Buffalo Milk : Why Should You Consume Milk of Buffalo

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Facts busting some myths regarding milk

Myth 1: Milk is an ideal source to gain calcium

Fact: Milk can surely be a good source of obtaining calcium, however, it is definitely not the best one. There are many more ingredients that help with increased calcium levels compared to milk like chia seeds, ragi, etc.

Myth 2: You should not boil the milk; it reduces the nutrients in it.

Fact: Raw milk when obtained from the farms contain bacteria in it. Hence, to eliminate the bacteria from the milk, it is essential to boil it once. Boiling the milk would do no harm to the essential nutrients in it.

Myth 3: Having a glass of milk before meals every morning is quite beneficial.

Fact: Milk, when included in your breakfast, is very helpful as it adds to the essential nutrients required for a healthy day. However, drinking milk on empty should be avoided if one is suffering from gastric issues or even poor digestion. Even if you are likely to have flu or cough, you should not have milk on an empty stomach.

Myth 4: Myth: Having raw milk is much beneficial.

Fact: Raw milk when arrives is in an unpasteurized state. Again, it contains various microorganisms and bacteria like campylobacter, E. coli, salmonella, lister, etc. that are harmful to your health. Hence, it is better to have milk after boiling it properly once.

Myth 5: Milk can result in weight gain.

Fact: Surprisingly, low-fat milk or milk without sugar can help in weight loss. For those looking to lose weight, make sure you have milk without any sugar or sweetening supplements as well as low-fat milk, and also burn additional calories to lose weight.

Buffalo Milk – Is it Healthier?

Remember the days when your mother used to run after you with a glass of milk? How she added different flavors to make the milk tasty for you! All these were her efforts so that you finish the glass of milk easily. But what makes this ingredient so important that all such efforts were carried out?

Milk is one of the ingredients that is termed as complete food by many nutritionists globally. Apart from milk, there is no other beverage that is termed as a wholesome and healthy. Milk not only provides you with required levels of Vitamin D and Calcium but various other nutrients that provide you with various health benefits. But which milk is healthy? Cow milk or buffalo milk?

This is among the most debated topic when it comes to milk and its nutrients. Both buffalo and cow milk stand as the widely consumed milk types compared to milk obtained from camels, sheep, and even goats. Both the milk types come with high nutritional values and are also used for the production of various dairy products like yogurt, butter, ice-cream, and cheese. So, what makes buffalo milk the best?

So, today let’s learn why buffalo milk is quite nutritious and the nutrients it provides.

What are the health benefits of buffalo milk?

No doubt, buffalo milk is quite sweet, it contains several minerals, vitamins, and nutrients too. The buffalo milk comes with nutrients like fat, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A, Protein, Magnesium, copper, Vitamin B1, Carbohydrate, Amino acids, Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Leucine, Cystine, and also Methionine.

As buffalo milk is rich in all these nutrients, here are the health benefits you can reap by including buffalo milk in your diet.

1. Good for your bones

Buffalo milk is a rich source of calcium along with various minerals that help in the development of the bones. It also provides you with peptides that are obtained from casein which promote the health of the bones and reduces the chances of suffering from bone issues like osteoporosis, weak bones, as well as increases the risk of having fractures. Casein is obtained from the protein found in milk, and the buffalo’s milk comprises of around 89% of it. Hence, buffalo milk increases the density of the bones and makes them strong. It boosts the formation of the bones and reduces the resorption of the bones.

2. Provides with antioxidant properties

Similar to other dairy products, buffalo milk is rich in antioxidant properties because it is rich in minerals, bioactive compounds, and vitamins. The antioxidants present in the molecules fight against free radicals with harmful effects on the body that invite particular health issues. The milk along with antioxidant properties also adds few phenolic compounds along with fat-soluble vitamins that come with powerful antioxidant properties.

3. Good for your heart

Buffalo milk provides you with potassium and beta-lactoglobulin which are quite effective in reducing the blood pressure levels. Beta-lactoglobulin is a kind of whey protein that helps with various health benefits and is the best source for bioactive compounds. Additionally, buffalo milk also contains potassium which is an essential mineral required for controlling the blood pressure levels. Hence, buffalo milk helps to keep your heart in good health and controls the blood pressure levels too.

4. Good for skin health

As mentioned above, buffalo milk is packed with various vitamins and antioxidants which can be quite helpful for healthy skin. The nutrients obtained from the buffalo milk keep the skin properly nourished and enlivened. There are various face masks that can be used by adding buffalo milk to them. This in return helps with glowing and supple skin. Hence, it is used in various DIY face masks and even creams available in the market for the skin.

