10 DIY Ice Cube Face Masks For Glowing Skin!

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Face masks are known to be one of the best ways to get healthy and glowing skin. But do you know that it becomes more effective when used in the form of ice cubes? It is an innovative way that helps you reap the benefits of regular face masks with cooling benefits.

Ice Facial or Ice cubes face mask is a prevalent Korean beauty trend that instantly cools the skin and provides relief from dark circles, puffiness, rashes, redness, and other types of skin woes. It encourages blood circulation that lowers oiliness, and heals sunburns. It refreshes your skin and makes it ready for long-lasting makeup.

In this article, we will tell you ways to prepare ice cubes to face masks that add radiance to your skin.

How Does Rubbing Of Ice Benefits The Skin?

You may be wondering as to what makes ice cubes face masks more effective than regular application of face mask on the skin. This cool trend can boost your skin health in plenty of ways. Some of them being:

1. Refreshes your skin

Ice cubes face masks that give the dual benefits of face mask and the ice. It is not just nourishing but also exceptionally refreshing especially in the summer season. Regular application makes your skin fresh and smooth instantly.

2. Takes away all the stress

Applying fresh ice cubes is a good way to rejuvenate your skin after a tiring day at work. Moving ice cubes in circular motion prevents the excess deposition of fluid under the eyes and swelling. It reduces stress and swelling from the eyes and revitalizes the area.

3. Better absorption of the product

When you rub ice cubes after applying night cream, serum, or lotion on the skin, then it gets absorbs faster into the skin. This happens because ice cubes contract the blood vessels on the face that helps to create a pulling effect on the skin. The result is better penetration of the product.

4. Keeps oily skin issues at bay

Ice cubes face masks that are very relieving for people who have oily skin. It works wonders on the acne, and pimples on the skin. Regular application reduces oil secretion on the skin, and cures the swelling, and bumps due to pimples, and acne.

5. Reduce dark circles

Cucumber and rose water ice cubes when used regularly can help vanish dark circles under the eye region.

6. Cleans the skin

The pores on the face release sweat and natural oils to keep the skin clean. When the dirt clogs the pores, then it leads to the formation of acne, and pimples on the skin. Rubbing ice cubes on the face removes the dirt from the pores and minimizes them.

7. Prepares the skin for makeup

If you want the makeup to last for a longer time on the skin, then you should rub the ice all over your face. It controls oil production to prevent makeup from getting spoilt. It also helps set the makeup and gives a flawless look to your skin.

8. Lessens the signs of wrinkles

Rubbing ice cubes can help delay premature aging. It can control wrinkles and other aging signs. Regular use diminishes the visibility of fine lines on the skin.

9. Relieves Sunburn

Ice cubes are a magic cure for sunburns. Its application on the impacted region significantly reduces inflammation on the skin. However, you need to apply it consistently to see desired results.

How Does Rubbing Ice Brings Glow To Your Face?

Rubbing ice on the skin boosts blood circulation on the skin. It makes the skin glowing and naturally radiant. When you apply ice to the face, it narrows the blood vessels that reduces the flow of blood to the skin. To restore the optimum levels of blood circulation to the face, your body begins to circulate more blood to the face. This makes it radiant and lively.

The application of ice cubes also cleans the skin, and reduces inflammation in the skin. Due to its hydrating quality, it makes your skin moist and plump. Regular application of ice therapy rejuvenates the skin, and imparts a stunning brightness to it.

Ice Cubes Face Masks For Naturally Radiant Skin

We know that these amazing benefits must have tempted you to try this beauty treatment. However, you can amplify the benefits by adding herbs and natural ingredients in the preparation of ice cubes.  Here are the top ten ice cube face masks that are carefully chosen to give you a flawless glow to your face. Perform this procedure once a week.

