Kalonji Oil (Black seed oil) Benefits for Hair

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A quick list of Kalonji oil or Black Seed Oil health benefits

  • Kalonji oil when combined with sweet lime juice can help in the treatment of acne along with other skin issues.
  • Kalonji oil can help in the management of diabetes to a great extent.
  • When kalonji seeds are taken with some honey and warm water, it boosts the memory of the individual and also helps in reducing the trouble caused at the time of breathing while suffering from asthma.
  • For the people suffering from frequent headaches, rubbing some kalonji oil on the forehead would reduce the headache and help with relaxation.
  • Surprisingly, kalonji seeds or even oil when combined with lemon, honey, and warm water helps in reducing those unwanted kilos magically.
  • Mixing kalonji oil with mustard oil and applying it on the joints helps in reducing the joint pain or inflammation on the joints.
  • Drinking around ½ tsp of kalonji oil along with warm water helps in controlling hypertension or high blood pressure levels.
  • Kalonji seeds or even oil is much helpful in the treatment of kidney stones, kidney pain, and various kidney infections.
  • Kalonji oil is much helpful for solving various dental issues like bleeding gums, weak teeth, and swelling of the gums. It increases the strength of the gums.
  • The intake of kalonji oil with warm water and honey helps in boosting the immune system. The benefits can also be observed by inhaling the fumes of boiling water with kalonji oil. This also helps in solving various sinusitis issues.

Kalonji Oil or Black Seed Oil – An Introduction

Everyone is heading a frenzied lifestyle today. The day to day stress, working in the polluted environment etc. has totally messed up the health of nearly everyone out there. And this has also come up with an immense impact on health. Again, the hair is also not left untouched with the ill effects of the environment and other factors.

Nearly 8 out of 10 people are complaining about hair fall, dandruff, dryness, rough hair, etc. And to deal with such issues, the widest selected options include chemical-based hair treatments, imported shampoos, serums, conditioners, etc. There are some people who look for natural options to treat such issues which are considered to be safer compared to the chemical-based hair products. And when it comes to natural hair treatments, kalonji oil is one of the best options to go with.

Surprisingly, there are very few people who are familiar with the hair benefits you can reap by using kalonji oil. Also known as black seed oil, black cumin, black caraway, or nigella sativa oil, it is obtained from the black seeds or kalonji seeds.

Kalonji is quite commonly found in the Indian kitchen, used to add some deliciousness and a different aroma in various dishes like dals, curries, kachoris, samosa, etc. It is also used on various Indian bread like parathas and kulchas to make them tasty. The seeds are rich in antioxidants, which can help with tremendous health benefits along with beauty and hair benefits too.

Black Seed Oil for Hair

According to some research carried out in 2016, Kalonji seeds are among the various ingredients that can be used for cosmetics and medicinal uses. Similarly, the oil obtained from the seeds contains properties like antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, which make it the best for the hair.

All these properties not only help in maintaining the health of the scalp but also helps in getting rid of dandruff while it keeps the scalp well-moisture. The oil also contains fatty amino acids which are helpful in sealing the moisture of the hair shafts. It is also effective for treating hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth.

The oil also provides you with thymoquinone which is a popular anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound that is helpful in fighting against the fungus and bacteria that lead to skin and hair issues. The compound also promotes hair growth and reduces the process of aging by preventing thinning of hair. It nourishes the hair from the depth and eliminates dryness from the hair completely.

Here are some of the benefits obtained by using kalonji oil for hair:

1. Maintains the health of the scalp

As mentioned above, black seed oil for hair contains properties like antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiviral. All these properties are essential for having a healthy scalp. The oil is quite effective in reducing the scalp issues like dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis, along with other scalp issues and soothes the scalp skin. The oil also keeps the scalp well moisturized and balances the production of the oil. Hence, using black seed oil helps in maintaining the scalp’s health easily.

2. Reduces hair fall

This is among the well-known benefits of using kalonji oil for hair. Kalonji oil is among the best ingredients which help in treating the damaged hair to a great extent. The oil provides the hair with around 100 nutrients which are essential for the nourishment of the hair, roots, and follicles. It provides the follicles with the required nourishment and hence, reduces the problem of hair fall. Along with this, it also provides the hair with additional nourishment to keep it healthy and strong.

3. Boosts hair regrowth

Kalonji hair oil is rich in nutrients like thymoquinone and nigellone which are among the strong antihistamines. The antihistamines are widely suggested to the patients suffering from alopecia areata or androgenic alopecia. And black seeds oil contains both the nutrients which promote hair regrowth for the people irritated with baldness. Again, there are no additional medications required along with kalonji seed oil when using it for hair regrowth.

