calendula product on your skin, you need to perform a skin patch test. After applying the product, wait for a day or two to ensure that you are not allergic to it.

Calendula is an ancient herb that has been widely used in formulation of several health, skin, and hair care products. Due to its wonderful benefits without any side effects, this herb is worth giving a try. To get maximum benefits from it, you need to ensure that it is made of pure and natural ingredients that is free of preservatives, and chemicals. Always perform a skin patch test before using it. A consultation with the doctor about its right use will be beneficial. Hope after reading this article, you are now completely aware about the benefits of Marigold for Skin and Hair!

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