Frozen Yogurt Benefits for Health : Use It as A Low Calorie Healthy Desert

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Some surprising facts about Frozen Yogurt

  • Frozen yogurt benefits are numerous . It is a kind of alive ingredient and contains good bacteria that are good for your gut. It provides healthy bacteria that boost digestion as well as the immune system to fight several infections.
  • Surprisingly, the good bacteria obtained from the frozen yogurt also help in improving the bad breath as it works similar to the breath refresher.
  • Apart from good bacteria, frozen yogurt is also rich in other nutrients like minerals and Vitamins. The list includes Vitamin B6 and B12, riboflavin, calcium, and protein.
  • People suffering from the intolerance of lactose can easily digest frozen yogurt compared to other dairy products like ice-cream and whole milk.
  • Frozen yogurt contains the required amount of calcium which helps in reducing the chances of developing osteoporosis or any other bone-thinning disease.
  • Frozen yogurt is not only made from the milk of cow, it can be made from the milk of water buffalo, goats, and even sheep. In Western China and the Middle East, the frozen yogurt is also available from the milk of yak and camel respectively.
  • No doubt, yogurt was consumed in India and the Middle East for about 5000 years back, but the idea of freeze yogurt was introduced by Frogurt in 1970 in New England, where it was served with scoops in the form of ice-cream.

Frozen Yogurt Benefits – An Introduction

Many people believe frozen yogurt is a kind of yogurt that is defreeze in the freezer. But the fact is that frozen yogurt is a combination of three basic ingredients to make something that is healthy and tasty too.

One of the popular desserts, frozen yogurt is getting quite popular as a healthy replacement to ice-cream. The ingredient is available in various flavors and varieties so that you can use it in different ways. With reduced calories and fats, frozen yogurt comes with a creamy texture that is too delicious.

Is frozen yogurt a new item for you? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Let’s today discuss each and every aspect regarding the frozen desert.

What are the health benefits of Frozen Yogurt?

Health Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

Compared to other frozen desserts, frozen yogurt comes with various health benefits. It contains healthy bacteria and nutrients like Vitamin A and C, iron, Calcium, Fiber, and many more. It is low in calories and fats that add to its benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of having frozen yogurt.

1. It contains probiotics

The very first benefit of frozen yogurt is that it contains good bacteria, also known as probiotics. The probiotics are nothing but the live bacteria which when consumed provide you with various health benefits. The good bacteria is really helpful for your gut as it improves your digestion and also boosts your immune system at the same time. However, it is essential to take a look if the yogurt is pasteurized or not. If its pasteurized, the good bacteria in it would be killed and hence, it may not provide you with the benefits.

2. Reduces the Lactose levels

Do you feel lactose tolerance when eating some dairy products leading to pain, gas, and bloating? Frozen yogurt is an ideal replacement for dairy products for you. There are some people who can tolerate a small dairy portion, particularly, if they include probiotics. And the frozen yogurts contain a reduced level of lactose which helps them without any digestive issues.

3. Helpful for the bones

Frozen yogurt is rich in particular nutrients that include protein and calcium that are good for bone health. However, even the normal yogurt would provide you with all these nutrients, frozen yogurt will also provide you with equal nutritional benefits that would be helpful for your bones.

4. Reduced calories

Yes, one of the essential benefits of having frozen yogurt is that it cuts out a good number of calories that an ice-cream or other deserts might have. But make sure you keep a watch on the nutrients and calories that would be added to the yogurt in the form of toppings as well as the size or quantity you are going to consume. If you don’t keep a watch on it, you are sure to add calories to the healthy yogurt.

Hence, these are some of the health benefits of replacing the deserts and ice-creams with frozen yogurt.

Is Frozen Yogurt similarly healthy as plain yogurt?

Yogurt is quite healthy and adds a delicious taste to your diet. But the frozen yogurt basically comes with added sugar that is a little unhealthy. Adding sugar to yogurt before it’s solidified keeps huge ice precious stones from framing and guarantees the solidified yogurt holds a smooth surface like dessert. It additionally makes the taste increasingly worthy, with the goal that it’s sweet and tart, as opposed to sharp. In any case, solidified yogurt can at present contain more included sugar than normal sugar-improved yogurt.

Hence, if you are looking for a healthy yogurt, the plain yogurt wins the battle instead of Frozen yogurt.

