DIY Hair Care Tips to Ensure Healthy Hair for a Long Time

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Healthy hair is what most of us desire and for that, we are always ready to spend some extra bucks at the salons for lavish treatments. But, what if you can get the same treatment with the things available at your home themselves? Yes, we are talking about the naturally processed products which are free from the chemicals that you usually find in most of the branded ones.

Along with this, there are certain day-to-day things which you need to take care of when it comes to hair and make sure to avoid them as much as possible. After reading this post, you would be able to get an elaborated idea of the ways in which you can keep your hair healthy and prevent the commonly found scalp problems.

DIY Hair Care Tips

Learn about Some Essential Hair Care Tips

Below are some home remedies and habits that you need to avoid while taking care of your hair. Read through the points below to know more:

1. Avoid Scratching Your Head

Scratching your hair time and again invites a lot of bacteria and dirt from your hands which can further damage the roots of your hair resulting in hair fall. So, make it a point that you stay away from this habit of yours. Moreover, avoid combing rigorously and be gentle on your scalp. Also, do not make use of tight rubber bands this would stretch your hair follicles and damage them.

2. Wash Your Hair with Normal Water

Normal water is more than perfect for the normal hair and thus it is recommended to wash your hair with it. Too much hot or freezing cold water can weaken the roots of your hair and can harm the skin.  It is safe to cleaning your hair with the water available at the room temperature and you can never go wrong with that.

3. Be Frequent with Oil Massages

Imbibe the routine of massaging your hair with the essential oils every once or twice in a week. This would increase the circulation of blood on your scalp and thus help the roots to become stronger. Another advantage of using oil is that it will keep your scalp moisturized and prevent flakiness. If it is winter, then try using dense oil such as mustard or olive as that time your head scalp is more prone to dryness. Otherwise, for summers you have a plethora of options available such as the almond oil, coconut oil, etc. which can provide your hair with the nutrients that they are longing.

An important tip is to massage your hair at least one or two hours before the shampooing so as to leave your hair soft and smooth.

4. Use Hair Masks on a Regular Basis

You can always use hair masks with the ingredients present in your home such as yogurt, fenugreek seeds, mustard oil, gooseberry powder and a plethora of other which thankfully do not contain chemicals and are sulphate-free. So, here are some of the hair masks which you can prepare at home:

a. Mixture of Yogurt and Fenugreek Powder

Mix a tablespoon of fenugreek powder in yogurt and form a paste out of it. Apply it over your scalp for about 15-20 minutes so that the hair absorbs the essential nutrients and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. Yogurt promotes smoothness and prevents the hair from getting dry as it has moisturizing quality.

b. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Egg

These three ingredients are probably the best-suited ones for your hair. For making the hair mask out of these, you would need to warm the coconut oil; let it cook, and then, at last, add a tablespoon of olive and 2-3 eggs and form a consistent mixture. Let the mixture stay on your scalp for about half an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

c. Avocado and Peppermint Oil Hair Mask

Avocado is rich in fat and contains some essential minerals which are good for the hair growth. For preparing the mask, mash an avocado and mix with some peppermint oil to form a paste. Afterward, you can apply it on your hair for about an hour or two and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. It is one of the fastest ways to promote hair growth and keep them healthy if you use the mask regularly.

5. Do Not Apply the Conditioner on the Roots of the Hair

This is the most common mistake the people tend to do. The conditioner is not for your scalp and rather should be applied to the hair strands slightly away from the roots. Never, in any case, forget this tip as then serious damage would be done to your hair. Also, try to use the same brand of conditioner and shampoo and check for the sulphate content. Avoid buying the product it causes irritation on the scalp.

6. Maintain a Balanced Diet

The quality of the food that you eat also determines how healthy your hair might be. Include foods which are rich in iron and protein content such as the green leafy vegetables, soybeans, cheese, yogurt, chickpeas, etc. Also, consume walnuts as they are rich in Omega-3 acids which are essential for healthy hair. Your hair needs all the ingredients for the strength and proper growth.

7. Stay Away from the Heat

Blow dry and electric curlers might enhance the look of your hair but as they are exposed to excess heat time and again, they do get damaged a bit. If you are regular with the use of these devices, then you would need to be a little extra careful. Apply serum which contains natural ingredients before you go for the curling or straightening so that your hair have a coat and do not come directly in contact with the heat.

8. Be Regular with the Hair Trimming

If you have split ends then make sure you trim them once in every two to three months. Apart from being healthy, your hair also needs to look presentable and thus trimming is an essential step in this process. So, be sure that you are regular with it whenever you feel the need.

With these tips, you would be able to keep your hair healthy for a long time without even bothering to go to the salon on a regular basis. Implement these tips and have a good hair day!

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