1. Green Tea Ice Cube Face Mask

Green tea is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It works by detoxifying the body and gives you clear and healthy skin. Here are a few more benefits of using green tea for the skin:

  • lightens the skin complexion
  • brightens the skin
  • prevents premature aging
  • clears the skin
  • brings a natural glow to your skin

Ingredients Used:

  • one green tea bag
  • 100 ml of water

Preparation and Usage Instructions

Add water to a pan. Bring it to boil. Now take it off the flame. Pour it into a cup. Add a teabag into it. Wait for a minute.  Your green tea is ready. Now add this solution to the ice cube tray. Refrigerate it for two hours. Once the cubes are ready, you can rub it all over your face and neck. Leave it on for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

2. Milk Ice Cube Face Mask

Milk is touted to be the best natural cleanser and moisturizer for the skin. It has the ability to even out the skin, lighten skin complexion and imparts a natural shine to it. Milk is also an excellent exfoliator that is enriched with antioxidants. The application of milk helps the skin expel toxins from it and also prevents sun tanning. When used in the form of ice cubes, it can offer the following benefits:

  • treats suntan
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • lightens scars and spots on the skin
  • makes the skin moist, fresh and supple
  • imparts a radiant glow
  • keeps face fresh, moist and supple

Preparation and Usage Instructions

Pour milk into the ice tray and keep it in the freezer. Let it stay for some hours. Once the milk freezes into an ice cube, apply it gently on the skin. Let it stay for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

3. Strawberry Ice Cube Face Mask

Strawberry possesses exemplary antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that offer the following benefits:

  • slows down aging
  • exfoliates the dead skin cells
  • prevents suntan
  • lightens marks and blemishes on the skin
  • prevents acne,
  • whitens the skin, and
  • enhances the skin complexion

Honey is anti-bacterial in nature. It opens the pores, and removes all the accumulated dirt from it. It treats acne and pimples and reduces the intensity of the marks naturally. Honey is an excellent moisturizer that makes your skin bright and soft.

Olive Oil contains fatty acids that moisturize the skin. The oil helps maintain the natural elasticity of the skin and makes it glowing, and supple. Both honey as well as olive oil exhibit remarkable healing properties. The mask calms and soothes the skin.

Ingredients Used:

  • few pieces of Strawberries
  • one teaspoon of olive oil and
  • one teaspoon of honey

Preparation and Usage Instructions

Mix all these ingredients together and pour it in the ice tray. Now place the tray in the freezer for some hours. Apply these cubes evenly on the face and neck. Let it stay for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

4. Tomato Ice Cube Face Mask

When it comes to skin, you can’t overlook the importance of tomatoes. It possesses remarkable antioxidant and soothing properties that give a natural glow to the skin. This face mask is appropriate for all types of skin. Here are the benefits of tomato ice cube face mask:

  • lightens the complexion
  • cleans the skin
  • makes your skin bright and fresh
  • smoothens the skin
  • reduces excess oil production and prevents acne and pimples
  • remove tan
  • imparts a natural glow to it


Ingredients Used

  • a few pieces of tomato
  • one tablespoon of olive oil
  • one tablespoon of honey

Preparation and Usage Instructions

Blend fresh tomato pieces, olive oil and honey to form a smooth paste. Now pour this mix into the ice tray. Keep it in the freezer for two hours. Take out the ice cubes and rub it onto the face and neck. For best results, let it stay for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

5. Beetroot Ice Cube Face Mask

This face mask is best for all those who suffer from acne and pimples. Beetroot is a natural cure for several skin woes. It imparts a pinkish glow to the skin. Here are a few other benefits of beetroot ice cube face masks:

  • gives you blemish-free and clear skin naturally
  • prevents the occurrence of dark circles
  • fades away dark spots on the skin
  • brightens the skin

Ingredients Used

  • one tablespoon freshly grated beetroot
  • two to three tablespoons of milk


Preparation and Usage Instructions

Add both the ingredients in a blender and prepare a smooth paste.  Refrigerate it for some hours. Take out the ice cubes and start rubbing it all over the face and neck region. Let it stay for ten minutes. Rinse it with fresh lukewarm water.

6. Aloe Vera Ice Cube Face Pack

Aloe Vera is a therapeutic agent that exhibits amazing healing and medicinal properties. This natural ingredient eliminates dirt and toxins from the skin and brings a natural glow to the skin. Here are a few more benefits of Aloe Vera ice cubes:

  • soothes rashes, and sun burns,
  • prevents redness
  • makes the skin supple and soft
  • cures skin pigmentation
  • moistens the skin
  • infuses life to the skin
  • clears acne, and pimples marks

Ingredients Used

A tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera pulp

Preparation and Usage Instructions

All you need is to scoop out Aloe Vera pulp from the Aloe leaf and pour it into the ice tray. Refrigerate it for a few hours. Take out the ice cubes and rub it all over the face. Now when it dries, rinse it off using cold water.