How to choose a healthy frozen yogurt?

No doubt, frozen yogurt is not as healthy as the plain yogurt, you can still have it in as a healthy option by considering particular things at the time of consuming it. Here is what you can do to make the frozen yogurt healthy.

1. Keep a watch on the portions you are having

Yes, frozen yogurt is surely a sweet treat, it still is not recommended in large portions. So, if you are looking for a healthy treat in your diet, keep a watch on your portion. Keep the size limited to only half of the cup which is basically of the baseball size. Going with a cup of fruit with a small topping of frozen yogurt is also healthy.

2. Be choosy with the toppings

To make the sweet treat a healthy one, working on the toppings is also essential. Look for healthy topping options like fresh fruits, some nuts, dark chocolate, etc., which are low in sugar content and add some nutrients to the frozen yogurt. If possible, limit or avoid toppings like cookies, chocolate chips, fruit syrups, and candies.

3. Make varieties without added sugar

There are many ready-made frozen yogurts that include artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. So, look for other varieties that come with limited sugar and zero artificial sweeteners. You can also make the frozen yogurt at home and replace sugar with honey to make it healthy by keeping a watch on the calories.

4. Look for fat-free frozen yogurt

Along with the calories, keeping a watch on the fats is also essential. So, go for fat-free varieties of frozen yogurt that are low in added sugars. Instead of looking for other varieties, go for regular ones that are low in fats and avoid the ones that are full in fats.

5. Go with DIY Frozen Yogurt varieties

This is the best way to make frozen yogurt. Making the frozen yogurt at home would help you keep control over the ingredients and the portions in a good way to control the calories and fats in the desert. Look for simple recipes, Greek yogurt, etc. that are rich in various nutrients including protein.

Frozen yogurts basically are high in sugar if purchased, and they are also served in large servings. So, make sure you have frozen yogurt occasionally and in limited quantities to give your body a healthy dessert.

Some myths of frozen yogurt benefits busted

As frozen yogurt is compared with ice-cream, many people start having it without keeping a watch on the calories and other side effects to your health. Here are some myths regarding frozen yogurt and the facts related to it.

Myth 1: Frozen yogurt is a healthy and low-fat dessert, so I can have it as much as I want.

Fact: This is partially correct. No doubt, frozen yogurt is very low in fat and calories, going for a homemade, plain, or original frozen yogurt would be beneficial as this would limit the intake of calories. Again, when having frozen yogurt, make sure you have it in limited quantity for maintaining a healthy diet.

Myth 2: Toppings are not essential while counting calories while consuming frozen yogurt.

This is again partially true. It depends on the type of topping you are looking to add to the frozen yogurt. If its fruits, it is surely a healthy one. But if it is chocolate chips, some syrups, granola, etc., it would turn the frozen yogurt into a desert with added calories. So, go for fruits to give the desert a healthy touch.

Myth 3: Frozen yogurt makes a good lunch.

Definitely not! Frozen yogurt is not a proper balancing meal. Going for only frozen yogurt would lack essential nutrients that are obtained from the meals. Frozen yogurt would only serve you with calcium and protein which doesn’t make a balanced lunch. So, let it be a small cup of a sweet treat and not a meal.

Myth 4: A Frozen yogurt is a healthy option compared to ice-cream.

Definitely! Frozen yogurt is low in fats and calories in which ice-creams are too high. Frozen yogurt also contains probiotics that are healthy for your digestion and immune system. It is also helpful for strengthening the bones, losing weight, as well as keeping your heart in a healthy shape. So, why eat ice-cream?

Myth 5: Frozen yogurt is not good for diabetic patients.

Surprisingly, diabetic patients may not be able to consume ice-creams, but they can surely go for frozen yogurt but in sugar-free variety. The reason is that frozen yogurt contains lactose that is broken down by the living microorganisms in the yogurt. This makes it healthy for diabetic patients. But make sure you go for a sugar-free frozen yogurt.

A Small Message to take home!

Keep in mind, frozen yogurt is not healthy food but a healthy dessert. So, make sure you don’t overeat it. Keep control over the size you are consuming to make the little treat healthy and enjoyable. The primary aim of making the frozen yogurt is adding very few ingredients to it. So, replace sugar with honey to make it a healthy treat.

So, make yourself a healthy treat and do share your comments with us.

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