5. For a good immune system

Buffalo milk is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. And both the nutrients are essential for smooth functioning of the immune system as well as for complete body protection. The vitamins work similarly to the antioxidants for cleaning the body from the free radicals that are dangerous as well as the toxins that can lead to chronic illness. Vitamin C also enhances the immune system for producing an increased number of white blood cells that are the prime ones for defending the body. Hence, the vitamins and zinc along with other mineral traces in the buffalo milk prove to be immune boosters.

6. For proper blood circulation

Anemia is a state when the body suffers from the deficiency of iron. And the best way to treat this disorder is to refill the body with iron by having ingredients rich in iron. Iron is helpful for the components of the red blood cells. When the red blood cells are in adequate quantity, it helps in proper circulation of the blood and also boosts oxygen in the organs and the systems so that they operate fully. This also helps in healing various wounds and grows new tissues and cells rapidly.

As buffalo milk is filled with various essential nutrients and is high in fat, vitamins, and protein, it is quite excellent for the people looking for building up muscles and also for preventing the loss of the muscles. The nutrients it provides can be easily converted to energy that is usable for growing and repairing the body and essentially the bones.

Cow Milk Vs. Buffalo Milk

When it comes to milk, whether to go with cow milk or buffalo milk is surely a great confusion many suffer from. Both kinds of milk are quite helpful for the teeth and bones, and even the doctors ask to have milk daily to stay healthy and fit.

Let’s today learn about the difference between the kinds of milk.

1. Fat content

Fat content in the milk is important for the milk consistency. Cow milk is quite thin as it contains less fat amount compared to the milk of buffalo. Hence, buffalo milk is thick. The fat content in cow milk is about 3 to 4 percent while that in buffalo milk is 7 to 8 percent. Hence, the buffalo milk is heavy and keeps you full for a long time as it takes time to digest.

2. Water

Water is essential for every human being. Hence, if you are looking forward to increasing your intake of water, cow milk is the ideal milk to go with. Around 90% of the cow milk is water which makes it the best ingredient for remaining hydrated.

3. Protein

Buffalo milk contains more protein compared to cow milk. Buffalo milk is 10 to 11 times richer in protein and is more resistant to heat too. As it is rich in protein, buffalo milk is highly recommended to the older people as well as the infants.

4. Cholesterol levels

Surprisingly, the cholesterol levels in both kinds of milk are also different. Buffalo milk comes with reduced cholesterol levels compared to cow milk, which makes it ideal for the people suffering from health issues like hypertension, PCOD, obesity and kidney issues.

5. Calorie content

If you are counting the calories in both the kinds of milk, buffalo milk contains high calories as it includes both fat and protein. A cup of buffalo milk contains around 237 calories, while the same quantity of cow milk provides with 148 calories.

Apart from all these, if you are looking to work on your sleeping disorders, buffalo milk is the best to go with. Again, buffalo milk is also good for preparing various other supplements like malai, ghee, payasam, paneer, dahi, khoa, etc. Again, if you are looking for a less creamy item, cow milk is the right choice.

Why Is buffalo milk not advised to the children and adults?

No doubt, the buffalo milk is quite nutritious and healthy, it is still not recommended to the children and the adults. Cow milk contains good minerals and vitamins, as well as it is very easy to digest. Again, it is effective for the development of the child’s brain. This makes it the best for the children who are still growing, particularly the infants.

Similarly, the buffalo milk comes with less cholesterol due to which it is good for the adults. But on the other hand, it comes with a high fat content as well as it is quite difficult to digest too. Hence, there are many adults who are recommended to have cow milk instead of buffalo milk. However, consuming buffalo milk is good for the adults if they are involved in particular exercises which help in burning required calories and also for those who don’t have any kind of digestive issues.


Buffalo milk is the highly consumed milk with bundles of nutrients compared to any other milk. It is not only beneficial for bone health but for the heart, dental health, weight issues, and even cardiovascular health too. For the people suffering from sleeping issues, having a half cup of warm buffalo milk before an hour to bedtime would be much helpful to have a calm sleep. It also helps in reducing the digestive fire and calms the burning sensation, also known as Pitta. So, now when you are ready with the benefits of buffalo milk, you can have in various different ways like mozzarella cheese, dahi, kheer, paneer, malai, Borelli cheese, etc. Drinking a glass of buffalo milk every day is also helpful to gain the benefits it provides.

So, how are you thinking to add buffalo milk in your routine? Do share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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