7. Lemon and Cucumber Ice-Cubes face Mask

If you want glowing skin, you need to treat it with antioxidant-rich foods. Cucumber and lemon are effective antioxidants that pull all the dirt from the skin. The mask hydrates the skin and makes it bright and healthy. A few other benefits that you can expect from this ice cube face mask are:

  • detoxifies the skin
  • the high amount of vitamin C fades dark spots and gives you a blemish-free skin
  • refreshes the skin
  • lightens skin complexion
  • makes the skin bright
  • keeps redness, acne, and pimples at bay


Ingredients Used

  • a tablespoon of grated cucumber
  • a few drops of lemon juice
  • a teaspoon of honey

Preparation and Usage Instructions

Add cucumber, lemon juice and honey in a blender to prepare a smooth paste. Now pour it into the ice tray. Freeze the mixture for a couple of hours. Rub the ice cubes all over the face and neck. Let it stay for ten minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

8. Coffee Ice-Cubes Face Mask

Coffee is a powerhouse of skin-boosting and invigorating components that extracts the oil, dirt and other impurities from the skin. A coffee ice cube face pack offers the following benefits:

  • exfoliates the skin and removes all dead skin on the skin
  • cleans the skin
  • reduce excess oiliness
  • lightens complexion
  • gives a naturally glowing and radiant complexion to the skin

Ingredients Used

  • two tablespoons of coffee
  • 250 ml of water

Preparation and Usage Instructions

Take a pan and add water to it. Bring it to boil. Now add coffee in it. Let it steep for a few minutes. Cool it down. Pour it into an ice tray. Keep this tray inside the refrigerator for two hours. Take out the ice cubes and apply it evenly on the face and neck. For best results, keep it on the skin for ten minutes. Once it dries, rinse it with plain water.

9. Cinnamon Ice-Cubes Face Mask

Cinnamon is a powerful antibacterial agent that deeply cleans the skin and gives a healthy glow to it. Regular application of this mask helps get rid of acne and pimples on the skin.

Ingredients Used

  • a cup of water
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Preparation and Usage Instructions

Mix both the ingredients properly. Pour it in an ice tray and freeze it for two hours. Rub ice cubes on the face and neck. After ten minutes wash your face with plain water.

10. Rosewater Ice-Cubes Face Mask

Rosewater is used in the preparation of several beauty products. It exhibits excellent moisturization and cleaning properties. Gentle movements of ice cubes on the skin makes your skin clean and fresh.

  • brightens the skin
  • removes the tiredness and stress
  • cheers up your mood
  • lightens the complexion
  • brings a rosy glow to your face
  • moisturizes the skin

Ingredients Used

  • one cup of a concentrated form of rose water
  • one cup of normal water

Preparation and Usage Instructions

Mix both the ingredients properly and pour it in an ice tray. Place it in the freezer. Wait for a couple of hours. Rub ice cubes all over the face and neck. Once the mask dries, you can wash it with plain water.

Tips To Consider When Applying Ice Cubes Face Mask

Follow these tips when using ice cube face masks on the skin.

  • Do not rub ice many times on the face as it can cause damage to your skin cells.
  • Do not apply them directly on the skin. Always wrap them in a clean cotton cloth and use.
  • Ensure that your face is clean and makeup-free before you treat your skin with ice cubes.
  • Do not rub them around the eyes. This is because the skin below the eyes is very sensitive and delicate that can’t withstand excessive cold.
  • Rub ice cubes gently on the skin in small circular movements.
  • Make sure to perform the ice therapy session for only ten to fifteen minutes once a week.


The use of ice cubes goes beyond making chilled beverages. The benefits of ice therapy for the skin are endless. Besides being highly rejuvenating, it is also an affordable way to make the skin healthy, glowing, and youthful.

However, like any other treatment, you have to be consistent in using the therapy to gain visible and lasting results.  Based on your type of skin or the skin issues that you want to treat, you can choose the best ice cube face mask from the above list and enjoy its benefits.

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