4. To reduce early aging

Due to the hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, people are likely suffering from early signs of aging, and grey hair is among them. Surprisingly, black seed oil for grey hair is quite effective for reversing the situation and preventing the hair from turning grey. The oil contains linoleic acid which is much essential for preventing depletion of the hair follicles, particularly the pigment cells. The oil is used in the form of effective treatment if one is suffering from vitiligo which is a skin disorder in which patches are observed on the skin due to lack of pigmentation.

5. Reduces hair damage

The free radicals are much harmful to the hair as well as the scalp skin. It not only damages the texture of the hair but also the follicles which lead to complete hair damage. The oil obtained from the black seeds are rich in antioxidants which help with neutralization of the free radicals that damage the hair. Hence, the use of black seed oil keeps the hair as well as the scalp damage-free and healthy. Regular use of the oil reduces the damage caused to the hair and the scalp and also prevents it from further damage too.

6. For some natural conditioning

The scalp produces a natural oil named sebum which keeps the scalp and the hair nourished and moisturized. However, some lack the required production of sebum which results in hair damage and hair dryness even for the oily hair. The black seed oil is helpful in normalizing the production of the oil for the scalp.

This keeps the hair in a healthy condition and reduces the chances of greasiness. The amino fatty acids in the oil help in locking the moisture of the hair shaft and reduces the chances of frizz and makes the hair natural manageable. So, use the oil for naturally conditioning the hair.

7. For proper blood circulation

Kalonji oil for hair is rich in omega-3 acids and omega-6 biomolecules which are much helpful in promoting blood circulation in the head. Again, the nutrients obtained from the oil also promotes healthy hair growth merely in some countable weeks. Using Kalonji oil with other oils would promote hair growth as well as required blood circulation that would be beneficial for the health of the hair and reduce hair fall too.

The benefits of black seed oil for hair hence includes fighting against hair loss, controlling dandruff, prevention from premature graying, making the hair strong from within, and conditions the hair naturally. The oil obtained from the kalonji seeds contain a list of nutrients like Vitamin C, B, and A, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium which are quite helpful for proper and healthy hair-care routine. The oil makes the hair strong from inside which is much helpful for the health of the hair.

Black Seed Oil – Recipe for Hair Care

Want to make the oil at home on your own for reaping its benefits? Here is the process of making black seed oil at home.

Ingredients to gather

  • 1tbsp of black seeds
  • 1tbsp of fenugreek seeds
  • 200ml of coconut oil
  • 50ml of castor oil

Steps to follow

  1. Take the fenugreek seeds and black seeds and grind them to get some fine powder.
  2. Take the powder and put it inside a glass container.
  3. Add the castor oil and coconut oil to the powder and mix it well.
  4. Close the container and store it where sunlight is observed.
  5. Keep the oil there for around 2-3 weeks.

After 2-3 weeks strain the oil properly into another container. Make sure you keep stirring the oil daily when kept in sunlight for having a properly mixed oil. Apply this oil around once or two times a week for obtaining desired results.

How to use Kalonji seed oil for hair growth?

No doubt, using the oil regular basis as mentioned above would be much effective for healthy hair, however, when it comes to using the oil for hair growth, there are certain things you need to consider. Here is how to use black seed oil for hair growth.

  • The black seed oil can be used directly on the hair. For this, take some oil and through your fingertips, gently massage the oil on the scalp. Keep the oil on the hair for around 30 minutes and wash the hair normally. Massaging the oil on the scalp would promote hair growth.
  • You can also combine kalonji oil with castor oil or olive oil for hair growth. For using such a combination of hair oils, take an equal quantity of the oils and mix them properly. Apply the combination on the scalp and hair. Massage the oil on the scalp with your fingertips and allow the oil to rest on the hair and scalp for around 30 minutes. Using a mild shampoo, wash the hair.
  • If you are looking for hair growth with no dandruff, you can also add lemon juice to the oil. Lemon contains Vitamin C which adds to the collagen levels on the scalp. First, apply lemon juice on the scalp and let it rest for around 15 minutes. Rinse the hair properly. Then apply black seed oil for hair on the scalp and massage it. Keep the oil for around 30 minutes or overnight and wash out.

Hence, in this way, kalonji oil for hair would help in the growth of hair as well as help in dealing with other hair and scalp issues with ease. Again, washing kalonji oil from the hair can be quite difficult, and hence, make sure you use mild yet effective hair shampoo to remove the oil from the hair and scalp completely.

Final Words

As per the results obtained from researches, the black seed oil for hair contains numerous characteristics that are much effective for the treatment of hair and reducing various hair conditions. The oil supports healthy scalp, follicles, and hair as well as reduces the natural thinning of the hair. No doubt, till date, there are no side effects reported for using black seed oil, it is still highly recommended to talk to a doctor before starting with the oil as there are potential interactions observed regarding the usage of the oil along with other medications.

So, talk to your doctor and start with black seed oil for gifting your hair some natural care and nourishment.

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